Steve King Gets BLASTED By CA Dem Jackie Speier On House Floor In Food Stamp Debate(VIDEO)

Published On September 19, 2013 | By james |

Holy Wow.

Thursday on the House floor, California Representative Jackie Speier (D) did a masterful job of shaming Republicans that are attempting to slash 40 billion dollars from the food stamp budget, using steak, caviar, and vodka as props.

Noting that her district had about 4000 families on food stamps, Rep. Speier particularly laid the wood to Rep. Steve King (R-IA), referring to “a member” who spent $3,588.00 on a recent trip to Russia paid for by taxpayer dollars;

“Another member was given $3,588 for food and lodging during a six-day trip to Russia. He probably drank a fair amount of vodka and probably even had some caviar. That particular member has 21,000 food stamp recipients in his district. One of those people who is on food stamps could live a year on what this congressman spent on food and lodging for six days.”


Watch via Raw Story;

– james | Founder | Chief Editor | The Everlasting GOP Stoppers

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