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Tallahassee Police Brutalize Woman; Caught On Dashcam Video (FULL RAW SHOCKING VIDEO)

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On August 10, 2013 Christina West was arrested for driving under the influence in Tallahassee, Florida.  While she is being cuffed she claims that she did “awesome” during the field sobriety test.  After they cuff her and direct her from the intersection to the back seat of the cruiser, she is concerned and wants to make sure that she didn’t hurt anyone.

An officer interviews the men, including “David” and “Pasqual”–off screen about the car crash.  All three identify “Christy” or “Christine” as the driver.  It is just before 4am and no one seems to know what happened–why she drove into a house.

The officers then discuss the situation outside the cruiser, as Christina knocks on the inside of the window of the cruiser so she can be included in the conversation.  The police then open door to cruiser and ask her to get out for a breath test.  Christina is drunk and not making much sense and the police proceed to smash her head into the back of the cruiser and onto the pavement in the intersection.  She screams in agony as several police officers physically abuse here and others gather round to watch.

They hurt her so badly she soils herself.  They left her face down in her own waste with a broken cheek and handcuffed.  She gets belligerent and swears at them, and understandably so.

Once she is back in the back seat of the cruiser, handcuffed, you can hear the police start making up lies about how she was grabbing their testicles and kicking them in the groin.  Their own dash cam video clearly shows that she is handcuffed, face down and being brutalized by several men.

 Tallahassee Democrat reports that Christina West’s arrest was NOT included in the daily crime report:

“This case underscores the need for the public to be able to get accurate and complete information on arrests,” Democrat Executive Editor Bob Gabordi said. “ ‘Traffic accident with injuries?’ That’s so incomplete a picture of what happened that night to be laughable were it not so tragic an outcome.”


Each morning, TPD emails to local media a report that lists all case-number activity for a 24-hour period. The report provides information about the type of incident, what time it was reported, the case number and other details. For some of the incidents, TPD lists the disposition of the case, for example, whether an arrest was made. For the incident involving West, in the “disposition” column of the report, there are only zeros. TPD provided no information about the arrest or charges.


But at 12:54 a.m. on the same night, TPD responded to an incident of a drunk driver, and on the report in the “disposition” column, the department reported that an arrest was made and that it was a misdemeanor.


“It’s not clear to me why there was no disposition listed on this (West’s) case,” Gabordi said. “What I think is that it is an attempt to mislead us. What I know is that it did mislead us.”


TPD’s spokesman Officer David Northway did not respond to a request for comment on why no disposition was listed for West’s case.


The Sunday Democrat story on TPD’s inconsistent practices on releasing information is available on, and a side-by-side comparison of the reports received during the investigation is on


In response to the Democrat’s investigation published on Sunday, Northway, said he redacted information from police reports in the interest of protecting ongoing criminal investigations. Department officials conceded some mistakes were made and said they are taking steps to reconcile differences in what is released to the public. But, they said, that training is likely to result in more information on active cases being uniformly withheld from the public.


“So what you’re going to find I believe in the future is that reports are going to more closely reflect each other,” Northway said. “Fortunately, but also at the same time unfortunately for you, what that means is there is going to be less information coming out on those open/active cases.”


This makes me sick.  No war on women, ya say?  Don’t get me wrong.  She should not have been without her husband and children, driving drunk into a house, with a group of men.  But there is no reason for these men beating her.  They beat her so badly that she has already had two reconstructive surgeries, and may have to have more.

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