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Watch The Benghazi Myth Go POOF In One Sentence On FOX News (VIDEO)

Published On September 11, 2013 | By james |

The Fox News lie factory got a little more than they bargained for on Wednesday when they hosted Fred Burton, a former U.S. diplomatic security agent and journalist Samuel M. Katz, authors of the book Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi.

In the segment, Co-host Brian Kilmeade tried to perpetuate the myth that the Obama administration was negligent in the security response to fast-developing situation at a U.S. diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya. Fox news has spent a year pushing the false notion that no military assets were mobilized to assist American diplomats that had come under attack. 4 Americans including Ambassador Christopher Stevens were killed in the tragic attack.

Insisting that the new book revealed “explosive new details,” Kilmeade prodded Katz about the timeline of events;

When we saw (Diplomat in Charge on the night of the attacks) Gregory Hicks last, he said that he did believe that (the Americans) have been saved, at least help could have been sent on the way sometime in the hours of the attack that went on. What did your research reveal?”

In his first sentence, Katz blew the Fox myth out of the water;

Help did go to Benghaziand I think one of the untold stories of the attack in Benghazi a year ago today, was the fact that when word hit the embassy in Tripoli, the CIA staffers, the contractors, as well as two JSOC operators didn’t hesitate for a moment. They stood up, grabbed their weapons and their gear and they volunteered to go to Benghazi and save their comrades. …They made it there under Libyan circumstances as quickly as humanly possible. The embassy relentlessly tried to figure out transportation. They used a Libyan air force C-130, and at Benghazi airport, controlled by one of the militias, they were held up in Benghazi for four hours. Four fateful hours.”

When Kilmeade implied that they were held up by “the government,” Katz pushed back again;

It wasn’t government. It was militia. Everything was divided among the local gangs and warlords and everybody had to be paid his due, everybody had to be served in the very Byzantine fashion that became post-Gadhafi Libya.

At that point, the segment abruptly ended. Go figure.

Watch via Media Matters:

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  • agio

    When did the truth ever stop Fucks News from flogging its preferred narrative?

  • William Carr

    They sure didn’t want to explore that “help WAS sent” message.

  • Arch_Angel7

    But, but … They were Hillary’s milita, right? We have to attach Hillary to this somehow. Who told him to come on our network and speak the freaking truth. He did not even try to put the “proper” spin on the story, Now, if Hillary runs and we bring up Bengazhi, Democrats are going to use FACTS against us, thanks a lot, buddy.

  • John Silvius

    Fox or no Fox, there are too many questions left unanswered about this “phoney scandal.” Why was Susan Rice sent out on all networks to blame a video? Where was Obama (we knew where “the hero” was when OBL was captured)? Where was Mrs. Clinton? Why had sufficient protection been denied leading up to the anniversary of 9/11. I’ll call Benghazi a “myth” when the Obama Administration gives a full accounting and brings the villains to justice.

    • Quint Daulton

      Boy, take a potty break. I’m sure you have to go, because you’ve obviously been drinking enough Kool-Aid to float an aircraft carrier.

    • brian199511

      And the dozen embassies attacked and over 60 Americans murdered under Bush? You don’t want to talk about that you POS. Do you? You republicans are lying scum and currently murder 17,000 Americans a year, down from 47,000 prior to the ACA. The 17K die due to lack of medical insurance in states run by republican scum.

  • Daddycool67

    I want to hear more about the White House emails that were forged by GOP congressional aides …. then entered as evidence in a congressional hearing!!!