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Tallahassee Police Brutalize Woman; Caught On Dashcam Video (FULL RAW SHOCKING VIDEO)

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On August 10, 2013 Christina West was arrested for driving under the influence in Tallahassee, Florida.  While she is being cuffed she claims that she did “awesome” during the field sobriety test.  After they cuff her and direct her from the intersection to the back seat of the cruiser, she is concerned and wants to make sure that she didn’t hurt anyone.

An officer interviews the men, including “David” and “Pasqual”–off screen about the car crash.  All three identify “Christy” or “Christine” as the driver.  It is just before 4am and no one seems to know what happened–why she drove into a house.

The officers then discuss the situation outside the cruiser, as Christina knocks on the inside of the window of the cruiser so she can be included in the conversation.  The police then open door to cruiser and ask her to get out for a breath test.  Christina is drunk and not making much sense and the police proceed to smash her head into the back of the cruiser and onto the pavement in the intersection.  She screams in agony as several police officers physically abuse here and others gather round to watch.

They hurt her so badly she soils herself.  They left her face down in her own waste with a broken cheek and handcuffed.  She gets belligerent and swears at them, and understandably so.

Once she is back in the back seat of the cruiser, handcuffed, you can hear the police start making up lies about how she was grabbing their testicles and kicking them in the groin.  Their own dash cam video clearly shows that she is handcuffed, face down and being brutalized by several men.

 Tallahassee Democrat reports that Christina West’s arrest was NOT included in the daily crime report:

“This case underscores the need for the public to be able to get accurate and complete information on arrests,” Democrat Executive Editor Bob Gabordi said. “ ‘Traffic accident with injuries?’ That’s so incomplete a picture of what happened that night to be laughable were it not so tragic an outcome.”


Each morning, TPD emails to local media a report that lists all case-number activity for a 24-hour period. The report provides information about the type of incident, what time it was reported, the case number and other details. For some of the incidents, TPD lists the disposition of the case, for example, whether an arrest was made. For the incident involving West, in the “disposition” column of the report, there are only zeros. TPD provided no information about the arrest or charges.


But at 12:54 a.m. on the same night, TPD responded to an incident of a drunk driver, and on the report in the “disposition” column, the department reported that an arrest was made and that it was a misdemeanor.


“It’s not clear to me why there was no disposition listed on this (West’s) case,” Gabordi said. “What I think is that it is an attempt to mislead us. What I know is that it did mislead us.”


TPD’s spokesman Officer David Northway did not respond to a request for comment on why no disposition was listed for West’s case.


The Sunday Democrat story on TPD’s inconsistent practices on releasing information is available on, and a side-by-side comparison of the reports received during the investigation is on


In response to the Democrat’s investigation published on Sunday, Northway, said he redacted information from police reports in the interest of protecting ongoing criminal investigations. Department officials conceded some mistakes were made and said they are taking steps to reconcile differences in what is released to the public. But, they said, that training is likely to result in more information on active cases being uniformly withheld from the public.


“So what you’re going to find I believe in the future is that reports are going to more closely reflect each other,” Northway said. “Fortunately, but also at the same time unfortunately for you, what that means is there is going to be less information coming out on those open/active cases.”


This makes me sick.  No war on women, ya say?  Don’t get me wrong.  She should not have been without her husband and children, driving drunk into a house, with a group of men.  But there is no reason for these men beating her.  They beat her so badly that she has already had two reconstructive surgeries, and may have to have more.

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351 Responses to Tallahassee Police Brutalize Woman; Caught On Dashcam Video (FULL RAW SHOCKING VIDEO)

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Welcome to FL. people. Home of the murderers, profilers, baby killers and beaters. And they all go free. Because it’s never their fault. Smh.

  2. Steven Norman says:

    Ok..she was verbally abusive…which didn’t help her case….this needs to be observed a bit more..

    • nkiflemar says:

      Steven Norman: Ok, she was clearly drunk, which is what they were arresting her for. She was telling them about her car being the only car with carseats for her kids and the police officer could have gone acknowleged and assured her, but kept dismissing her. Regardless, she did not become verbally abusive until they started hurting her. Regardless, there is no reason whatsoever to start physically abusing someone when she is handcuffed! When did a drunk woman, in handcuffs, smaller in stature than any of these cops pose a physical threat to 4 grown men who are trained and entrusted to protect and serve? Sorry, but verbal abuse happens with drunk folks in this business….if you can’t take that heat…get out of the kitchen! There is no statute that says physical abuse is necessary or acceptable if the person is screaming and cussing at you.

      • Carrie Jones says:

        Really? She was arrested? I didn’t hear the cop say she was under arrest!

      • Steven Norman says:

        She refused to get out the car..and became belligerent…in NO way am I advocating what they did..but she put her hands on the officer..according to the dash cam video…they felt they were in danger of being harmed…yes, it’s a double edged sword, and I do believe they were both in the wrong..when someone tells you to get out the car..You get out of the car..plain and simple…

        • bronxflash says:

          she resisted arrest and put her hands on the cops. these people all think that if you are a certain gender and a certain body weight that these are both acceptable. i don’t get it

      • jrleftfoot says:

        fascists like steve think the ” authorities ‘aren`t bound by the tenets of human decency. obey or die , citizens.

        • bronxflash says:

          fascism is in essence a merging of the political state and the corporate state. that’s why it’s sometimes referred to as corporatism. i don’t see where steven norman advocates such a stance. you must have special glasses on.

          • jrleftfoot says:

            gee, Bronx. your ability to regurgitate the dictionary definition of fascism is most impressive. next you`ll be posting a quote from il duce himself. There are other aspects of fascism that don`t necessarily fit into your nifty little definition, though. Proponents of fascism tend to be characterized by blind submission to authority and lack of empathy for the victims of authoritarianism. you and your pal steve would fit right in among the brownshirts.

          • bronxflash says:

            i know right? i’m a smart cookie! i didn’t even have to look that up! if anything i’m an anti-authoritarian. however, i’m also not an idiot and i know that i don’t want to create a situation where i am beaten by police as once you are in custody, anything can happen to you. once you are in custody, you have no power and you are at the whim of the state and its agents. so be cool.

    • methinks says:

      that wasn’t verbal abuse. she was drunk and fixated on getting the car with the child car seat to her husband. how do you call that verbally abusive? oh yeah, it was the screaming when the big cop put his weight into the back of her legs? or maybe when she was crying about how they had broken her cheek?

  3. Rev. Janell Smith says:

    What are these cops stupid? They need instruction? The cops are unprepared for her small wrists. I can see incompetence in everything they are doing. That is Police Brutality. It takes 6 cops to arrest one little woman? Pretty disgusting.

    • Charlie Bucket says:

      thats what i thought, it would only take one man of any stature or form to handcuff a drunk girl weighing 100 lbs. and he wouldnt need to break her cheekbone to do it.

    • blueheronwv says:

      If she drove her drunken ass into my house, I’d want her face busted up like that too. Fugly, drunken POS – got what she deserved.

      • Pat K Mann says:

        I just hope you “earn” that type of treatment from bullies if you’re ever stopped. But you wouldn’t think YOU deserve that kind of treatment. I have cop friends that have arrested other drunks who caused an accident and somehow, they manage to do their job without making up lies and breaking bones.

        • Justin Rod says:

          I understand the former’s rage, imagine waking up to find a car parked ten feet from your kid’s bedroom – or your own. The tens of thousands in property damage, the loss of your possessions, potential loss of pets or family members, all the trouble of being forced from your home for months while reconstruction goes on – et cetera. All because some woman decided to drive drunk – yeah, I get that anger.

          Calling him a bully for expressing what anyone who honestly thinks about how they would feel in that situation is dishonest to say the least.

          That being said, the way the police officers acted was reprehensible to say the least – they should be fired, arrested, tried and sentenced for assault and battery as well as attempted homicide.

          • Evea Ella says:

            What those cops did was plain disgusting. She wasn’t exactly resisting arrest, the only reason she wasn’t already still cuffed was because the cuff were too big. And yeah one is not supposed to put hands on an officer, but c’mon she was drunk, its not always something you think about in that state of mind, she wasn’t being violent and there was no reason for what they did. Even after they were hurting her all she did was get verbal and grasp for the officers leg which to me looked more like she wanted something to squeeze because of the pain vs really trying to hurt the officer not that I blame her if she was, if I had been there I would have!

  4. george says:


    • AmericaStrong says:

      Most are in it for the power, which is sad. The same reason we must vote most of Congress out and get those who will truly stand up for WE THE PEOPLE.

    • cactus says:

      but who will you fuckin call when youre in trouble?

      • jrleftfoot says:

        take care of it yourself or call a friend

      • Steve Anderson says:

        Best way to make a bad situation worse, call the cops…

      • Ken F. says:

        not the cops

      • anonymouse_user says:

        I would never call a cop, I try to avoid them at all cost. I have been harassed by so many cops throughout my life that if I see one I turn the other way and get as far away as possible. If you ever come across a female cop then there’s no hope for you, they are worse than the men when it comes to being power hungry.

        • blueheronwv says:

          You must be a real prize that you have been harassed by cops throughout your life…….

          • DeMarco Lowery says:


          • anonymouse_user says:

            Don’t know what you consider a “prize” but getting pulled over in a brand new leased truck for a headlight out while driving home from a night job then being told to get out of the truck with my hands up and to walk to the rear with my back facing the truck over the loudspeaker in a busy parking lot I consider harassment. I went in the store and bought a headlight at 2am in the morning then I installed it because I was not going to drive without a headlight and risk getting pulled over again.

            I was driving through a ritzy neighborhood in an gold 2004 impala during the day and driving slow over these massive speed bumps they had when an officer pulled me over for “a broken license plate light”. In the middle of the day! I consider that harassment.

            Got pulled over in my 2000 Tahoe because the officer “Couldn’t see me” through the tint even though she had darker tint on her car and she was wearing the darkest sunglasses I have ever seen.I was surprised she could see at all. Here in Florida almost everybody has dark tint but I was the one who got pulled over…Harassment.

            Got pulled over and a ticket for my running light being out at dusk…Harassment.

            I got pulled over for “playing my radio too loud” at mission beach in San Diego while looking for a parking spot. When I went to court the write up said I had my windows down, tailgate open, and music blaring when in fact my windows were up and my tailgate was closed and the radio, well, the radio was missing because it had been stolen a couple of days earlier and my windows were up because they had just been tinted an hour before and were still wet. Radio too lout at the beach? Come on…Harassment!

            … excuses cops use to pull someone over so they can find some other “dirt” to arrest you for. None of these where any reason to give me a ticket and take my money. All they needed to do was give me a warning and send me on my way.

            On the other hand my wife, her sister, her other sister, her mom, and her best girl friend have all been pulled over for various reasons such as speeding, running stop lights, failure to merge and so on but have always just received a warning.

          • Scott Wilson says:

            youre so full of shit good story though bro

      • Tom Brown says:

        Well Mr. Smith & Mr. Wesson if some democrat doesn’t can their ass too.

      • mc facepalm says:


      • Uripdz says:

        why do you think there is so much ‘demand’ for ‘stand ur ground’ and concealed guns ……………a really way to fix the brutal LEO’s ………..and NOT ALL OF THEM ARE …………..

      • Rose N Jackson says:

        Smith & Wesson

      • DeMarco Lowery says:

        do we have a choice???

      • Steve Smithwick says:

        I would call nobody. If I can’t handle it myself, hopefully my assailant isn’t interested in killing me. The only time I’m ever inclined to call a cop is so I have a corresponding police report to present to insurance.

      • smile says:

        ghost busters!!!!

    • Bob Boldt says:

      There is increasingly present in the minds of police the tacit assumption that there is a “thin blue line” that now runs between the rulers and those who are ruled, between the 1% and the 99%. I call it the “Pacification of Amerika.” I have also said that I regret that the only ones who truly believe in the possibility a violent Revolution/insurrection by the people are the police, the military and the Justice Department.

      Remember Peace (?) officers are never really “sworn to serve and protect” the general population but the rulers, the wealthy and the powerful. This is as true today as it was during the brutal suppression of the labor movement in the late 19th Century. In times of relative wealth, middle class
      content, and prosperity only the so-called criminal classes—minorities, sexual “degenerates,” the poor, “dope fiends” and jazz musicians regularly feel the weight of the nightstick. As we circle the drain and more and more of our middle class descend into the “criminal class” the more and more people in this country come to understand that the policeman is primarily there to preserve this social disorder.

      In my experience I have found that the last thing I need in a difficult situation is a policeman.

    • Look again says:

      If you know 90% of the cops and are not one yourself, you may want to reflect on why that is.

    • Joe Downey says:


  5. Danny Boyd says:

    She was drunk and wrecked a car into a house. She wouldn’t listen to any commands and brought it on herself by her actions. Perhaps don’t drink and drive!

    • NetDude McAffee says:

      Dude, I personally would love to hang drunk drivers: have never been beat by cops (might help I’m worth 8 figures; still poor in global standards but more than most cops will never make and they figure it out by the time they run my name) But I know first hand cops take their chances at having a little fun when drunk people are around: because “honorable police” discredit “alcoholics” with very little evidence… And whenever possible, they use force and/or intimidation to refute claims of excessive force (ironic, no?)..

      Our cops in Canada, I not only trust whole heartedly but I believe are honorable and serve their purpose well. Our criminal justice system isn’t driven by money nearly as much as your American one… Funny, considering our cops get paid usually double what American ones get… :P

      Those cops are bullies, and they got carried away in pushing around a weak person (this they do every chance they get; but when they know they don’t have a chance, they definitely stay in line)… Are those cops saying she deserves what she got because she was verbally abusive? If the cops can’t take it, maybe they should stop seeking a public pay check and find a job they can actually fulfill the duties of !??

    • Charlie Bucket says:

      she was drunk and wrecked a car into a house ALLEGEDLY, she seemed fairly compliant to me, at no point in the video did i see a need to throw her to the ground and start stomping her face in and twisting her arm like a fucking doll.

      • cactus says:

        when did they stomp her face in? or twist her arm like a doll? its called putting her hands in cuffs, and you cannot tell how much force the cop was using to keep her head on the ground he could have been just holding it in place, not trying to crack her skull with his palm. are we watching the same video???

        • Don Jensen says:

          Maybe he didn’t stomp her face, but after he slammed the probably 100lb girl on the ground breaking her cheek then he sat with his knee on her head pinning her broken face down on the ground. Watch at 8:45 the pig is holding her down with his knee on her head while she lay there like a limp doll. Again I can’t believe anyone would even attempt to defend this. I hope you don’t have any daughters.

          • cactus says:

            Maybe they were expecting her to continue resisting when they threw her on the ground and thats why it ended up being so hard. regardless she wasnt “beaten”

          • cactus says:

            just went back to 8:45, if you actually watch, his knee is not on her head, watch up until he removes it, its on her upper back and looks like shoulder to keep her from rolling over and avoiding arrest.

        • methinks says:

          so you didn’t see the cop slam her face into the car then throw her to the ground face first? look at her mug shot dumbo, the evidence is right there.

          • cactus says:

            ah, yes, resort to name calling that will really make me want to change my mind…..

          • jrleftfoot says:

            to paraphrase bob Dylan , you have no mind to change and you know it

          • methinks says:

            just making a point, I really don’t care about your mind. Anyone who thinks this treatment of any detainee under any circumstances is touched in my opinion. Don’t ever believe that this couldn’t be you someday.

          • bronxflash says:

            whose fault is it that that happened?

          • methinks says:

            fault? are you saying this woman is a fault for the assault and beating? you know that is the common thinking of a typical abuser. it was her own fault that I beat her senseless, she made me do it…”

          • bronxflash says:

            i’m still trying to see this assault and beating in the video. it’s funny because it’s just not there, it’s like we are watching two different videos. juxtapose a black man in the exact same scenario, movement for subtle movement, and we wouldn’t be having this discussion. everyone here would be saying ‘oh, he was resisting arrest and trying to fight with the cops and that’s what happens’ which is what happened in this video. for the millionth time, yes, this woman is at fault and there was no assault or beating. i love how all of this is somehow being tied into the abuse of women in society, which this video has absolutely nothing to do with at all. please. the only reason i am still even responding is because i find it interesting to see how people can really see what they want to see due to their identity politics. this is actually really fascinating and simultaneously disturbing.

          • methinks says:

            you must be one of the cops or somehow related. I saw the cops pull her out of the car, manhandle her, slam her face into the hood and throw her onto the ground. The bigger cop then put his weight into the back of her legs. Her face is so damaged she is unrecognizable. And you don’t see abuse? And I’m stupid? Really? As far as relating to abusers, since you are so obtuse, I suspect that you are an abuser. Only an abuser could not see what the rest of us saw on that video.

          • bronxflash says:

            i have no relation to any police whatsoever. i can only think of four times in my life when i’ve ever even spoken to someone i knew was a cop who was not on duty, they are a foreign creature to my existence. anyway, this conversation has been over for a week and you have not added anything new to it besides telling me that i am an abuser of women, a cop, a homosexual, or someone who should be a victim of violence that would make you feel better because you don’t like my opinion. 25 people agreed with my initial comment and only six didn’t like it, so clearly i am not the only person who thinks this way. all of you mean well and are good people in all likelihood but choose to remain ignorant to the objective facts that a woman resisted arrest, assaulted an officer, and created a dangerous situation for all involved where there is irrational behavior and the presence of deadly weapons, but that is okay for you simply because she is a small white woman. all i will admit is that the cop threw the woman down and the woman accidentally hit the car on the way down and fractured her cheek: again, her fault. the majority of you are not capable of critical thought and it’s sad to see millions of years of evolution for such intellectual failure. anyway, have a nice day.

          • methinks says:

            couldn’t read your post, it started with nonsense and I’m sure it went downhill from there. I have lived with abuse and you show all the signs. I hope you live alone and have no one to hurt.

          • bronxflash says:

            if you couldn’t read my post yet you continue to write a week later. thank you for your analysis of me based upon my opinion of a videotape. i’m glad you have an emotional trump card to win any arguments because you have lived with abuse, which has nothing to do with this video. i don’t live alone and i don’t abuse people be they men or women, if anything i’m far too nice. stop writing back if you don’t want to talk to me.

          • methinks says:

            I said I didn’t read your post, not that I couldn’t. just like I only read the first few words of this one.

    • Kenny Blackburn says:

      Bollocks! They are just a bunch of corrupt, cowardly, lying thugs.

    • Carrie Jones says:

      They had no right to command anything! We the people do not need this type of dictatorship in our society! Abuse of power!

  6. cactus says:

    She wasn’t beaten? She was thrown down on the cement a little harder then even the cops probably expected to. Her face is the only area fucked up and the only time there was any extra aggression was when she was thrown down, after being verbal and resistant. They could have used less force to throw her down but thats about it. There was no beating.

    • Carrie Jones says:

      Dude! Did you see her face? That is brutality and excessive force!

      • cactus says:

        Maybe they were expecting her to continue resisting when they threw her on the ground and thats why it ended up being so hard. regardless she wasnt “beaten”

    • bronxflash says:

      i know, right? people are blinded by their emotions and cannot be objection. i don’t think the cops were trying to break her face against the ground, they are not that angry. she created that situation.

      • Reallytruly says:

        C’mon one of the officers had her face down on the ground was bending her arm back away from her body and mashing her head ionto the ground.. r u serious?

        • bronxflash says:

          are you? what fantasy world do you live in? that’s what happens when you a) resist arrest, and b) attempt to assault an officer. what the fuck is so hard to understand?

          • jrleftfoot says:

            we should listen to bronxflash. its numerous arrests make it an expert

          • bronxflash says:


          • Reallytruly says:

            No, that is not what is supposed to happen when u resist arrest. Sounds like ur a lonely creature and the internet is the only outlet for ur impotent rage but police officers are not supposed to beat people to a pulp, especially harmless drunken women. Ok? Get a clue. Boy r u a cop? Cause it doesn’t take much for u to get pissed and start spewing profanities, go get laid or something.

          • Guest says:

            No, that is not what is supposed to happen when u resist arrest. Sounds like ur a lonely creature and the internet is the only outlet for ur impotent rage but police officers are not supposed to beat people to a pulp, especially harmless drunken women. Ok? Get a clue. Boy r u a cop? Cause it doesn’t take much for u to get pissed and start spewing profanities, go get laid or something.

          • bronxflash says:

            so i don’t agree with you therefore i am lonely and filled with impotent rage. maybe i hate women as well? am i gay as well? that seems to be another common conclusion here about me. oh no, i cursed. look out, i may be a violent lunatic who needs to get laid! once again, i don’t see this woman being beaten to a pulp. what i see is someone who resisted arrest, appears to have attempted momentarily to fight with the cop, and then caught the corner of the police car with her face while being subdued in what appears to be an accident. once again, don’t try and fight cops unless you mean it. i’ve told this to people since i was in high school. you’re not going to win. you’re all living in a fantasy world of your own making. it doesn’t matter how you think things should be, rather how they are.

          • southwest71 says:

            I have no idea if you’re straight or gay, lonely or not. But from reading EVERY one of your posts so far I can tell you one thing: you’re a dick.

          • bronxflash says:

            if i’m a dick because i think that someone who drives a car drunk into a house, attempts to fight the arresting officers, attempts to resist arrest, and gets accidentally hurt pretty badly as she is subdued is not much of a victim, then i’m a dick. i’m sorry i’m debating people who can be swayed to change their opinions by pictures of cute kittens. why don’t we all agree to go to bed now. i want to see this week’s episode of copper before i do.

          • Reallytruly says:

            Oh my bad, normal relations probably doesn’t do it for u, u probably drive around in a cruiser , wearing a uniform that makes u look like ur about to invade Poland, looking for drunken women to beat to a pulp.

          • bronxflash says:

            being face down on the ground with one of your arms being held behind your back is a pretty basic way to subdue a perp. but i guess she’s not a perp because she’s female and doesn’t weigh enough in your book to qualify. i’d be curious to know how you think it should have been done, probably with a stern lecture and some cookies and a glass of milk. and yes, i drive around in a cruiser looking for drunk women to beat up, you are correct. i don’t know how you figured that out. shit, you’re smart. i do it in the uniform of the nationalist military from the spanish civil war period, however. but you were close. so your bad.

          • Reallytruly says:

            No, it isn’t and in this case it was a little extreme the woman was already in the cruiser removed from it and brutalized. Now, does that make any damned sense to u, Captain sensible. And ur avis description on what u do friday nights was neither warranted or asked for. Go frolic in traffic.

          • bronxflash says:

            i’m not captain sensible and i was never really into his music. i jaywalk a lot as i’m a new yorker, but i’ll frolic in traffic only if you agree to have sex with me. is that a deal?

          • Reallytruly says:

            Keep dreaming..

          • Reallytruly says:

            Ur not nearly as funny as u believe u r. Sad and pathetic, yes.. Funny …No.

          • bronxflash says:

            if you are trying to deride and attack my person rather than my argument then it’s pretty reasonable for me to try and make fun of your pathetic attempts to do so. i’m just sick of people like you who don’t live in the real world. everything that happened was her responsibility. everything. you seem to want to maintain a double standard for women. as has been stated, if this was a man everyone here would be making fun of him or saying he got what he deserved. when you fight with a cop, you are fighting with an armed person and you are within inches of a struggle over a gun. a cop will react appropriately. sorry if you don’t like it.

          • Reallytruly says:

            Ur argument would represent ur person. I don’t agree with police officers brutalizing anyone man or woman black or white.It is extremely necessary for law enforcement to uphold the law because when citizens loosely interpret the law according to their “world view” things get very murky as in the case where a black man was arrested for “walking on the wrong side of the street” or as in the case above. This woman above is a victim of police brutality and her being drunk and belligerent does not excuse the Officer’s conduct. Sorry. This is America not some backwater hellhole where cops act with impunity. Get it together.

          • bronxflash says:

            actually i think she needs to get it together and stop creating situations where she is scuffling with armed members of law enforcement who may have thought that she was reaching for their gun in the heat of the situation, which would have been an even worse outcome. i’m employed, have lots of decent friends and family, and have a great girlfriend, my own apartment and a car. i think i have it together as well as most other people. oh, i also own property which i rent out.

          • Don Jensen says:

            No, they simply hold and re-cuff her. It’s not that hard.

          • bronxflash says:

            until she started fighting with them, sure

          • Don Jensen says:

            Fighting with them??? Go back to beating your wife, scratching you nuts or whatever it is people like you do.

          • bronxflash says:

            um, yes, watch the video. i’m not married, but i’ll ask my girlfriend if i can beat her as you said so. also, i do like scratching my nuts when they itch. is that so wrong? i’ve really been into cooking vegetarian food lately, i guess that’s what people like me like to do. also, tonight i’m going to a concert. what kind of music do you think i listen to based upon my opinions?

          • Don Jensen says:

            Well being Vegan myself, saying you like cooking vegetarian while using a factitious name makes you nothing but a poser, and anything you say on here equally irrelevant, including the music you purport to listen to. And deviating from the fact that you condone this kind of violence against a clearly defenseless women in an attempt to justify your behavior is equally disturbing. But keep telling yourself you’re a good guy, it’s all about self perception and denial.

          • bronxflash says:

            wow you’re a vegan, i guess you get to be more self righteous than i get to be. saying i like cooking vegetarian food while using a fictitious name makes me a poser (okay) and anything i say here irrelevant (okay). does anyone find this surreal lack of logic as entertaining as i do? what does this even mean? and yes, i purport to listen to certain types of music! omg this is so funny! you are the best! a clearly defenseless woman is not one who is intoxicated and attacking someone while within inches of a holstered weapon. sorry buddy

          • Don Jensen says:

            LOL yeah saying you enjoy music and cooking vegetarian was your attempt to sound cultured. Well you don’t, you sound like a poser. And if saying I am vegan sounds self righteous to you, then how exactly does one say it and not sound self righteous? Perhaps it is not me being self righteous, but you being defensive while projecting your short comings.

          • bronxflash says:

            i was attempting to sound cultured? really? cooking vegetarian food and listening to music is all it takes to be cultured? wow, i had no idea. awesome, i’m cultured. i sound like a poser what? i’m projecting my shortcomings? okay, i’m kind of getting bored with you now, try wrapping it up. i’ve got other stuff to do.

          • Reallytruly says:

            No, that is not what is supposed to happen when u resist arrest. Sounds like ur a lonely creature and the internet is the only outlet for ur impotent rage but police officers are not supposed to beat people to a pulp, especially harmless drunken women. Ok? Get a clue. Boy r u a cop? Cause it doesn’t take much for u to get pissed and start spewing profanities, go get laid or something.

          • bronxflash says:

            i think i’ve been anything but pissed here and i’m sorry if you don’t like the fact that i use curse words when i talk. i certainly am not pissed, just entertained by you and all the stupid people here who see what they want to see. if you want to fuck me, i’ll ask my girlfriend.

          • Reallytruly says:

            No, that is not what is supposed to happen when u resist arrest. Sounds like ur a lonely creature and the internet is the only outlet for ur impotent rage but police officers are not supposed to beat people to a pulp, especially harmless drunken women. Ok? Get a clue. Boy r u a cop? Cause it doesn’t take much for u to get pissed and start spewing profanities, go get laid or something.

    • methinks says:

      there was no reason to throw her down, after slamming her face into the car.

  7. denxerw2000 says:

    Will they be judged for this?

    Your America sure looks strange for a Democracy…

  8. Reallytruly says:

    This is so wrong..

  9. Tebel kiser says:

    How awful what they did to her. A note to the author of this article” you put here instead of her in your story. ”

  10. William Young says:

    Stupid drunk b*#ch . Maybe now she will keep her empowered mouth shut . And maybe just maybe not drive drunk .

  11. Rich Dunn says:

    Are theses pigs in jail yet? They should lose there jobs and spend a significant number of years in prison with the rest of the scum from that state.

    • Steve Smithwick says:

      The inmates in Florida prisons are usually decent people (with obvious exceptions) who made stupid mistakes. They’re morally superior to the individuals populating Florida’s police and government.

  12. Malworthy says:

    You know what? I think I’d enjoy watching a couple of those cops get “reconciled.” Quite entertaining, actually. Who knows? We might even be able to sell tickets.

  13. JaneDoe says:

    Watch the video again, slowly. Watch her. At video marker 8:31 and 8:34 you clearly see her pull her hand away from the officer and trying to turn herself out of his hold. Then again (8:34 mark) she pulls her whole arm away. Thus she is RESISTING ARREST. As far as this article saying she “knocks on the window” you can see in the video when the officer opens the door she sits UP, meaning her knock was her kicking the window. So go ahead, judge, call them names, but I guarantee when you need help they will respond regardless of what you think of them. Remember that.

    • Matt Pellerin says:

      People don’t see that because they don’t want to see it and want to hate the cops no matter what. Yes they went overboard, but this little scank isn’t innocent by any means

      • Fernando Guzman says:

        So, what you call resisting arrest and banging the window with her feet is reason enough for them brutalizing her? I’ve seen videos of males fighting arrest that weren’t treated this badly. You have a romantic image of so called peace officers and can’t face the reality that there are some really bad policemen out there. These officers should not only be fired, they should face charges of battery.

        • Matt Pellerin says:

          She went down to the ground harder than expected. There was no stomping or punching or anything. She resisted they reacted. She hit the ground hard…all her fault

          • bronxflash says:

            i don’t think the cops goal was to break her cheek. that’s a possibility that she opened herself up to.

      • jrleftfoot says:

        speaking of skanks ,Matt, how`s the family

        • Matt Pellerin says:

          Great, since you went to prison for taking liberties with the family dog. How’s bubba treating you? Did you get the lube you asked for?

          • jrleftfoot says:

            you`re either a cop or a wannabe brownshirt . defending violence against women is so manly

          • Matt Pellerin says:

            Neither, I’m a law abiding citizen who doesn’t drink and drive into homes and then resist arrest while trying to twerk on the officers leg

      • bronxflash says:

        why are you calling her a skank? do you know what skank means? she isn’t doing anything particularly skanky.

      • bronxflash says:

        exactly. people see what they want to see and i find that a little bit scary. emotionally, they can’t handle it so what they see is changed to suit their emotional capacity. had this been, say, the exact same scenario with a black man, no one here would have a problem with it. he would probably also be a lot worse off than she was.

    • Ken F. says:

      Yea respond by shooting us for no reason. People know that cops are more dangerous than any one else on the street. They have the training and equipment and the license to kill anyone they want and get away with it. Very seldom have I ever seen a cop do something under their “protect and sever banner”. It should be detain or kill if they dont comply. So I would rather not call a cop for anything ever. Now he fire dept on the other hand, those are real heroes, they HELP people, not destroy or take lives.

      Think of it this way, if you see a cop punch someone, your will have two reactions. “The lady deserved it, she shouldn’t have committed the crime” or “she resisted arrest, lucky they didnt kill her.”
      If firefighter just punched someone out the city their in and possibly the country would be in an uproar. Rightly so, because punching people and harming people isnt the point of their jobs.
      I thought the same for cops, but as you can see from all the vids of them beating people or flat out killing them are all over the place.

      Even more scary than all this there are law enforcement organization lobbying to disallow us from filming the arrest of others. Why are cops who are just the enforcers of the laws also trying to be lawmakers, I dont believe that’s the principles the Law enforcement was founded on. I may be mistaken.

      Anyway I actually will change my point slightly, there are cops you can trust. The real issue is that number is small and shrinking.

    • methinks says:

      you must be one of the cops or affiliated with one of them. At 8:31 and 8:34 I see the cops manhandling her and it looks like she is putting her hands up to protect her face. you are a POS for defending the indefensible.

    • Jim Olson says:

      You live in a dream world Jane. In my long life I have seen numerous cases when the police never responded, or ignored people.

    • Kevin Rochelle says:

      1) there is no excuse for this shit. 30 years ago this kind of thing would not only get you fired, but sued as well. Nowadays, since the war – these pigs get away with anything, worthless waste of taxpayer dollars that they are.
      2) They will respond because they get a paycheck to do so. Do not make it noble, it obviously fucking isnt.

      • bronxflash says:

        30 years ago nothing would have happened. now is when it will get you sued or fired. duh. flex your muscles again, that would be cool.

  14. CherMoe says:

    Dealing with women … the REPUBLICAN (Christian) way.

    • Bobby O'Dell says:

      Christian? Really? What an idiot you are.

      • indybeckih says:

        CherMoe was being facetious.

      • bronxflash says:

        i concur as someone who isn’t christian. wow where did all these stupid people come from?

      • Steve Smithwick says:

        Those are Florida cops; they are most likely bible thumping, ‘shine drinking republicans.

        • Rosie Burzinski Breneman says:

          What’s all this crap about calling these assholes Republicans? I’ve seen some real ass-wipes Democrats, too. (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be associated with ANY of them. I call myself a “political agnostic” someone out there has an answer, but it sure as hell isn’t any we have right now.)
          Just because these cops are dicks, doesn’t mean they are republicans. And who the hell trained them? Seems they are building another to do the same as them, with showing the new guy how to treat a suspect.
          Granted, she needed to shut up, but being drunk does that to a person. Thank goodness she didn’t hurt or kill someone else.

          • Steve Smithwick says:

            For me this is largely anecdotal; but I grew up in FLA and have been to Tallahassee; most of the cops in the state, outside of Miami, are white, conservative and religious (and by religious, I mean Christian). In Miami, the police are largely latino.

            You’re totally right- there are plenty of ass-wipe dems also, I don’t dispute that at all. But I’ve seen a whole lot of cops in Florida, I’ve lived in their neighborhoods, and I’ve seen the cars they park outside covered in Bush (both George and Jeb, FL’s erstwhile governor), I’ve seen them sponsoring republican dinners and campaign rallies, I’ve seen the bumper stickers on their personal vehicles, I’ve heard them talk, seen them at church, etc. There are absolutely FL police who do not fit these criteria- however, a majority of them do, and the further north you get in FL, the more white/christian/conservative they get.

          • Rosie Burzinski Breneman says:

            I defer to your knowledge on this. You obviously have experience in this that I don’t. I am just so sick of ALL political ass kissing. I guess I still have a small part of me who expects people to treat others fairly and not discriminate. I don’t know where this came from, because there is no place in this country (or world, for that matter) that is ideal. I hate to see people paint a group with the broad brush and assume because a few people are jerks, all in that group are. But, when you have seen it first hand how this group behaves, you can’t deny the behavior.

    • Turfguy says:

      piss off ugly pretentious biatch; you know nothing of which you speak

    • Heath Martin says:

      …….your idiocy amazes me. It must be AWESOME to live in your world of BLISSFUL ignorance. I bet your also one of the people that considers islam a religion of peace. You disgust me. Go live off of the government and leave the critical thinking to the big kids!

  15. Ebon L. Tatro says:

    There is no peace, there is only passion
    Through passion, there is strength
    Through strength, there is power
    Through power, there is victory
    Through victory, my chains are broken.

    Sith mantra

  16. Carrie Jones says:

    Cuffed her before a breathalyzer AND didn’t read her rights??? Oh! She has such a case against those jerks! I know not all cops are like that, but there not need be even one on the streets like that. We need not pay those wages or respect!

    • Matt Pellerin says:

      FYI. you can be cuffed for any reason, including for your own safety. That is not a factor in this case and stay on topic. They brutalized yer, but they legally cuffed her. Just because you are cuffed does not mean you are under arrest. You are only under arrest when the cops says so, until then you do not need to be read your rights and they do have the right to hand cuff you, especially after driving into a house

    • bronxflash says:

      ‘Cuffed her before a breathalyzer’ you have no point here.

      didn’t read her rights? you have no point here. they didn’t have much of a chance to get around to it.

      can’t people at least have intelligent arguments?

      • jrleftfoot says:

        you first. still waiting .why don`t you tell us more about your numerous arrests ?

      • Regina says:

        Bronxflash, by law they have to read her the rights before they proceed with arrest. There are many issues with this besides the fact that she is brutally abused. Sine she is drunk she could not think however when you are sober don’t ever fight with cops just ask for watch commander and/or deputy. You can also ask for an attorney and NEVER answer any of their questions. She reserved the right to refuse to take the test as well. People need to know their rights and none of you here know them. There is a protocol a police officer has to follow which did not happen in this case. She has many cases against these officers and their department of justice.

        • bronxflash says:

          at the end of the day, it is somewhat irrelevant.

          • Regina says:

            At the end of the day its relevant in the court of law. She has a strong case which she will win, end of story! You on the other hand don’t know the laws and need to learn them. I hope you are not a cop but than again very good portion of them don’t know laws they represent.

          • bronxflash says:

            i think your conception of police procedure is full of misinformation and opinion and desire.

          • Regina says:

            Well if that’s what you think than we shell see you in court! Sounds to me like you are similar skin of a cop as one in the video. I suggest you get something else to do with your life other than sit on this forum. This is my last message to you.

          • bronxflash says:

            i agree i would like to not waste anymore of my vacation at home on this forum so i’m glad this is your last message to me.

    • Tim says:

      No she doesn’t. She does not need her rights read to her until she is questioned. There was ample evidence to arrest and charge her without questioning her.

      Technically if someone is not questioned, they don’t need their Miranda rights read until before they are arraigned. Arraignment can take 24 hours or more.

  17. bronxflash says:

    this isn’t police brutality, please. she created that situation at around 8:30 to 8:35. she fucked up, resisting arrest and attempting to strike the officer. they threw her to the ground and she went down hard and she got fucked up. i certainly don’t think that the cops tried to break her cheek, they were subduing her. i expected to see cops pummeling her once she was defenseless, but i don’t. i’ve been arrested and cuffed several times and i’ve never done anything like that. when you are being arrested, you are stripped of all power. just accept it and cooperate.

    • jrleftfoot says:

      they`re not supposed to use excessive force. I can`t believe anybody is defending them. bronx flash must be a ” confidential informant” – lol- or a cop groupie

      • bronxflash says:

        exactly. that’s what i am.

        • Desiree Lee Henry says:

          What you are is ignorant and a misogynist. They certainly did use excessive force and I guess you couldn’t see them kicking her at the tire ohuh? Power currupts. What if that were your daughter, wife, or sister? Woul you feel the same way?

          • bronxflash says:

            i’m not a misogynist nor am i ignorant and frankly i sound better educated than half the people here. my daughter, wife or sister wouldn’t be driving drunk, crash into a house, resist arrest, and attempt to assault a police officer so you may as well have asked me what if an alien knocks on my front door and asks to use the bathroom. if anything like this happened to any of those aforementioned people, it would be actual police brutality as they would not create a situation like this.

        • Jeeler says:

          Ah, I see. Yet another ill-trained fucking douchebag who thinks he’s a manly-man police officer.
          Get your kicks beating women who supposedly “resist arrest,” do you? Asshammer.

          • bronxflash says:

            ill trained? i’m not a cop. i’ve never beaten women so i’m not sure if i would get my kicks from it. again, i’m not a cop so i don’t really have the authority to arrest women and find out. i’ve never been called much less heard the term asshammer before but that sounds like more of a potential compliment rather than an insult, so… thanks!

          • bronxflash says:

            by the way, again, i’m not a cop. when i said ‘exactly, that’s what i am,’ i was being sarcastic as the assumption was so stupid.

      • chuck johnson says:

        I had a cop live across the street from me and he always said he loved it when they ran, because he loved the chase!

    • JustinHaley Rogers says:

      Funny I see she was in hand cuffs as they were trying to take them off and she kept moving around they slammed her down. She was already arrested by the point of brutality

      • bronxflash says:

        people can see what they want. people create situations and then don’t take responsibility for them. like i said, i’ve been arrested, and for the same exact thing. strange how this didn’t happen to me.

        • RationalLogic says:

          “people create situations and then don’t take responsibility for them.”

          It sounds like you are talking about the cops that slammed this woman’s face on the car, and then onto the pavement, breaking her face. And for what? Too much fidgeting?

        • jrleftfoot says:

          we already established why it doesn`t happen to you, twinky . you`re catering to their needs in your own special way.

          • bronxflash says:

            wow am i really talking to some clown trying to ridicule me by suggesting that i have sex with men? in this day and age? why didn’t you get old school and call me a dumb coon or something. you’re an embarrassingly pathetic bigot. i shouldn’t have to talk to people like you, there oughta be a law. oh no! he called me a faggot! are you going to call me a communist next? hahahahahha!

      • At 2:15, she entered the car in handcuffs. At 8:35 she is outside the car with one hand/arm free. She slipped one hand out of the handcuffs because the cuffs were too small. They talk about using zip ties later instead of cuffs. It’s no excuse for slamming her face into the pavement or pushing her face into the pavement after that.

    • Kevin Rochelle says:

      you are a conformist piece of shit, I hope you get your head cracked open on your next traffic stop. Should cure you of your asslicking tendencies.

    • Raybaza says:

      Why don’t you suck their dicks already. Go ahead suck em’ already.

    • devoec says:

      they had no reason to uncuff her, slam her into the hood, and then onto the ground just to RE-CUFF her. they had her cuffed and in the car. you don’t need to uncuff someone to give hem a breathalyzer. their actions make no sense whatsoever.

      • Tim says:

        They did not uncuff her.

        The escaped her handcuffs because her wrists were too small for normal sized cuffs. That is why they took her out of the car in the first place.

      • They said she slipped the cuffs inside the car. Then supposedly she tried to grab one of the cop’s testicles when being cuffed and was slammed on the pavement. No matter how idiotic or drunk the woman was that night, she didn’t deserve to be slammed onto the pavement with her face breaking her fall. I was a criminology major at FSU in Tallahassee until a bizarre confrontation with campus police. It’s cops & cops in FloriDuh.

    • Tim says:

      She escaped her handcuffs, attacked to police officers, and tried to get away.

      The basic argument here is that they should have been more gentle when trying to get the second pair of cuffs on her. Give me a break.

      They didn’t beat her. They held her down and restrained her while other officers went to get zip ties.

      There was a single take down in which she hit her face because she was resisting the officers. Once on the ground all the did was hold her.

      The officers did not throw a single punch or kick. Why do they to be gentle with criminals?

    • chuck johnson says:

      I could see if it was a man but these cowards loved what they were doing to this woman. How weak are they! She had been drinking but listen to the dominant talking they were doing to her. They were not nice to her at all. I hope she gets them fired but I doubt it because she was drink.

    • Pierce Aero says:

      Wait, let me guess. Like Zimmerman, you have not been allowed to join any police force of any kind. Am I right? Of course I am. Loser.

      • bronxflash says:

        now i’m robert zimmerman? i preferred the other two guys who said that because of my opinions i must like to have sex with men. i’ve never considered trying to be a cop or a member of any armed force, sorry to disappoint you. are you right? of course you’re not. winner.

      • bronxflash says:

        wait, i thought i already responded to this comment. anyway, as i said before, i have never had any interest of being a member of any police force or any branch of the military. are you right? of course not. winner.

    • MarkB says:

      It DOESN’T TAKE 2-3 6-foot, 180-200# cops to subdue 1 100# drunk female, first of all, and to bounce her face off the pavement…well, that’s pure and simple brutality. bronxflash, you say you’ve been arrested — have you ever been knocked around? If not, you can’t speak to what brutality IS.

      • bronxflash says:

        i need to experience brutality to comment on brutality? if that is the case, almost everyone commenting here needs to delete their comments. also, i grew up in the bronx, i’m pretty sure i’ve seen my share of what would qualify. and frankly, that’s a ridiculous statement.

    • Franklin Ramsey says:

      You did hear them agreeing to falsify information in the report to say she refused the test and that she tried to grab one of the officers testicles right? Brutality aside, they should be disciplined for that alone.

      • bronxflash says:

        i recall hearing one of them saying something about her grabbing his balls, but i didn’t see that within a context of falsifying information. i’m not going to watch the tape again, but falsifying information is totally unacceptable and i agree with you if that is in fact the case.

    • Look again says:


      • bronxflash says:

        thank you. most of these people think only with their hearts and not their minds. i do my best to think with my mind and temper it with my heart. sucks what happened to her. i’ve been arrested drunk on multiple occasions and this never happened to me because i’m not trying to fight an army of 50,000 well paid nyc police officers and i knew i was in the wrong. her? i don’t know, it’s florida, what can i tell you.

  18. jrleftfoot says:

    anybody defending these bully cops needs their head examined. I knew you`d be out there , though , cop groupies and fanboys.

  19. sama3033 says:

    You only become a cop if you’re too stupid to flip burgers.

  20. Why5ks says:

    I support police officers, but these guys are PIGS

  21. Lb Ryan says:

    “Shouldn’t have been without her husband and children”? What?! A woman is allowed to go places without spouse and offspring in tow.

    We are having numerous issues with police thinking they are above the law that they swore to protect. I’m not sure why this is, but something really needs to be done to nip those God-complexes in the bud!

  22. methinks says:

    Here is an example of what appears to be a veteran training a rookie on how to abuse a detainee when he doesn’t like their behavior. As if cops don’t routinely interact with drunks, this is the behavior we can expect from cops when they arrest a drunk? These men need to be fired and criminally charged for assault.

  23. Guest says:

    I will personally thank the person for whom ever can fuck that officer up as bad as this woman! I can’t trust none of you officers to do a simple damn task which is, take ID, restrain if needed, and stuff them in a car. What do you guys do? Officers can’t do anything right! I AM PROOF! I WAS PUT IN PRISON FOR MURDER 1. After DNA results I WASTED A YEAR OF MY LIFE IN THAT HELL HOLE! YOU THINK ITS FUN TO HAVE YOUR LIFE TOTALLY TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU ALL BECAUSE YOU WERE LOOKING FOR A HEAVY SET LIGHT COLORED MAN IN HIS EARLY 20s? FUCK YOU! FUCK YOUR SYSTEM! AND IF YOU SO COME CLOSE TO ME I WILL WARN YOU TO PUT YOUR GUN DOWN AND I WILL GLADLY PUT MINE DOWN. THIS IS FUCKING SICK! LOOK AT HER! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!

  24. Bat Weasel says:


  25. larryball says:

    This is what a police state looks like. Brutes that become cops are too often sick sadists carrying too much girth for anybody’s safety.

  26. Joan Cichon says:

    “She should not have been without her husband and children…”??? Did you really say that? You add insult to injury.

  27. Jessica says:

    I’m really sorry she was hurt, I really am. The slam of the face wasn’t intentional, although the throw to the ground was and too rough. She stiffed armed and refused the cuffs, so they bent her arms to put them on. Could they have been a little more gentle? Yes. Maybe the whole thing could have been avoided if she didn’t crash her car into a bedroom, which she admits and then shows no remorse because no one was home. Going out without your spouse and kids is fine- crashing your car into someones bedroom- no. Yes some cops use brute force, some don’t. Some cops actually get gunned down issuing a routine speeding ticket . If you get arrested, especially if you are drunk and crash a car into a bedroom, it’s best to just cooperate and get a lawyer if you need one. In the end, the cops were too rough and she was drunk driving and crashed into someones house. She was concerned about a car seat, that’s good, her concern for her children could be raised to a level to where she’s not driving so drunk that she can’t avoid a house. Being a belligerent drunk and crashing into a house doesn’t justify the unnecessary force that was used, and the unnecessary force does not excuse or exempt her from the fact that she was drunk and could have easily killed an innocent person. Thank goodness her children weren’t in the room she drove through.

    • bronxflash says:

      it also doesn’t excuse her for resisting arrest and attempting to assault an officer.

      • Jessica says:

        True-she was drunk and stupid,and made a mistake. Cops in Florida have, I could be wrong, the highest death rate. A routine traffic violation easily turns into a shooting resulting in death. This may cause them to be a little over zealous with physical force (it’s not unusual for a woman to pull a gun either). Either way one does not justify or excuse the other, this simply points out how violent and careless society has become. No one is responsible for their actions anymore, everyone blaims someone else. Maybe EVERYONE should simply look at how we as an individual can be a better human and make the world a better place….She should not have been drunk driving and they should not have used so much force, in the end if she didn’t crash into the house, none of it would have happened. I feel sorry for her kids and the honest and good cops who get treated like shit. Despite the popular belief in this thread, they do exist- some ran into the twin towers to save lives and died. Some are the first to arrive a car crashes and comfort victims, some deliver babies because they arrive before they EMT’s, some save lives. Some actually join the force to serve and protect.

    • jrleftfoot says:

      this isn`t about her . nobody is defending her driving. this is about so-called public servants puffed up with their own importance and feeling that they are immune from the consequences of their actions. there are few people in America who feel more entitled than cops thanks to their lickspittle fanboys like bronxgash, tiny tim and steve fuller , who refers to women , contemptuously, as “females”.

      • bronxflash says:

        you keep calling me a police fanboy. this i’m not. i simply think that if you are under arrest it is in your best interests to fully cooperate with the arresting officers and treat them respectfully as you would like to be treated. when you get pulled over, you sit inside the car with both of your hands showing on the steering wheel until they approach your window. if you do these things, then this won’t happen to you. if you give the police a hard time, then this is what happens to you. i see a woman in this video resisting arrest and it appears also possibly assaulting an officer. if you want to think that she should get some sort of special treatment because of this, you are a fool.

      • Jessica says:

        Not to offend, but I missed your point? How are the majority of threads not about her, as she was the one who was injured and it is the injuries she sustained from the cops which is enraging so many people to take sides either for or against cops. Not acknowledging her poor choices(driving into house, drunk) is defending them. I have no idea who bronxgash, tiny tim and steve fuller are or what lickspittle fanboys are. This should be about those specific cops and that woman collectively acting recklessly and denying any accountability for their actions. The cops claim she was resisting arrest, she claims they initiated with unnecessary force. The cops should own up, settle down and admit they over reacted and that woman needs to own up and grow up and not drive so belligerently drunk that crashes into a house. At one point you hear her saying “do know how rich I am?” Is it possible that she too was puffed up with her own self importance and felt she was immune from consequences to her actions? Yes, it is possible. However it does not excuse the police. In this scenario, the real victims are her kids who obviously have a neglectful parent. Yes, I’m assuming that. Anyone who drives into a house drunk shows signs of serious irresponsibility and no concern for the safety of others. I’m sorry she was hurt, but just like how the cops should be able to handle a verbally obnoxious and physically aggressive small woman, she should handle her liquor or beer, make better choices and stay off the road. She could have easily killed someone too. The cops and that woman both did things wrong. On a side note being referred to as female doesn’t offend me, even if is in contemptuous, because I don’t let it. This is an ethical dilemma where all involved made poor choices resulting in one sustaining physical injuries. The poor choices are the result of a systemic epidemic in our society where people feel “immune to the consequence of their actions”. If EVERYONE just behaved and acted with compassion, there would be no need for laws, therefore no need for cops, or lawyers ; )

  28. Kevin Rochelle says:

    Just like the chickenshit dog turds in NC, fucking protect and serve right? This is what happens when you hire thousands of ex-soldiers with double digit IQs that still have high school acne.

  29. Kevin Rochelle says:

    you dont get your fucking eye socket broke from anything but a fist – look at her eye. did the concrete make a nice eye-sized lump to punch her with? idiots

  30. Raybaza says:

    Police brutality!

  31. TwitPalin says:

    Disgusting neanderthals. Most cops have an IQ of about 65 if they’re lucky. Asshats.

  32. Victor Lynn Avera says:

    Notice the other cops got away from those assholes, they know what is going to happen to these two criminals assholes with badges.

  33. Mark Shields says:

    she certainly made this worse than it needed to be. I still think they over reacted. mace her….stick her back in the car and take her to jail. there is no need to body slam her down….on pavement…

  34. chuck johnson says:

    If she gets a hold of that tape, those pigs are done! Jackasses! Real tough guys!

  35. chuck johnson says:

    There was no need to treat her that way even if she had been drinking. I hope she sues them! I wonder how those cops treat their wife. Control freaks!

  36. Tim says:

    What beating? I see a criminal who attacked police after escaping her handcuffs. The police responded by taking her to the ground.

    Let’s not forget if she didn’t get drunk and drive her car into someone’s bedroom she would never have been arrested in the first place. If this was a guy who had done the same thing, people would be making fun of him for getting his ass kicked.

  37. chuck johnson says:

    Grab his balls!!! He doesn’t have any!

  38. M Guerra says:

    six fat ass pigs to control one drunk little girl…. if i was on the jury… she’d get millions!

  39. spanklee says:

    Notice the accents of the officers, the two making up the lies about her grabbing his balls and the other one saying she bit his leg……hired union busters. I would bet money on it. This really upsets me! The people we vote for, city mayors and city managers hiring these people to bust the union and they are doing this to the people across the nation to make departments look bad. Think about it… Texas state police assault women with an invasive body cavity search on the side of the road. Not once, TWICE. Different officers in each incident. This same enforcement agency shooting from the helicopter! Another city in Texas, the new police chief heads a raid on a local gay bar using language like “Effing faggots” and beating a patron of the bar. And a neighboring city’s asst. chief raiding an organic farm holding employees at gun point for 10 hours and it took them over 2 hours to show the search warrant. And all they found was OKRA! It’s happening around the globe folks. Especially in North America. Principals and teachers in our kids schools are being replaced by these union busting companies and it’s no holds barred in who gets hurt. It’s scary as hell!

  40. cindy says:

    She was not cooperating at all with them. They were nice to her initially, but she became belligerent and was resisting. I don’t think they intentionally tried to hurt her. Since she crashed into a house, how do any of us know all those injuries were sustained by the police. She was being unruly during the entire process once she was arrested. If she had stayed calm and cooperative, none of it would have happened. She did kick the cop too which is a felony. Alcohol got the better of her.

  41. Jessica Conifer says:

    “Don’t get me wrong. She should not have been without her husband and children, driving drunk into a house, with a group of men. But there is no reason for these men beating her.” what does this mean? why should she not have been alone without her husband and children? And what men was she alone with that she shouldn’t have been? Even if she WAS drunk and disorderly they obviously didn’t need to use that amount of force.

  42. DavidSSabb says:

    Normally, it’s hard for me to feel any sympathy for drunk drivers, but this was definitely a horrible act on the part of the police.

  43. Danielle Wilson says:

    I didn’t see where they beat her.

  44. Alan Joseph says:

    Are there like, any, um Internal Affairs Officers left? Or have they all been beaten to hell too?

  45. Gabrielle Cilluffo says:

    I see a drunk freaking out. She was kicking and thrashing. What should the cops just say thank you. I heard her hitting her self in toe patrol car. Which drunks do. I have seen cops. If you are a drunk idiot it is hard for cops to handle you.

  46. TotallyJaded says:

    I’ve watched this in its entirety, and then several times around the point where she goes to the ground, and I really don’t think the officers involved meant for her to go all the way to the ground.

    Are they on the hook for covering her medical expenses and living expenses while she recovers? I should certainly hope so.

    But for as left-leaning a centrist as I may be, I really don’t see how this dovetails with “the war on women”. The fact that she’s a woman seems incidental here. And “they beat her” alludes to batons flying, not a person bouncing off a trunk on to the ground.

    That sort of sensationalism might whip up the “I got a speeding ticket just because I was doing 50 in a 25. Goddamn pigs!” crowd, but that sort of contrived sensationalism is really something I’d expect from Fox News and The Blaze.

    • bronxflash says:

      along those lines, can you explain why people are lobbing personal attacks at me? i have to state things more senstitively?

  47. Daniel Rooney says:

    It will cost the state of Florida a couple of million, After it was over the first question was will you back me up on this as he got the blood off his shoes. Otherwords we have to lie, they were to stupid to realize they were being taped.

  48. renie says:

    i dont see anything wrong but a dumb drunk

  49. Charles Barber says:

    To serve and protect does not mean inflicting serious injuries to anyone period. Any Cop who does something like this needs to be charged with assault. This behavior will not be tolerated.

  50. cutee502 says:

    first of all this woman was clearly driving drunk and could have killed some one then if u listen her own husband wouldn’t even come down which leads me to believe he had probably been through her bs enough then she was slipping out of her handcuff instead of cooperating and clearly attempted to assault the officers and resist arrest he kept telling her don’t touch me and he had to restrain her arm from grabbing at his crotch now there is tons of evidence to prove our politicians war against women THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM

  51. Tom Brown says:

    Mark, pull your head out of your ass. Our government bis doing everything they can to reduce our personal arms and in return they are selling then to Syrian rebels. AKA the friggin Alqueda.

  52. Doug Cool says:

    Always Florida and Texas —- Damn police, what scum sucking idiots….

  53. Steven Norman says:

    She was asked to get out of the car on several occasions..she didn’t cooperate fully with his orders..NO that does not give him carte blanche to abuse her…and I’m truly sorry for what happened to her face..but she was becoming belligerent towards him as well…

    • Shannon S. Thibodeaux says:

      So that gives police a right to break her face and then lie on the report about it after the fact? She was drunk, they were not…there is no excuse to do this to a woman for simply talking.

      • bronxflash says:

        another person who edits reality to meet their emotional sentiments. for simply talking? she resisted arrest and was trying to fight the cops. maybe she would have reached for one of their weapons. that cop’s life isn’t yours to risk

      • Steven Norman says:

        No..not at all..but if you watch the video..she is not fully cooperating with the police..she is being combative with the…she most certainly did NOT deserve that beating..but when an officer asks you to do cooperate..

  54. Charlie R. Hamer says:

    These officers should be fired and charged for filing false reports and assault. Police should be held to a higher standard and charged accordingly.

  55. Desiree Lee Henry says:

    She was just drunk She wasn’t unreasonable, just annoying. These officers deserve to lose their jobs for what they did to her. How many others have they done this with? I also feel that anytime arresting a female suspect a female police officer should be brought in. There was NO excuse for their cruelty here. They should also be made to pay her mical bills.

    • bronxflash says:

      just annoying until she started resisting arrest and tried to fight the cops. you think somehow a female cop is inherently better? if there’s a black guy getting arrested should they call a black cop?

  56. hello says:

    you disgraceful assholes I hope you get years for your brutality
    fucking assholes. Who do you really think you are? Thugs. Loser assholes I hope you have a few years to spare

  57. Pete Goddard says:

    She was clearly drunk and acted like an entitled, princess-y idiot, yet they handle her fairly gently until she apparently makes a grab for something that they then react to very definitively… and yes, perhaps it’s fair to say they overreact to it, but then, when a drunk idiot grabs in the vicinity of your balls, taser, knife, gun, etc… you’re not really waiting around, curiously, waiting to see what they’re up to. It’s unfortunate that she was so badly injured. It’s also unfortunate that occasionally parents punish their children when their children are innocent, but that doesn’t make parents bad people. Those cops should be given some training in understanding that what might be an appropriate response to a large man with a history of violent crime is likely to cause significant damage in a situation like this. And btw, trotting out the fact that she’s a mom to drum up sympathy is retarded… in the state she was in, she could have run over and killed one of her own kids, yet we’re supposed to feel bad that she made a grab for a gun, keys, taser, someone’s balls, and that they ended up throwing her to the ground while trying to prevent her from doing so? Given that they’re a lot bigger than her, they should have tried to do without the slam to the ground, yes, but they’re trying to maintain control of someone who’s so drunk that you’re never sure what they could do next, so it’s not unfathomable they’re going to overreact or do the wrong thing. We hire humans, not robots. And all the griping about her being left to lie there after soiling herself… first of all, the extensive drinking she did earlier that night is just as likely to blame as being thrown on the ground, so I call bs on half of that complaint. And besides, what were they supposed to do? Undress her and wipe her clean? Oh lord, I can hear the sexual assault allegations now… yeah, not so much. Oh, or allow a clearly drunk and out of control woman to get up and take care of herself, hoping she didn’t run out into traffic or try to steal a car? It’s not like it’s great that she was placed in the cop car after having soiled herself, but sometimes there’s no easy solution. Oh, and… GOP + war on women?? I’m sorry, did the cops pull out their voter registration cards sometime in that video when I wasn’t looking?? Shut up with that bullshit. There’s things to complain about, but this isn’t it. You don’t know a damn thing about how this fits into that narrative, and when you try to insert it this way, you just weaken the case for the actual issues. The only thing I’ll give credit for being an actual issue is the manipulation of the police report to the paper. Perhaps I’d be even more incensed if this moronic analysis hadn’t already half-justified their reluctance to deal with this publicly.

  58. Rose N Jackson says:

    Sorry bastards! I was also arrested and convicted of DUI in my father’s home when I was drinking and wasn’t even driving, and I had broken ribs at the time. I called the police for protection but that never happened. I was thrown down on the floor and cuffed and arrested in dad’s house. What a fucking joke. The cop is a really ‘dirty’ cop and I know he knows he did me wrong, but I had to go through all the bullshit and am still outraged because it will remain on my record even though it was not true!

  59. mario petris says:

    you fucking scumbuckets

  60. mario petris says:

    i would love to get them in a room alone fucking pussies

  61. mario petris says:

    shes gonna be a rich woman those stupid assholes deserve to be beaten till they cant walk motherfuckers punks pussies

  62. Marius S. Moe says:

    Where in the video did they beat her? They pushed her down, she tripped and one of the officers was stupid to keep pushing her head down so it smashed in the car, and then the pavement when she landed.

    After that, they held her down, cuffed her, and got her back in the car.

    She screamed because of the pain and injuries, obviously, but she started fighting the police when they initially tried to cuff her.

    The policemen were very hard on her the moment she started physically resisting, yes. I’m not sure what you should otherwise do to a person so drunk they have driven into a house. They did not beat her.

    • PJ McFlur says:

      The foot on the face was excessive. There was absolutely no reason to put his foot on a wound like that. He isn’t blind and that wound would have been immediate.

      Although I do agree with your comment. She is intoxicated and being aggressive. That doesn’t mean stepping on a wounded persons face isn’t a cruel thing to do.

      I would be willing to bet that is the cause of the wound becoming so bad.

      • Marius S. Moe says:

        I didn’t catch the foot on the face, I thought he put his knee on her back/shoulder to hold her down, which is something I’d consider normal in that kind of situation. If that’s what he did, then I agree that it was excessive.

  63. Betty Mckenna says:

    What a bunch of incongruous cops! What does she weight? 100 lbs maybe 120lbs? I am a 57 year old woman and I would have been able to handle her. Shame on them. They all need to be fired and she needs to get sober. I hope this sobers her up. The life of a drunk never looks pretty. What an ugly mess!

  64. Lizzie Siddal says:

    1) wrong size handcuffs, not her problem 2) don’t they know better than to engage in a debate with a DRUNK person?! Just let her talk and do what you need to. They are like children!

  65. Lizzie Siddal says:

    Can these men really be proud of themselves for doing a good job? This is hideous!

  66. Look again says:

    Has anybody bothered to look at her behavior? If that was my daughter or mother I would be ashamed! STOP enabling these idiots who continue to cause situations like this and then cry because they weren’t treated right. When an officer gives an order to Stop!! She was so concerned about the kids and the car seats.. but not enough to behave as a responsible adult and teach them 1) not drink and drive and crash your car into somebody’s house and 2) to not behave like an animal when you are clearly breaking the rules set in place to protect the innocent, which she clearly is not, and other innocent bystanders. I did not see them slam her face into the ground..I saw her continually defy orders given to keep her as well as the officers safe. The officers have families to go home too. They put their life and the care of their families on the line daily! I thought they handled the obnoxious drunk lady pretty professionally.

  67. Frank Worley says:

    She was asking for assistance to make sure she and her husband were in compliance with the law as regards to children and car seats and the police showed little interest in that. Then hurt her and are surprised when she responds. These police officers committed criminal assault. Yet, after this and so many other examples, one has to question if the system will work or if polite reasoned debate will resolve this issue. It does not surprise me to hear more and more people call for violent retaliation against abusive police officers or departments.

  68. Notacop says:

    So she resists arrest and they take her to the ground. They do not punch or hit her. Granted, I wouldn’t have put my knee on her neck, but that’s a whole different discussion. She slips out of her cuffs. She then kicks at an officer, who rolls her onto her side, but still does not strike her or harm her. Drunk people scream a lot during arrest, especially women. I don’t see that the cops did anything wrong here dealing with an aggressive, drunk woman.

    • Jacob Lineberry says:

      Exactly what I was thinking

    • Don Jensen says:

      I hope you never have a daughter, and feel sorry for any you might have now.

      • bronxflash says:

        because having a daughter means women are allowed to anything without consequences.

        • Don Jensen says:

          Slamming a small women on the ground the way he did is wrong in anyone’s opinion other than you Neanderthals who seem to feel it’s appropriate to physically abuse women when you lose your temper. This cop is a pussy, anyone that defends his actions is a pussy, and you are a pussy!

          • bronxflash says:

            wow you called me a pussy. you’re clearly too stupid to see the irony in that.

          • Don Jensen says:

            The Irony? There is no irony. Clearly you are a pussy if you think this is unacceptable behavior. You’re a fucking pussy who hides behind a fake avatar while condoning abusing women. Please share with my what you find ironic pussy.

          • bronxflash says:

            um, yeah, there’s a lot of irony in that. you are using a slang term for female genitalia using it to mean weakness and cowardice and derision while claiming to be the internet hero taking a stance against the abuse of women. that’s the dictionary definition of irony. duh. do you want to call me a ‘faggot’ like a few of the other brain trusts here next?

            when i first became familiar with these avatars, i was under the impression everyone used a fake name. frankly, at this point, yes, i like my anonymity as i truly value my privacy. while not using your real name allows people to be assholes and troll about the internet, something i haven’t been doing here since my opening comment, it also allows people like me to give their honest and apparently unpopular opinions. do i really want to use my real name so you or a couple of the other wackadoos here start trying to find my personal information online so as to harass me? no, not really. does it make me a coward? only in your warped view of reality.

  69. Dan says:

    Fire them all. This happened to me here in Oregon. I thought one of them was going to crush my scull with his knee.

  70. Michael Christy says:

    Those criminals with badges should be in put in jail and let the prison population have some fun with them. They can feel what it is like to sh*t themselves.

  71. Walter Teague says:

    Mine will be a lonely comment, since none ot the comments I have read so far mention the primary event, clearly shown in the video. Police in the US have long misused power, especially when an arrestee gives them an excuse. This could just be being black or brown in my youth, or a hippie or protester later on, and anyone who even seems to be challenging the most on edge, macho cop of the moment. What none of the comments mentioned is that regardless of the many details, just before they slam her head on the back of the car and then even more so when they slam her to the ground and even later as she screams, the policeman doing most of the damage is furious, angry out of control, looking for and finally finding his justification to unleash he desire to punish this woman. He does not have legal or moral justification to do that. If he can’t control his anger, then he shouldn’t be a cop and if he acts out and unleashes it on someone well within his custody, no excuses like “she tried to kick me…gram my testicles” etc allows him suddenly to become a judge and torturer. That is what he and his colluding offers did. They finally used her behavior to assault her, and from the comment here, they may well get away with it. I have seen this pattern for over 50 years. Hundreds of examples and studied the psychology of police state societies. Sorry, but the US of A was a police state long before any of us were born, it has just gotten more institutionalized and media savvy. Clearly, you will be called upon to pick sides and unconsciously and clear with the best of intentions, many Americans already have. Remember that the vast majority of White Americans supported segregation just as their ancestor supported slavery. Don’t think so? Then you live in an imaginary world. Sorry.

  72. Kevin Moore says:

    The woman was mistreated. She’s drunk and she’s being irritating. She’s resisting around the 8:30 mark and the police are getting pissed after treating her nicely. No matter how pissed the police get, they shouldn’t have treated her the way they did. They over reacted. They used too much force. If this had been a 300 pound man then it would not have been seen as an overreaction. But these are trained police – they should know better. But it is a far cry from “brutalized” as the headline says.

    What I find from reading some of the comments below is that so many commentators are extreme as these cops are. Sure the commentators can hide behind handles and just use words. But when you read some of the responses below – they make the police above look like some of the most polite around. I’d rather meet the police above on a dark street then some of the people commenting below.

  73. Bea Quirk says:

    The cops should be fired!! How they get away with this is beyond me!! I would like to see them beat the way they beat her. Cowards is what they are. Using that badge to get away with this is a crime. I hope she pushes this to the limit. Lets get a fund started for her to hire one of the best lawyers in Florida to sue the no good cops and the City of Tallahassee for hiring such untrained personal. . .

  74. bluestatesman says:

    These guys should be put into general-population for aggravated battery.

  75. Cynthia Mughrabi says:

    Ive read all ur comments and there’s one thing ur all missing besides the fact that she wuz rough handled. SHE RAN INTO A HOUSE WITH HER CAR. I doubt any of you would be sympathetic if the scene here was that, she drove over a person and killed that person OR she ran her vehicle into another vehicle and killed them people. She created her situation by yelling back, getting belligerent and fighting. Yes the police officers might have over reacted, but at least they stopped her from killing someone that night with her DRUNK DRIVING.

    • Don Jensen says:

      You are talking about something that DID NOT happen. See if you can read the article without projecting your own personal feelings, hunches or a bunch of what if’s into the discussion and stay with the facts. They didn’t stop her from killing someone, she had an accident and the police showed up in normal course. She didn’t hit and run, she didn’t try to hide the accident. My God, use your head not you opinion. That’s the trouble with this country, people like you basing everything on your opinions disregarding the obvious facts.

  76. somnambulistic says:

    F… Pigs ….half inch monsters

  77. bluestatesman says:

    These guys should do hard time in prison for aggravated battery.

  78. Cynthia Mughrabi says:

    Ive read all ur comments and there’s one thing ur all missing besides the fact that she wuz rough handled. SHE RAN INTO A HOUSE WITH HER CAR. I doubt any of you would be sympathetic if the scene here was that, she drove over a person and killed that person OR she ran her vehicle into another vehicle and killed them people. The police officers were nice and polite with her the entire time, but she created her situation by yelling back, getting belligerent and fighting. And we all know how irritating drunk people get when they cant juz shut the hell up. Yes the police officers might have over reacted, but at least they stopped her from killing someone that night with her DRUNK DRIVING. Her face will heal, but if someone died that night, theres no getting that life back.

    • Shannon S. Thibodeaux says:

      Maybe you missed the part where here in America we don’t have Judge Dredd policing DUI suspects. There was no reason to break this woman’s face to the point that she needed surgery simply because she didn’t stand up fast enough for them. Yes, she was breaking the law… that is why we have judges and courts and everyone has a right to a trial…not a broken skull when the cops lose their patience. Oh and you also ignored the fact that the cops lied after the fact about the suspect to cover their asses… seriously how can you defend that?

      • Cynthia Mughrabi says:

        Here in America? where u think im from? DUI? lol she was DWI and how u know she needed surgery? Are u a freind of hers, did u go see her in the hospital? She was breaking the law, end of story. I dont like Drunk Drivers and i dont think they should ever be allowed to drive when caught once. The fatalities involved with drunk drivers is alwayz the other side of a drunk driving accident. Drunk Drivers alwayz walk away from an accident while a whole family’s life is rearranged. And how do u know for a FACT with EVIDENCE that the cops lied. The Media has a way of over exaggerating everything to get a story going. Talk to me about judges and trials when you have lost a loved one to a drunk driver.

        • Guest says:

          you are adisgraceful cow – its says in teh article sheshad 2 surgeries and will need more – peoepl like you make me sick condonin g a bullying violent mob attack on a drunk handcuffed woman – hope you dont meet these guys – but mayhe you like that sort of thing troll!

        • Catherine Edmends says:

          you are a disgraceful cow – its says in the article she had 2 surgeries and will need more – people like you make me sick condoning a bullying violent mob attack on a drunk handcuffed woman – hope you don’t meet these guys – but maybe you like that sort of thing troll!

        • Catherine Edmends says:

          maybe the evidence is in the film above – you never watched you troll – go play on the highway you moron

        • Jeff Dowdy says:

          coulda, woulda, shoulda… If cows could fly we would get shit in our eyes. Just stick to the facts please.

        • Shannon S. Thibodeaux says:

          DUI is an actual legal term for her infraction Cynthia. I also agree that people who choose to drink and drive are abhorrent and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I do not know this woman but I do have impeccable reading comprehension in regards to the article and 20/20 vision to see the video with and it CLEARLY states she needed reconstructive surgery and the cops can be seen in perfect clarity on the video choosing a lying story to put in their report after the altercation. And I have lost someone to a drunk driver, my first fiance was killed in a crash involving a drunk and also my brother in law was nearly killed by a drunk who totaled his vehicle pinning him in the crushed vehicle with his grandfather who ended up passing away as emergency workers were cutting them out of the vehicle. But guess what, we have a country that holds the standard that every single alleged criminal has the right to a fair trial… so no, even after having been though what I have I don’t think it is right to break this woman’s skull for her selfish mistake.

      • Cynthia Mughrabi says:

        Well, now she learned a lesson didn’t she? don’t drink and drive. No ONE put a bottle to her lipz and got her drunk. Shes an adult she knew right from wrong. What shocks me the most is she has children. Where were her children on her mind when she was busy getting all sloshed? I’m not surprised at why her husband didn’t show up either. Probably embarrassed as hell. She should be ashamed and glad that she didn’t kill someone else’s child while she was having fun. Boo. She made her bed, she can lie in it.

    • Jeff Dowdy says:

      She “drove” into the house.

  79. Guest says:

    Ive read all ur comments and there’s one thing ur all missing besides the fact that she wuz rough handled. SHE RAN INTO A HOUSE WITH HER CAR. I doubt any of you would be sympathetic if the scene here was that, she drove over a person and killed that person OR she ran her vehicle into another vehicle and killed them people. She created her situation by yelling back, getting belligerent and fighting. The police officers were polite to her the entire time up to the point she decided to fight. You all know how drunk people are, they dont listen and they get mouthy. Yes the police officers might have over reacted, but at least they stopped her from killing someone that night with her DRUNK DRIVING. Her cheekbone and bruises will heal but you cant replace the loss of a life.

    • Jeff Dowdy says:

      The cops did not stop her. She stopped herself when she drove into the house. You are arguing what might have happened not what actually did happen. Stick to the facts.

  80. docwhocuts says:


  81. Paul Murray says:

    before she even hits the ground, just before the struggle starts, you can clearly hear one of the cops say DONT TOUCH ME, STOP THAT

    • Shannon S. Thibodeaux says:

      Yea, I have seen cops yell “stop resisting” to an unconscious person face down on the ground while five police officers were beating said person with batons and fists. Your point?

  82. Borntomotivate says:

    Alcohol is a hellva drug. They actually beat the sh&t out of this woman!

  83. Stardust Painter says:

    This isn’t news, this is what we’ve come to expect from the police thugs. News is when the police serve and protect the public instead of abusing us.

  84. Pat K Mann says:

    She clearly agreed to the breathalyzer yet when the cops are concocting their story, they claim she refused. As far as grabbing at them, her hands were tied behind her back. She’s bleeding, already swelling around her eye and they tell her she’s OK. C’mon! It’s jerks like this that taint the reputation of good and decent cops all over.

  85. Kelly Shelton says:

    She should not have been without her husband and children, driving drunk into a house, with a group of men.

    Excuse me?? A woman is not chained to her husband or children. Please get out of the 1950′s.

  86. Romeo Greene says:

    :( it’s not fair they get away with wat they and get a vacation on top it

  87. Danny McDonald says:

    it must be a Florida thing, because one time after getting jacked for everything in my pockets, the Pensacola police beat the shit outta me and i myself ended up with a black eye worse than i have ever received before in my life by being slammed to the ground for no reason at all other than i was pissed about the fact that they didnt belive me.. after the daze of getting my ass kicked worse than the person that robbed me.. because i didn’t want to describe the person that did it i was under arrest and they tried to commit me in an insane asylum for 48 hours and the doctor the took me to see told them no.. FUCK FLORIDA POLICE, YOU ALL ARE A BUNCH OF FUCKING FAGGOTS..

  88. Nonya Binis says:

    She slipped out of the handcuffs and hit the police officer. I admit that they should have just ignored her, but she was a idiot to hit a police officer. Then she started grabbing his balls. I magnified the video so I could see what happened. She was drunk and did some dumb stuff. When the police tried to restrain her, they stumbled the weight of the officer behind her caused her to hit her head on the ground. She was struggling, and without knowing the damage, the police officer held her head to the ground. That is standard when restraining a biligerent suspect.

    • bronxflash says:

      thank you for an objective, unbiased, and accurate analysis. the sad thing is that i can guarantee you that no one will attack you personally in this forum like they did me and other commenters simply because you are a woman saying the same thing i did more or less. sad but true, yet simultaneously fascinating to see how the exact same scenario creates different opinions once you change the identity of the participants and commentators.

  89. Joe Downey says:

    COPS WERE COWARDS but they all are

  90. Laura Lyn Lockman says:

    i hate cops i was put in handcuffs already for scaring off my attacker with a knife that i held up for him to run away and stop attacking me. the next day the cops at my house calling me monster and i tried showing the cops that i was bruised by my step dad with finger marks on my arms they didnt care cuz he wasnt home at the time.

  91. Pingback: Woman gets the shit kicked out of her by cops. Guess which state! :/ - VIDEO |

  92. Jacob Lineberry says:

    They didn’t bash her head into anything, she resisted and they took her down, rightfully so. They never struck her and after they had her restrained she still tried to attack them. Liberal media at its finest right here.

    • Doug Colamartino says:

      oh yeah dude , i am sure that force was totally necessary.that the same kinda force you use on your girl friend or wife when she doesnt cooperate fast enough or to your liking?

    • aliswell says:

      Um, yeah they did. Didn’t you watch the video? They bashed her face into the pavement, did you miss that part?

      She’s a small, drunk woman. You mean to tell me that between those five brawny, TRAINED cops there wasn’t a single one that could conclude that situation peacefully? She was cooperating until one cop escalated the situation and began shouting, then shoving her around. She was concerned about her KIDS and was trying to relay that concern to them and was badly battered for it.

      Cops should be trained to handle drunks far better than these clowns did. And making sure their stories lined up with one another at the end of the video was the icing on the cake.

  93. Doug Colamartino says:

    its good to know that people like that are the ones that end up with butt hole cancer and no ones gonna feel bad or care at all.

  94. James Geiger says:

    5 big brave cops vs 1 female…..way to go A*holes……….fire the pricks….

  95. Ellen Yarbrough says:

    Drunk people are really annoying and irritating, but if it’s your job to deal with drunk people you’d better know how to keep them calm. You don’t beat down a woman because she’s loud and stupid and then stand around worrying about your poor balls that “almost” got grabbed.

    • bronxflash says:

      yes, you worry until you have actually been injured before you can do anything because some woman on the internet deems it okay for you to do anything in self defense only after you have been successfully attacked.

  96. Jeff Dowdy says:

    Cops making up stories goes on all the time. Nothing new here.

  97. Daniel Stinson says:

    I hate cops, but even I can see that this is legit

  98. Justin Rod says:

    What does the actions of a few rogue Tennessee police officers have to do with anything? We have a Republican Governor in my state and this sort of thing doesn’t go on, it would be exposed and the guilty parties fired, charged and sentenced.

    Second – why is it, when this terrible thing has occurred that no one on here is howling for their firing and punishment, you are all just going after a political party? Are you all that devoted to your petty political nonsense that you forget a real human was just beaten beyond belief in a nation that prides itself on “no cruel and unusual punishment”?

    This is exactly why Washington condemned political parties in a free society.

    ~Disgusted Non-partisan Voter

  99. Meith says:

    These cops need their ass beat and sued.

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