12 Year Old Publicly Schools Governor At Moral Monday Rally In North Carolina (VIDEO)

Published On October 29, 2013 | By admin |

12 year old Madison Kimrey spoke at Burlington, North Carolina’s downtown amphitheater on Monday, October 28, 2013.  She discussed the new North Carolina voting laws and very eloquently pointed out that “there is a serious leadership problem in North Carolina” and the current State legislature (among other things) was trying to reduce voting participation of the state’s youth.  Thankfully, Madison does not have her head in the sand and wants to spread the truth.


I am part of the new generation of suffragettes and I will not stand silent while laws are passed to reduce the amount of young people in voter turnout in my home state!”

It’s bright minds like this young lady that give me hope for the future.

WATCH her brilliance via Story Of America:

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252 Responses to 12 Year Old Publicly Schools Governor At Moral Monday Rally In North Carolina (VIDEO)

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  2. Jodi says:

    Wow! Amazing young lady!

  3. Belle Ziggy says:

    Wow! She’s a future politician!

  4. Sheep O'Doom says:

    A Future Politician so Goptards be afraid be VERY VERY AFRAID

    • Catey Hamilton says:

      Bet they’re already digging through her macaroni art to find secret communist or islamic ties to slander her with.

  5. tazz29063 says:

    Future liberal.

    • Anna Wilson says:

      Thank God, right? I’d much rather this young woman’s brains be put to use in the party that wants to improve the lives of Americans instead of wasted on more GOP bullshit anti-woman, anti-minority propaganda.

    • Tim Salmon says:

      Heck yeah!

    • Blabbermoth says:

      And the future Republicans are busy throwing rocks at wildlife and beating up the smart kids.

    • DropZoneMom says:

      CURRENT liberal — and we’re PROUD to have her!!!!

    • David Saint says:

      lol you say that as if its a bad thing…besides, shes too educated to be a republican

    • Chris says:

      For awhile; until she actually gets real information and stops spouting leftist rhetoric. If she’s *still* a liberal after she turns 30, then we’ll know for sure that hope in her is lost. Prior to that, I rather expect it. If you’re under 30 and Conservative, you have no heart. If you’re over 30 and Liberal, you have no brain.

      • AmazingGrace says:

        What an idiotic thing to say, but then I would expect nothing less from a mental midget such as yourself……the thing is, this young girl hits the Republican efforts on the head — they have been trying to do everything they can to limit voting rights so that they can swing elections…what they haven’t realized is that when you are the party of the uber wealthy and corporations, put forth no ideas on how to solve the problems of our times, show that you couldn’t find your way out of a paper bag, then even if you try to suppress every vote out there, you still won’t win……I rather pity you Chris for the delusions you foster in that empty head of yours……you are right about one thing though, if you are a Conservative, you have NO heart…….:)

        • AnneSeay says:

          Do you really hear what you are saying??? They WANT the elections to be legally done. Given the fact the last 2 were rigged, and you have the nerve to say repubs want to swing the elections. I almost fell outa my chair. You are delusional as the sky is high!!!! I am the party of blue collar and have been all my life……ain’t nobody wealthy in my family, just a bunch of hard working, tax paying everyday people. I am SICK of people like you saying all the repubs care about is wealth! You better take a good damn look at your own party and while your are at it, why don’t you do some freakin research and see what states are in the worst shape and fact check the leadership of said states…….

          • Cat vonHassel Davies says:

            Anne it is the red states that are all in bad shape. Yup I did the research. I find it funny that regular joes/janes just like you fall for the GOP hook line and sinker. The last two elections were rigged??!!?? Really where do you get your information?
            Ex-GOPer and proud to be called a liberal.

          • G_Thompson says:

            Oh really? What about California? What about Detroit? Yes I know Detroit is a city. LIBS to the core

          • politicalsanity says:

            Please cite specific, verifiable links from legitimate news sources to show how the last 2 elections were rigged.

          • AnneSeay says:

            Since you guys don’t believe nothing on Fox, and all the other new sources cover up, delete, flat out lied about real results. Heck, there were so many counties that Romney won, that went to Obama, it is a joke. MY OWN VOTE WHEN TO OBAMA AND I CALLED THE poll WORKER TO CHANGE IT! I really don’t know how in the hell I get outa bed and find my way to work since I am so frickin stupid!! I am done with this, life is to short, and you left wingers wanna do is suck the life out of everything!

          • politicalsanity says:

            1) I’m NOT a left winger. In fact, I’ve voted Republican or Libertarian in every election since I was 18.
            2) Fox News went to court to assert its right to mislead its viewers– to lie to them.
            3) I’ve worked in elections for the last 16 years. We have secret elections; the votes cast aren’t associated with names. There is literally no way to tell whose vote went for which candidate once it goes into the ballot box, and poll workers are forbidden by law to change ballots once they have been cast. Especially if you’re calling to change your vote by phone.

            In short, I’m calling your comment as pure bravo sierra.

          • AnneSeay says:

            You are delusional! My vote was indeed cast for Obama, when I did NOT vote for him! The pole worker did i erase my vote and I voted again!! I don’t know where you work in elections where the voted cast are secret because in the state I vote in, the names of the politicians running were UP front, BOLD and center……..
            As for Fox, Lord knows none of the other networks
            have ever been caught in a lie! Oh, I guess just not reporting the facts or what’s really happening isn’t lying…..Indeed!

          • politicalsanity says:

            Ok, I have to ask– how do you know your vote was cast for Obama?

            And regarding my comment about votes being secret– of course those that are on the ballot are listed. It is the citizens who vote, and their votes are kept secret– so that there is no possibility of backlash.

            And yes,other networks have been caught in lies. Only Fox has gone to court to assert that *right*.

          • pattreid says:

            Red states are the poorest in the nation and take deeper, longer sucks at the Federal teat. The secret: dumb down the voters so they keep voting against their own interests.

          • momarlon says:

            CONS to the core.

          • Matt says:

            The last two elections were rigged? Really? Please present your evidence immediately so we can hold the guilty parties accountable.

          • Grayce Goin says:

            Facts Checked: Red states are the most impoverished. Red states have more per capita residents receiving governmental assistance. Red states have the most obesity. Based on the nonsense that have passed in red state legislatures, the women in those states hate themselves. Next?

          • G_Thompson says:

            California is bankrupt, LIBS to the core

          • Remain Anon says:

            California is not bankrupt, you moron, we are the 8th largest econonmy in the world.. Now walk away from the computer before your hurt yourself…

          • politicalsanity says:

            If California were to keep all of its tax revenues, we’d be solvent. As it is, the tax revenues from California alone support much of the Bible Belt, who take in much more tax revenues than they generate.

          • G_Thompson says:

            We too would be better off to keep all of our tax revenues but our Legislators would have to learn to live within a budget. Fat chance of that ever happening

          • politicalsanity says:

            States ALL have to live within budgets.

          • Judith_Priest says:

            That’s not true, G! Once we got rid of Schwarzenegger the Maid-Impregnator and got Jerry Brown back in there, we ended up back in the black.

            Seriously. Once we dumped GOP rule, our economy began to heal. Look it up. Stop relying on 7-year-old talking points from Rush Limbaugh.

          • momarlon says:

            Ok, you prove to me that the Republicans DO care about anything, except wealth.

            1) Your party started a war based on lies, and as is the case of almost EVERY war, the youth of the middle class and poor fight AND die to help them maintain their wealth.

            2) New information shows that it’s not 1% that control the level of wealth in America, it’s much worse. And, unlike you, I’ll provide information to back up my claim.


            3. You ARE right; the republicans DO care about more than just wealth; they care about impeding the rights of anyone that doesn’t believe like they do.

            As Warren Buffett, the second richest man in America, famously said, “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

          • evstock says:

            None of your statement is based on any logical or historical precedent. The World War II was started and finished by a liberal president who’s accomplishments both domestically and abroad are still celebrated today. The beginnings of US involvement in Vietnam were escalated by the JFK administration, the war started by Johnson, and ended during the Nixon administration.

            The recent conflicts in the Middle East, including the Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom, were started by conservative presidencies. They were also passed by Congress, which as we know is full of Congressmen, who are mostly rich old white men, even the “liberal” ones. That’s right, even Democrat senators and congressmen are rich old people.

            What I have trouble understanding lately is why is it that the Republican ones always get the negative attention. Sure, they can be loud and say stupid things (my own state recently had one resign for using the N word on television …sigh). But the Democrats are just as vile, only they’re sneaky about it. Not one of their children will be covered under the ACA. They’re kids aren’t in public schools. They just want your vote so they can keep their jobs.

            I liked the girl’s lecture. She told it true. The Voting Rights Act is just another example of party-v-party warfare. And, like real armed conflict, the people are the soldiers.

          • James R. Norman says:

            Great link – I’ve shared it several times on Facebook. I’d also check out the graphs on income change across different groups as well. I think it goes from 1974-present

          • AnneSeay says:

            Not all republicans are rich! He is the 1% and I am not! CAN you comprehend that?? Not all dems are rich either, but the ones in office are getting richer everyday and so did the republicans when in office. They are all guilty of it, but you only label the republicans as being the problem. This is my point, all politicians are crooks but the left only see there party as being honest and forthright and that’s BS!!

          • IIlIIl111 says:

            Its not “all the Repubs care about is wealth”, rather, its “all the Republican leaders care about is wealth, and their followers are too dumb to recognize it”

          • AnneSeay says:

            Yeah and none of the democrats leaders care about wealth at all! Why don’t you fact check who made the most money while in office? Do a little research!

          • James R. Norman says:

            If I may ask – What has your blue collar party done for the blue collar worker in the past 15 years? Name one piece of legislation passed with resounding Republican support that has helped the working middle class.

          • AnneSeay says:

            Name one piece of legislation that the dems have passed that has helped the working class??

        • Dick Starr says:

          How are conservatives or republicans restricting the.vote? We want legal citizens of voting age to vote!

          • Aphra Behn says:

            And fighting the 2 cases of voter fraud by disenfranchising literally MILLIONS of people.

            Sure, guy.

          • Dick Starr says:

            You’re making a big deal out of NOTHING! Disenfranchising who? Register when you reach voting age. What purpose do you really have behind this? It’ s like a spoiled brat teenager whining about nothing!

          • AnneSeay says:

            2 cases, yeah, that was all it was…Heck, nobody cares about the tens of thousands bused in that voted illegally or the woman who admitted she voted multiple times, (And she worked the dang polls) not to mention all the dead people that voted,. AND, let’s not forget the Military votes that where not even counted, but it’s always the right that cheats! Listen, just because there are those of us that know the real truth, don’t sling the shitzz back at us. You all started this monster machine, now you all can live with it!!!

          • momarlon says:

            “Tens of thousands bused in that voted illegally”?? Stop parroting what you heard on Fox and base your opinions on FACT.

          • Neil Myers says:

            One case no matter how little makes a difference, no more voter fraud!

          • momarlon says:

            How about closing polling places on college campuses, where the voters tend to vote Democratic, and moving them to out in the middle of nowhere places with very little parking? Is that restrictive enough for you?

          • politicalsanity says:

            You want older white citizens to vote. You’re making it as hard as possible for younger voters and ethnic minorities to cast a ballot.

        • Humma Kavula says:

          Anyone who quotes one of Churchill’s most noxious brain-farts isn’t someone anyone should lend credence to in any way, shape or form. Churchill was a right wing nutcase along with the rest of them.

      • AnneSeay says:

        Chris, don’t worry, all the left can do is call everyone they don’t agree with names. It’s what they do best. They think this kid came up with this speech herself……give me a break! She was force fed every word from liberal parents that don’t have the good fortune of common sense. Yeah, all republicans care about is ruining everyone’s life….Seems to me, the current POTUS is doing a dang good job of that!

        • stripeyunderpants says:

          Let’s see you and your kid come up with better ideas than this girl. It is very clear that certain politicians want to make it harder and harder for everyone to vote–especially young people and women. Why is that? It certainly isn’t because they have the public’s best interests in mind. Nothing can be served by making voting harder except for the interests of rich, white, mostly male politicians who don’t want their power taken away.

        • Dillard Jenkins says:

          Anne Seay “ain’t nobody wealthy in my family,” and you have no idea why? Well I am not surprised with you negative attitude. There is no way to determine this well spoken, intelligent you ladies future political ideology, but she clearly has learned the importance of participatory democracy and at age 12 that is remarkably positive.

          • AnneSeay says:

            You both are so very wrong…….We (all republicans) want a fair election! That is all we want! It has nothing to do with taking away a women’s right, (really is that the best you can come up with?) it is all about having a election based on everyone being registered, being a US citizen, and being of age! As for my comment on being wealthy, all I meant was, my family is not uber rich but we still understand the importance of working for what you get, not having it handed to you, @Dillard Jenkins, actually, my husband and I have done pretty well over the years to buy 2 houses, one being lakefront and getting ready to build another house on another lake and WE got it all UNDER the repubs being in the HOUSE, not the other way around!!!!!!!!!!

          • Darlene Zimmerman says:

            Anne, I totally agree with you about being refistered to vote, being a US citizen and being able to prove it BEFORE you vote. But I personally think that the democrats and republicans are mostly dishonest and that both have gained too much power over the years, so that any other party that might have a great candidate doesn’t stand a chance in hell of ever making it…….what we need in this country is smaller government and term limits and an ID to vote.

        • G_Thompson says:

          Or at school, the most Liberal bunch of them all

      • jcts57 says:

        And if, in 2013, you’re still spouting hackneyed tripe like “If you’re under 30 and Conservative, you have no heart. If you’re over 30 and Liberal, you have no brain”, and imagining you’ve just displayed insight, you should really stop publicly commenting and embarrassing yourself.

        • Judith_Priest says:

          I, as a Liberal in my youth who became a Conservative for a long time because of my disgust with the Ayers-style violence of the 70s Left, left the GOP in 1995 (disgusted with Newt Gingrich’s “violence” of a different kind, when that grandstanding nitwit shut down the government), and registered Libertarian. I then registered Independent 2 years ago when it became clear that the Libertarians are now just the younger slightly more articulate Tea Party auxiliary.

          So – I want to add to that old saw:

          “and anyone who is over 60 and STILL a Conservative either isn’t paying attention or watches too much RW news.”

      • jcts57 says:

        But, perhaps you, with your abundant erudition, can tell me what “leftist rhetoric” she “spouted” in her short speech. You clearly don’t even know what “leftist” means, and that’s explanation enough of your cretinous flailing comment.

      • pattreid says:

        You’re trotting out that tired old saw? So you’re over 30 and you have no heart. Big whoop. That does not make having a brain self-evident.

      • dte says:

        think of that yourself? Didnt think so. When will conservatives realize that just parroting things does not make you look clever. in fact it does the opposite. If youre over 30 and can not come up with an original thought what are you?

      • Aphra Behn says:

        What about voting rights is a “liberal” concept? Are liberals the only one who want to be able to vote? You branding her a liberal just makes liberals look good.

        Or is it because she is contradicting republican leadership? Lockstep, much?

      • EmmettGrogan says:

        This young person is simply stating facts and statistics – you have a problem with facts apparently. People as allergic to facts and as ignorant as yourself shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

      • AuroraBird says:

        The more educated a person is the more likely they are to be a liberal. So you made it to what? About the 3rd grade?

      • llamos says:

        Seriously? Liberals are mentally defective? Shame on you. Shame on you down to your nasty, hollow core.

      • Doug says:

        Well put sir.

      • Mita Pogue says:

        It’s hard not to be liberal when all the training you get in public school comes from (mostly) liberal democrat teachers and when the curriculum is heavy with leftist pop-psychology meant to turn the next generation into pawns of the democrat party. It’s built into the Common Core curriculum standards and has been part of the educational system for years… under both left and right admins.

        The Common Core literature contains selections which teach children to be activists by indoctrination in ‘social justice’ doctrines. One book specifically teaches children to use ‘emotional words’ when writing or speaking in order to elicit a reciprocal emotional response from the reader or listener. Don’t bother with facts – manipulate to make people do what you want.

        One clinical child psychologist examined the curriculum and said it was harmful to children’s mental and emotional development and alarming to her that children were being used in that way – It would potentially set the mental health profession back about 50 years…

        The neocortex is not fully developed until about the age of 23-25. Prior to this, a child’s cognitive reasoning ability is not complete. This is why children up until recently were taught memorization of facts and rote learning, because their ability to reason logically was not fully developed. The more basic information a child receives prior to their full development, the easier it is for them to use the information to think logically as adults. A child educated in the classical method is generally better educated and more logical as an adult – and better at problem solving and conflict resolution – than someone educated using pop-psy propaganda.

        Teaching children to manipulate before they can physically think logically trains them to constantly be in a negative emotional state, mainly because the curriculum always prompts the student (starting in 1st grade) to use words that create the biggest emotional impacts and generate anger, jealousy, covetousness, negative competition, and other negative emotions in the listener/reader. This type of “training” creates levels of ‘fight or flight’ hormones in a child’s brain and body that negatively effect the brain, and actually damage the thinking process.

        It also creates an environment which makes the child easier to manipulate as they grow older, since they become conditioned to reacting emotionally. It harms their ability to think logically.

        They are being set up to be manipulated themselves – by companies, by the State and by other people who also know how to use words that have high emotional impacts… people today are already ingrained with that mindset. Big companies and politicians use words such as “You need this product”, “You deserve this”, “They are racist”, “They are teabaggers”, “They Hate You”, “Those bigots want to take your rights away”, “Republicans want you to die – quickly”, “They want to take us back to slavery”… etc. Alan Grayson is already putting his training into action. Amazing Grace (see reply below) even used the term “mental midget” and other very emotionally charged words in response to your post. Ad Hominem attacks are very common with people who have been trained to ‘debate’ this way – if you can call it a real debate.

        If you think I’m stupid or crazy, then just keep posting or watch TV for a day or two and watch for those emotionally charged words to start flying and you’ll see the evidence yourself.

      • Humma Kavula says:

        And quoting Churchill doesn’t automatically make one smart.
        If you’re a Conservative in the modern sense, at ANY age, you have neither a conscience nor a soul.

    • MrKristoff says:

      Yup…sure is…yet another one expecting the government to automatically take care of what should be her responsibility to do…i.e. get off her butt and register herself to vote when she is of legal age to do so. No one is taking away her right to vote when she is of proper age. With all the other more critical issues out there, this is what she chooses to harp about? Think a single mom working three jobs to support her kids she never sees, that are being raised by the school system and day care centers gives a crap that some 16 year old isn’t going to be automatically pre-registered to vote and instead has to do it herself at age 18? Or the parents of a young girl that was abducted and sold into sex slavery? Or the elderly who find themselves having to re-enter an over-crowded workforce because they can’t afford to be retired any longer? Or all those who are still recovering from being foreclosed upon, laid off, deployed to the middle east and suffering PTSD, or any of the other multitude of issues plaguing our country?

      • politicalsanity says:

        Actually, North Carolina IS making things as difficult as possible for college students to vote.

      • David Purington says:

        Sad to say sounds like life to me!

        • pattreid says:

          Really, you think she’s destined to be a failure? The point of pre-registration is to get young people involved in, and informed of, their system of government.

        • Aphra Behn says:

          You know those talking points don’t really have anything to do with the issue. There is no “blaming someone else for failure” here, nothing to do with whatever economic issues those talking points are attached to. This is about voting rights.

        • MrKristoff says:

          It is discouraging that you’ve been so desensitized by the problems we face as to simply reduce them to being nothing more than “just life”. I hope you are not treated so coldly by those around you when you face trying or traumatic moments in your life.

      • EmmettGrogan says:

        She is encouraging young people to do just that by working toward good voting laws that don’t include deterrences to voting. There shouldn’t be laws that attempt to keep people from voting, as there are now in NC. This young person is telling young people to get to work and not sit back. You have misinterpreted her and don’t get her point, which is a very simple one.

        • MrKristoff says:

          What deterrence to voting is there? The US Constitution guarantees the right to vote upon turning 18? The only “deterrence” thereafter would only be not being a US citizen, having been convicted of a felony, or being deemed mentally unstable by a legal authority…or one’s own failure to register. What other possible “deterrence” could you be referring to?

      • Lawd says:

        Nice appeal to worse problems you got going there. Every injustice matters, no matter how small YOU think it is.

        • MrKristoff says:

          Again, where is the injustice? Are there any eligible voters being denied their Constitutionally protected right to cast a vote? Are 18 year olds being barred from registering for themselves?

      • Kaitlyn Jones says:

        My god. She’s 12. It’s refreshing and quite amazing that she’s this involved with current events! That’s not good enough? I’m sorry she hasn’t solved all the problems of the world for you yet. I hope young people look at her and are encouraged to learn more and get involved. The more informed young people are now, the brighter our future looks.

        • MrKristoff says:

          If you read my comment, nowhere did I ever say said she should. Simply put, she could pick something more productive and life-impacting than this. Going on and on about PRE-registration being discontinued pales in comparison to other more meaningful issues. She can still register to vote when she turns 18…that hasn’t changed. She can still cast a vote when she turns 18…that hasn’t changed. It’s about putting things into perspective and using a “stage” much more productively.

  6. Barbara Smith says:

    She is a very good reader

    • Ruth Claxton Ketvirtis says:

      Indeed, Barbara! Good writer, good reader, good thinker and excellent speaker! She is brilliant! I’m glad we have 12 year old children with this level of intelligence. Brava!

      • Caryn Vesperman says:

        Makes me relieved that there are kids out there like Madison and not little Cruz’s. THAT would be truly scary.

    • Angela N says:

      What a snotty, snide response, and how disrespectful, to think this girl isn’t capable of writing this speech. *I* was writing speeches at her age and they were quite eloquent. This girl was impressive.

      Shame on you.

    • The Emperor says:

      And you’re a good fool.

    • DropZoneMom says:

      My 14-year-old has been WRITING and giving speeches since she was 10 — she is a leader in the anti-bullying campaign in her our school district, and stood before the school board (at age 10) and gave a speech that SHE wrote that moved them to tears (even though they initially tried to dismiss her). She also withstood harsh questioning from the one school board member who thought bullying was just “kids being kids”. When this school board member was up for re-election, my daughter supported another candidate — and gave several more speeches on the bullying issue (one of them televised) — and she is the reason that board member was defeated.

      DO NOT underestimate the power — and intelligence — of kids.

      • Ruth Claxton Ketvirtis says:

        Brava to your daughter, too! Good job, Mom!

        • DropZoneMom says:

          THANKS, Ruth!! :) I will definitely be showing my daughter this video when she gets home from school today. ALL kids should see it — to show them they do have a voice, and more power than they realize!

    • Judith_Priest says:

      Listen, Barbara, maybe YOUR children are stupid and ignorant and have no view that you and your Church and Fox didn’t give them, but OTHER peoples’ kids are curious about stuff, even politics, and some of them soak it up like a sponge.

      If this was a RW kid, you’d be praising him (’cause it would be a Him) to the skies for his “wisdom” and “God’s blessing on his speech”, etc. Your hero Grover Norquist is frequently praised for inventing his awful economic theories when he was just a child of 12.

      Wouldn’t you?

      When I was 9 I stumbled on the newspaper story about the Eichmann Trial, for WWII war crimes. I devoured every story on it, and then became fascinated/terrified with the stories about the Nazi regime, and about the nuclear weapons tussles between the US and Russia. It was as interesting to me as the silly romantic “crush” gossip in my 4th grade class.

      Smart kids are smart. And a lot of them care about stuff going on OUTSIDE of Mommy & Daddy’s house.

      Doesn’t surprise me that you don’t know any of them.
      Jealous Evil Righty Slanderer.

      • Chris says:

        Angry much? Tone it down a bit. No need to get bent out of shape about other peoples’ opinions. She just said she’s a good reader – which she obviously is. I don’t see how that makes her ‘jealous’ ‘evil’ ‘righty’ OR ‘slanderer.’ Based on your usage, I’m not sure that word (slanderer) means what you think it means.

        • Judith_Priest says:

          At destructive liars? Yes.
          Everyone ought to be.

          The Right likes anger just fine when THEY’re showing it, you’ll notice. People LOVE it when Sarah Palin says much worse things than I just said there.

          • Chris says:

            Self-focused anger really isn’t healthy. You should have that looked into. Just a suggestion, but your parents should probably really should take you to see a doctor. (Unless, of course, you’re trolling. Which would be kind of funny in a way.)

          • Judith_Priest says:

            I don’t think you know what “self-focused” means. And I am old enough to remember the Eisenhower administration.

            I am also old enough to remember the terrible mistake I made, trusting Republicans and voting GOP between 1980 and 1995 when Gingrich showed me the GOP’s *real* colors.

          • Caryn Vesperman says:

            Stop the silly patronizing comment. The 12-year-old is showing more maturity.

        • earl1940 says:

          re Barbara Smith… her comment was condescending & sarcastic… you don’t see that?

    • Marsha Matthews says:

      How sad that adults can’t give kids credit for being as smart as they are.

  7. Dick Starr says:

    She’s an impressive speaker for her age. Pre-registration is not a good idea because it opens the door for abuse of the system. Register when you reach voting age. Campaign to reform the DMV! Now you’re doing something constructive.

    • Ruth Claxton Ketvirtis says:

      Would you please clarify how the system might be abused by preregistration? Thank you.

      • Heywood_Jablome says:

        Texas. Checkmate. Now your job would be to prove how preregistration is somehow stopping rampant fraud that doesn’t exist.

      • Dick Starr says:

        I am concerned that pre-registered voters names may even accidentally make it onto the active voter rolls which could allow some people to vote using those names stranger things have happened

        • msLou says:

          The highest percentage of voter fraud I’ve been able to find:

          “Jon Husted, the Republican Secretary of State in Ohio, issued a report
          on the 2012 election. Out of 5.63 million ballots cast in that state, he
          identified 135 POSSIBLE cases of voter fraud. Those aren’t proven cases, just possible. Even so, that comes to a
          maximum fraud rate of .002397%, or one case for every 41,704

          Read more: http://www.metrowestdailynews.com/opinion/x1155174738/Robertses-Voter-fraud-is-a-fraud#ixzz2jA44crzy

          • Dick Starr says:

            Looks like you are right. I found the same information. Thanks for dealing with Facts. I appreciate that

        • msLou says:

          2004 election in Ohio revealed a voter fraud rate of 0.00004%.
          2004 gubernatorial election in Washington State actually reveals just the opposite: though voter fraud does happen, it happens approximately 0.0009%.

    • Angela N says:

      Sigh. Yet another false cry of “abuse” (voter fraud). A nonproblem invented by the GOP in their thinly veiled attempt to stifle voting by groups that typically vote Democrat. Drink some more Kool-Aid.

      • Judith_Priest says:

        The GOP can never PROVE all their stories about how people who probably won’t vote for them are all “Abusers of the system.”

        Damn. How much Koolaid do you DRINK, Dick?

      • Dick Starr says:

        There’s been plenty of charges a voter fraud on both sides I don’t trust either side because they all lie. so let’s make it simple just register people who qualify at the time of registration. How does this restrict anyone’s rights?

      • Dick Starr says:

        So how would restricting voter registration to eligible voters only restriction anyone’s rights

    • AmazingGrace says:

      Oh Dick,
      I truly wish you Republicans would stop watching Fox….it really is warping what brain cells you have left. THERE IS NO ABUSE in the voting system – proven time and time and time again but people like you continue to spout lies over and over again…..you are like talking to a wall…educate yourself before speaking or just stay on Fox, where like minded brain dead lemmings congregate……

  8. Kathy Beam says:

    She is great, excellent speaker and very well versed, however very misguided, pre-registration is a waste of taxpayer money. Unless there is a change in the voter age, minors and their personal information should not be compiled! Period!

    • Ruth Claxton Ketvirtis says:

      On the contrary, preregistration costs little or nothing to states that have implemented it. In addition, voter pre-registration systems are low-risk, particularly when compared to registering at a mall or grocery store. Nevertheless, individuals who are concerned about privacy may opt-out if they choose.

    • David Saint says:

      sorry to say, but thats the weakest argument ive ever heard on this issue.

  9. Ruth Claxton Ketvirtis says:

    According to states that have implemented pre-registration, it has resulted in little or no fiscal impact.

  10. Treme Gray says:

    My hope for the future! all our hopes for the future! I know a lot of informed,open minded,intelligent young people! so proud of them!

  11. Chris says:

    “I AM NOT A PROP! I am part of the new generation of suffragettes…”
    She’s 12. I wonder which Liberal group wrote this little speech and
    decided to use her as a prop in an attempt to make it go viral. Doubtful
    she could pronounce ‘suffragettes’ before her handlers “schooled” her.
    Not impossible, but highly doubtful that she wrote this herself and
    isn’t being a “prop.”

    • Tim Salmon says:

      A progressive mind is keen to learn and grow.
      As well spoken as she is, I think she has the mental capacity to write volumes.

    • Stacey Hall says:

      At her age I wrote about our local nuclear power plant. My parents didn’t have a particular interest in it – it was my first social issue of many – but they raised me to be a self thinker and to express myself. I see that in this girl. She’s 12, of course she has the guidance of her family but the big difference between the liberals of this country and the conservatives is what she has done here speaking eloquently, fervently, passionately, and politely and how a 12 year old from a conservative family speaks, which usually starts with “yall’ my daddy sez if a Kenyan steps in our driveway the sekund amendmunt sez I can shoot em!

    • Marlon says:

      Just because YOU had to look it up, don’t challenge this young lady’s intelligence. She sounds a lot smarter than most of the GOP leaders in North Carolina.

      • Chris says:

        I’m sorry, I think you have me confused with a libtard. She’s acting the part of a pawn and you know it – regurgitating the same, liberal-political rhetoric she probably heard from OWS clowns and other such “activism” groups about the (unfounded) ‘dangers’ of ‘limiting voting rights’ and whatnot.

        Some people just need to have a cause – however ridiculous – so they can get a soap box.

      • Karen Fortier says:

        It is just too funny when adults (?) have to ridicule a very intelligent and articulate young lady. I wonder if they have children with 1/10th the education of this young lady? Hell, I have to wonder if they are!

        • Chris says:

          If she wants to play in the activism arena and voice her opinion in public forum, she should expect to receive critical feedback and opposing perspectives. It’s not ridicule so much as simply questioning her credibility. If she’s in the kitchen, she can take the heat.

          • Karen Fortier says:

            Lmao…in the kitchen??? That seems to be where most of the GOP want to keep females, no matter the age! …smh

        • momarlon says:

          I highly doubt it Karen. There’s an individual who must have learned a new word, “libtard”, and like a 4 year old, uses it in every one of his posts. It’s entirely possible that this young lady can do what most conservatives won’t, do some research before parroting what they’ve heard on Fox.

          • Karen Fortier says:

            I made a point to listen to Fox every night for almost six months, then I would give equal time to MSNBC. I was stunned at the misinformation and outright lies Fox was reporting. I am not kidding, it truly was eye-opening.

    • Judith_Priest says:

      By the time *I* was 12, I was an expert on the Nazis and the concentration camps and the Eichmann trial. I got interested one day on my way to the Funnies, when I was 9 years old and flipping through the newspaper.

      I also knew all about the Suffragettes, and could say it and spell it.

      Most people’s kids are smarter than yours, I’m guessing.

      Go to hell, you cynical lying slanderer. You are the poison that’s killing the country.

      • Guest says:

        Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound liberal.

      • Chris says:

        Please explain how I was a “lying slanderer.” Or are you just focusing liberal anger?

        • Judith_Priest says:


          “I wonder which Liberal group wrote this little speech and
          decided to use her as a prop in an attempt to make it go viral.”

          ^^ slander

          “Doubtful she could pronounce ‘suffragettes’ before her handlers “schooled” her.”

          ^^^ more slander

          “Not impossible, but highly doubtful that she wrote this herself and isn’t being a “prop.”

          ^^^^ still more slander, albeit with the “not impossible” disclaimer.

          Face it. This child is much smarter than you are, and a LOT more articulate.

          • TheLump says:

            This has nothing to do with your overall point, but I think you meant libel. Slander is when it is spoken.

          • Judith_Priest says:

            Thanks! I’m pretty good with the vocabulary, but I think I was taught those two backward! I shall amend that.

            Swap out “slander” above with “libel”. The rest stands.

            Just because Tea Party children are dumb little robots, doesn’t mean that *everyone’s* child is.

      • Judith_Priest says:

        And, since you’re probably thinking my parents turned me into some little puppet, nope.

        My parents worshipped Joe McCarthy, basically. Dad was a Bircher. He and I diverged politically some time when I was about 11. In 1980, when I was in my late 20s, I was disillusioned by the violent factions on the Left, and decided to give likeable old Ronald Reagan a chance. I voted Conservative for the next 12 years, until I realized how much the GOP had harmed the country economically and spiritually.

    • Marsha Matthews says:

      Well, Chris. It sounds like you have some work to do. Investigate which “liberal group” put her up to this. And when you find out that perhaps this kid has more than two brain cells to put together, I hope you enjoy eating that crow.

  12. Defins says:

    So these “brilliant” kids don’t know how to register when they’re 18? It must be too hard for them.

    • Chris says:

      If someone can’t figure out how to register to vote when they’re 18, then I question their ability to make a decision regarding our sociopolitical future. When you turn 18, you have to re-register your driver’s license and state-issued IDs anyway, so why not just register then? This is a non-issue activist looking for a cause so she can stand in the spot light. Want to play with the big dogs? Expect real criticism.

    • Ryan Brady says:

      I have a great idea. Let’s make voter forms the object of a 3 week long scavenger hunt. CLEARLY, if you can’t complete the scavenger hunt you shouldn’t be qualified to vote.

  13. barefoot bob says:

    Madison R O C K S !!!!

  14. Bill Thrasher says:

    She is a very articulate and brainwashed student of the left. She has not been taught to believe that a person who votes should be legally entitled to vote.

    • Stacey Hall says:

      LOL she didn’t say anything like that. Do you understand what pre-registration actually means? Nowhere in her speech did illegal voting even get brushed up against. Lastly, go research voter fraud – you will find that when it happens it’s perpetrated by Republicans.

    • Marlon says:

      Well, she’s sure more articulate than you are. And at least she can speak in sentences that actually make sense.

    • Ola Robinson says:

      Just how many illegals do you and the rest of the GOP know that are trying to vote? Oh, I know its just another road block to keep democrats from voting. It is a known fact there is very little if any fraud associated with the voting in NC.

    • David Saint says:

      lmao if its such a problem Bill, then why cant the GOP EVER provide proof of its necessity time and time again when pressed by the courts? fact is, much like the now ex GOP chair who confessed on the Daily show, this is about limiting Dem voters so the fascists can take over without a fight.

    • Nevermore Raven says:

      Oh I’m sorry that a young lady able to express herself better than an of you stupid far right wing idiots who go so far as to admit that they’d support a bill for slavery if their consistence demanded it is offensive you.

      Wait a minute, I’m not sorry at all.

    • Jim Obert says:

      You cannot teach belief’s. I am of the left, and I am not brainwashed. I look at Republican voting policies and they reek of fraud and corruption. I would also like to point out that time and time again in the past as the future will show, the right and people of your kind will be on the wrong side of history, to the detriment of the human race. I pity you.

    • Judith_Priest says:

      And YOU are a not-very-articulate and completely brainwashed Fox News Creation of the Right.

      She’s not asking for early voting, ya putz. She’s asking for early registration.

  15. Cindy Oppedal Paschen says:

    How many more years before she’s old enough to run for the legislature in North Carolina? I LOVED the frightened expressions on some of the men in the crowd. You go, girl. Most definitely NOT a prop.

    • shellyscorner says:

      What fear? Not saying it wasn’t there…I just didn’t see it. Give me a time stamp (@ 0:00 min.) please, because I’d like to go back and see this fear.

  16. V_ger says:

    The future lies in young erudite women like this. BRAVO to the parents for raising such an insightful, eloquent young women who, apparently, has far more logic, wisdom and intellect in her fingernail than does the entire Congress of this nation. YOU GO, GIRL!!!!!!!!!

  17. MrKristoff says:

    Although I can see how this may impact the registration process, the argument that it will impact voter turnout amongst young voters is ridiculous. If young voters fail to report to the polls to vote, it will be the result of nothing more than their own laziness. There was no “pre-registration” around when I was in HS, yet I managed to get myself registered upon turning 18. It is not the state’s responsibility to ensure you are living up to your civic responsiblities. I am sick of people putting the blame everywhere else other than on themselves. “Oh, I couldn’t vote because I wasn’t automatically pre-registered at age 16…2 years before I’m legally eligible to vote anyway…boo hoo”. Registration is YOUR responsibility…not the State’s. That being said, not sure how eliminating pre-registration is of benefit to the government unless it is a means of trimming some fat from the budget…otherwise, don’t see why there is a need to discontinue the program.

    • Polarcoyote says:

      As a mid-september birthday, pre-registration was what allowed me to vote in the novemeber election that followed my 18th birthday. Many states still have a requirement to register for voting 60 days prior to election day.

  18. Pat Henry says:

    eh, she should put her talents to use educating her peers about how deficit spending and progressive ideologies are going to negatively impact their futures. Perhaps include a few choice words about how Obamacare and the welfare state is going to make their climb to success so much more difficult than it was for her great-grandparents. As a matter of fact, her great grandparents won WWII and put men on the moon – what have their descendents accomplished? She’d better get a clue if she’s so interested in not “Taking one step back”.

  19. picnicfun says:

    Extraordinarily well expressed.

  20. rick says:

    Mom and Dad’s agenda notwithstanding, I wonder if her parents want to let her drink without an ID or drive or any other thing that requires ID. This is a red herring issue to protect illegal voters.

  21. Sean Murphy says:

    So, Generation Y is so stupid that if they don’t preregister at 16 or 17 they will forget to register when they are 18?

  22. Donald MacLeay says:

    Amazing kid. At this rate she will be a conservative by age 17.

    • msLou says:

      Not unless the Repubs decide to practice the true beliefs of conservatism, and not be the current “Teabrained fear mongering, hate promoting, misinformation mouthpiece for Corporate oligarchy and their fascist plans” party. Do I hear a PNAC, anyone?

  23. David P. Turnbole says:

    I’d like to see that lady in Congress in a few years.

  24. devilkat says:

    Young lady with a good head on her shoulders.

  25. sbozich says:

    Hey bitch; you’re a prop.

  26. Matthew Ryan Swift says:

    You know i love how this amazing young girl is doing awesome things and using her mind and all half the people in the comments can do is nothing but bash political standings that aren’t their own. This is one of the big problems these days, people need to quit beating up and bashing on each other and actually start working together. Who cares if that person is Republican or that one over there is Democratic or the one thataway is a Liberal, quit arguing with each other and start working together to make a difference, and don’t give me the, well I will if he will, It’s gotta start with someone.

  27. Lan says:

    How sad that her parents are using her as a tool to advance their political agenda. Let her get an education, a job, pay taxes. Then let her make an educated opinion for herself – no matter what party or agenda she chooses. A 12 year old has no basis for an informed opinion.

    • TheLump says:

      It’s more sad that you’re not refuting anything but her age and dismissing her out of hand.

      • Lan says:

        The article was primarily about her, not the issue. If you want to have a serious discussion about a serious issue, don’t use a child as a prop – it only trivialized the issue.

        • TheLump says:

          Kind of like trivializing the issue by dismissing her out of hand. Well done.

          • Lan says:

            I’m curious, Lump. Do you have children, or grandchildren? My youngest grandchild is 11 years old. I love her dearly and respect her. And, I would never use her as a tool to espouse my political beliefs. She has a lot of opinions, mostly about the best American Girl Doll. And she reads as well, if not better, than Madison. Let that sweet girl be a child, and don’t make her a tool. Shame on her parents and you for using her as a prop. And I’m done responding to you – you don’t get the point and and seem to be willing to use any means possible (including a young girl) to validate your opinion. You are both pitiful opportunists.

          • TheLump says:

            Except…I wasn’t responding to how she may or may not (probably is) being used. I was responding to your dismissal of her, as a person. I got the point, but you made a couple of them and I was responding to a specific one. You missed MY point.

            Whatever your grandchild’s interests and opinions are are irrelevant to the conversation. You say you respect her. Do you respect her enough to take her opinions seriously or, do you dismiss them out of hand because “she has no basis”?

          • Marsha Matthews says:

            Never ASSume. Further, not all 11-12 year old girls limit themselves to American Girl dolls. Some do take part in their communities and do have interests outside of toys.

  28. Gary Ainsworth says:

    So you people that are bad mouthing this girl and liberals in general are in favor of limiting voting rights? That seems like a good idea to you? Oh and talking about rigged elections does 2000 ring a bell? And what was the outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision the first four years of W. You are entitled to your opinions, but I feel your arguments are flawed.

    • Jen says:

      How about limiting voter fraud? Does that seem like a good idea to you?

      • Marsha Matthews says:

        Please provide irrefutable, verifiable and empirical evidence of voter fraud. I’ll wait. I’m a patient person …

        • Jen says:

          There were just several convictions in Chicago (who do we know from there?)..including a poll worker who used relatives’ absentee ballots. Watch some news.

        • Jen says:

          Do you really know legitimate voters who can’t get an ID? This is such a fake issue.

          • Marsha Matthews says:

            Not personally but, not everyone lives in urban areas where transportation is readily available and the local DMV is within walking distance (do keep in mind that many states shut down many services due to budget cuts, i.e. closing and consolidating state services like … the DMV). Further, there are many individuals now needing ID’s who are older than dirt and no longer have the necessary documentation some states require, making it quite an onerous process for said individuals. Lastly, student ID’s, all of a sudden, are no longer valid forms of ID but an NRA membership card is …
            Sorry dear, but voter fraud is a fake issue, Mickey Mouse isn’t voting – it’s a GOTeaPee “solution” for a nonexistent problem. Do try and keep up …

      • Gary Ainsworth says:

        If that were the huge problem that the GOP pretends it is then it might make sense. All the statistics I have seen on this point to their being very little actual voter fraud, The point of these laws is to limit access of likely Democratic voters.

  29. Jacob Benjamin Taylor says:

    North Carolina is a dump politically.

  30. Dominic Cortella says:

    Holy crap! I want to vote for THIS girl. She can’t turn 35 (Cobstitutional requirement for POTUS) soon enough for me.

  31. Gerald Gardner says:

    This kid keeps it up and we may see a blue North Carolina in a few years.

  32. Joe says:

    This is a TOTAL joke……really young liberals and Democrats got us in this mess to begin with………good job NoBama you need to GO AWAY NOW before you do anymore damage to this “MY” country.

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  39. Mitch says:

    Everyone acts as if she wrote this herself.

  40. Willard D Russell says:

    The number of people who vote now, is an embarrassment. Anybody who wants to make it harder or have fewer people vote is a pathetic excuse for an American.

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  42. FritzCanuck says:

    Too bad she doesn’t know the difference between ‘number’ and ‘amount’.

  43. LarryH says:

    I would only change one thing about her speech and that is the reference to ‘leaders.’ The people she is referring to were elected as ‘representatives’ not ‘leaders.’ Makes all the difference in the world.

  44. travelinphan says:

    Queen bitch in the making

  45. Healer Shaman says:

    Hmmm, something’s not right. I would buy the message if she was dressed, spoke and behaved like a twelve year old, instead she’s using tones and mannerisms very common to the CNN political arena. It is my opinion (and NOT a fact) that she’s been coached, it’s clever wanna-be political strategy

  46. DonaldandMichelle Freeman says:

    SMH…. oh yeah, photo ID is SUCH a hassle?!?!
    it’s not a suffrage, but a way to keep civil order. You’re required to use photo ID for a barrage of things in America.. stop whining about bullshit and fix something that actually needs fixing.. people are taking off work to go to these pathetic rallies? 1.2 million die from abortion every year, and we’re concerned with our ‘right’ to vote without a photo ID.. GOOD JOB AMERICA!! freaking morons…

  47. Nick Lively says:

    Future liberal. You can have her Democrats.

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  49. Rusty Stubblefield says:

    Good Lord! She’s fantastic!

  50. Slamd says:

    I guess she hasn’t seen Russell Brand yet on tne BBC about voting.

  51. america says:

    Unfortunately this girl is one of very few young people who do understand the political system in this country and do not vote for whoever is “cooler.” Besides, the majority of young people do not vote in this country anyways.

  52. Moe Smith says:

    It was taken away because NC is a right wing extremist state and they don’t want free thinking young people from voting the way they believe… instead wait until they get inured into the “southern mindset” and blindly follow how they are told.

  53. Starr Frazier says:

    Awesome, lookout world they’re younger and they’re smarter. You go, Madison.

  54. Theresa Roberts says:

    Awesome !!!! Where are the rest of our 12-20 y/o….? This is the dawning of a new era in Politics…the only way to get rid of the Good ‘OL Boys…is to replace them with the Better (for the Nation) Up and Comings…

  55. Kelli Martinelli says:

    whoa. shake in your boots, GOP, she’s the real deal and her brand is going viral.

  56. bullib says:

    It’s amazing what liberals dig up to whine about, be it young or old. Malcontents all.

  57. Doug says:

    It’s a shame. Here is another young American influenced by
    her Liberal, left wing parents and probably her teachers. You are 13, be 13. Wait
    until you are old enough to understand life, liberty and the pursuit of
    happiness before making your stand on who needs to be in what office. The
    people that you are supporting have placed at risk, everything in your future
    that you will strive to work for. I think the only thing you forgot to mention
    in your speech was that this is all George W Bush’s fault, but I’m sure you
    will remember to mention him at your next rally.

    • AWCheney says:

      That young lady sounds far too intelligent to merely parrot what others may say…she’s already found her own voice. Her issue is not liberal or conservative…it is a young person’s issue!

      • Jen says:

        She sounds too intelligent because you agree with her propaganda?
        There is no way of knowing whether those are her words or not.

      • TheMaxxx says:

        She was not only parroting, but what she parroted was poorly written. A 12 year old saying she’s a suffragette because she’s talking about pre-registration, clearly, doesn’t understand what she’s saying.

        It’s perfectly akin to her saying she was not a prop but an abolitionist because she was speaking about pre-registration.

  58. terrisinclair says:

    You go girl!

  59. DannyJane says:

    We need more like her. Thousands, millions more!

  60. chris says:

    She’s adorable and so well spoken.

  61. Jewel says:

    This child/woman has given me so much hope for the future. She is so fierce!!!

  62. Kevin Boyd says:

    I can’t think of any other 12 year old who has given me more political hope for the future of this country. “From the mouths of babes” she makes a persuasive call for
    simple fair play.

  63. AWCheney says:

    At the end of that speech I clearly heard someone say “Madison for President.” Sad to say, she’d be a heck of a lot better than what we have now!

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  65. TedVothJr says:

    People wouldnt name their daughters ‘Plantar Wart’— or dont they?

  66. TedVothJr says:

    Seriously, WOW! This young lady is our future… ‘Forward together: not one step back!

  67. Neil Myers says:

    Are here parents going to make her lie down and get arrested ??? and try to stop the Government that was elected from doing the business ! I can’t believe she can read what some one else wrote. Wait till she says what kind of debt she is going to have to pay as Obama was handing out stuff for votes!

    • Interested Observer says:

      Rather than addressing a single thing she said you instead insert your own bizarre thoughts about deficit spending, civil disobedience and of course, President Obama.

      The ironic thing is that all you’ve done is show the world how a 12 year old has a firmer grasp of politics than you do.

    • shellyscorner says:

      Neil, in as much as I disagree/dislike the current administration, (didn’t like Bush either, at least after the fact, when I realized how much he pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes!) and in as much as I do disagree with this young lady’s views, and I’m quite sure that she doesn’t know and/or understand the WHOLE picture, there is NO QUESTION in my mind that although she may have received some final editing advice on the use of some words or wording, she is MOST DEFINITELY CAPABLE OF THINKING, DEVELOPING, CREATING, AND MAINTAINING HER VERY OWN THOUGHT PROCESSES AND OPINIONS, AS WELL AS PUTTING THEM TO PAPER! (btw, I’m not yelling here at you : -) my caps are merely meant for emphasis, since I can’t use bold type face, or if I can I don’t know how) When I was here age people most often thought I was much older than I was. I remember when I was 12 or 13, my dad took my twin brothers and myself to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things. The boys were just under a year, maybe just over. Anyway, as she admired the boys and spoke to my dad and I, a few moments into the conversation she made some comment, I don’t remember the exact wording, but she clearly thought that my dad and I were husband and wife and that the twins were ours! Now again, I always looked older to folks, and my dad was about 33 at the time, looked very young for his age, and was VERY handsome. But WOW!!! We quickly left the area after setting her straight, trying not to laugh and embarrass the lady as we left! Frankly I’m not sure who was more embarrassed…me or my dad! But it wasn’t that I looked older in as much as it was the way I talked and carried myself. I was (and still am) HIGHLY intelligent, had a VERY large vocabulary and knew how to use it. I could have EASILY put something together like that at her age. Usually when I hear children and “young people”, basically anyone up to the age of about 15-17 they USUALLY sound like tape recorders playing back what they’ve heard their parents say, regardless of the viewpoint. This young lady doesn’t sound that way at all to me. Now I don’t believe for a minute that her views aren’t impacted by hearing her parents talk and in fact talking to her parents about issues. Which frankly, regardless of her parents viewpoints, I them props for at least talking to her about things, my parents never would talk to me about politics until I was an adult. They wouldn’t even tell me how they were registered, dad used to tell me it was none of my business. Turns out they wanted me to have the chance to develop my own beliefs based on my own thinking rather than based on what they thought. While I appreciate what they were trying to do, I know that there is a middle ground! You can talk to your children about politics and encouraged their becoming involved and not give away your personal stance, if that’s your desire all at the same time. And if they ask you what your view is you can either choose to tell them or you can tell them you’d rather not share your viewpoint because you want them to develop their own thought processes on their own rather than on YOUR thoughts. It’s kind of like growing up in the church and realizing one day that you don’t know whether or not your belief system is based on what you were told to believe because that’s what someone else believed was the truth OR if you believe your beliefs because it’s REALLY what you believe! I had the monumental crisis and I had to work through it all by my lonesome…just like I had to decide about my politics. I know I’ve strayed off path a tad, but still Neil, I would really encourage you to rethink your thought process. We can vehemently disagree with what others think, even with in the realm of our own belief system we won’t agree 100% with anyone, I don’t think, but it doesn’t mean that we have to shred each other to pieces. I’m not saying that you were doing this to this young lady, but in general, I really believe that the reason that things are what they are in Washington and the reason why people in the country are split so dramatically is because we’ve forgotten how to actually talk to people that think differently than we do about our different thought processes without shredding each other. Basically, I think it comes down to we’ve forgotten to RESPECT each other and remember that people are ALLOWED to have THEIR OWN THOUGHT PROCESSES AND TO NOT ONLY RESPECT THEIR THOUGHTS BUT THEIR RIGHT TO HAVE A DIFFERENT THOUGHT! Can you imagine how BORING life would be if we ALL thought the exact same way about EVERYTHING! For the most part, I’m a die hard conservative, though there are a couple of things that I probably lean a little toward the middle, but I have some friends that are equally die hard liberal. And all though I VERY VERY MUCH DISAGREE with them, I VERY, VERY MUCH EMBRACE AND RESPECT THE FACT THAT THEY HAVE A DIFFERENT OPINION…AND I LOVE THEM AND APPRECIATE THEIR WILLINGNESS TO SHARE THEIR THOUGHT PROCESSES WITH ME!! And they have shared with me that they don’t usually share their political viewpoints with people from the “other side of the isle” because she hates getting into arguments with them (and the reverse is true, I’ve had many conservatives tell me that they don’t share with liberals because it’s not worth the personal beating and losing friends over it all), and I’m not saying that I’m something so special or am some kind of saint, because I’m not. But people WILL TALK TO ME about their view points regardless of their belief because they know that I won’t attack them and call them names and act like they’re subhuman for having their view point! If we could learn how to remember to respect each other again, we’d get a WHOLE LOT MORE done WITH A LOT LESS GRIEF! Be kind to one another…it really isn’t that difficult.. just a thought…

  68. sheilam22 says:

    LOVE this young woman. THIS is what we need – NOT the trash kardashinas, madonas, etc. THIS is who the young girls should be looking up to.

  69. Shannon says:

    I am sooooo voting for her in an election she so chooses to run in!!!!!! Go Madison!

  70. TheMaxxx says:

    She’s not a prop, she’s a suffragette, speaking about pre-registration? Well then she clearly is a prop, she doesn’t even understand the words she’s using.

    • shellyscorner says:

      Hey Maxxx…I’m conservative, pretty much through and through, but I have to say, I very much believe that this young lady VERY MUCH knows the meaning of EVERY SINGLE WORD she’s used. In fact, I dare say that she NOT ONLY knows the meaning of the words, but she knows THE PROPER WAY TO USE THOSE WORDS, as well!!! :-) She is with out ANY DOUBT a VERY INTELLIGENT young woman. And all though I don’t agree with her views, I very much applaud her for developing a view, and being willing to stand up and state that view. And while I think her views are 1. absolutely influenced by her parents views… and 2) that she doesn’t understand the whole picture or the full ramifications of her views, she is FULLY CAPABLE of coming up with her own views and sharing them! Frankly, I TRULY wish that we had more young people like her, regardless of their views. Because seemingly the public schools have long since stopped teaching children how to think critically, and it is a VERY RARE young person that I meet (unless they have either been home schooled or have gone through some charter schools) that clearly and truly knows how to critically think. We just won’t always agree with what they think. To bad! We don’t have to agree with it. As long as it’s appropriately expressed, all we have to do is RESPECT IT! Not always easy to do, but is necessary! :-) (btw, I LOVE your avatar!!!)

      • TheMaxxx says:

        She used the term incorrectly. That’s simply a fact, not a matter of anyone’s opinion. This has absolutely nothing to do with anyone agreeing or disagreeing with a political ideology.

  71. shellyscorner says:

    I have several thoughts about this…
    1. It THRILLS me to see a young person wanting to be involved & clearly seemingly understanding the issues, or at least this issue…haven’t heard her speak on any others…she is CLEARLY HIGHLY intelligent!
    2. It bothers me to think that McRory might have responded to her in the way she says he did. I feel that to have been an inappropriate response to a 12 year old, EVEN IF SHE WAS a liberal prop, which I don’t think she is. She clearly has the ability to think for herself. Even if he believed it to be true, he should have come up with a better response. That being sad I don’t really believe that it was a reasonable expectation for her to request a meeting with the governor. If he were to meet with all the kids let alone the adults that ask to meet with him, he would NEVER get done what he was elected to do. I seriously doubt that if I were to ask for a meeting with him that I would be granted one. And believe me, I have given it some thought. I have SEVERAL things that I would like to discuss with him! But I will say that I think it’s AWESOME that she asked! For with out asking, you get nothing.
    3. Lastly, but certainly not least, I truly wish SOMEONE would tell me how this new voting law is a deterrent for ANYONE’S ability to vote! She is OBVIOUSLY

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