Limbaugh: Your Kids Are Like The Family Pet (AUDIO)

Published On September 7, 2013 | By james |

On his Friday radio show, bloviating right-wing gas bag Rush Limbaugh spent some time railing against school lunch programs. Because God knows good nutrition isn’t good for anyone, right?

Implying that schools feeding their students is a nefarious plot to steal children’s loyalties away from their families and shift them to the schools – presumably so the school can then mind-meld the child and implant a pro-Communist/Socialist/Fascist agenda (I list those all, because to Republicans they are all interchangeable), Limbaugh actually compared the children who participate in these programs to the family pet;

“When you get a new pet, what is the first thing you do to try to bond with it? You want to be the one to feed it, right? You don’t want anybody else feeding that puppy or kitten – YOU are gonna do it. Because YOU know that that puppy of kitten is going to bond with you first, and when that happens, everybody else is getting second and third dibs. That pet is always gonna be yours if you’re the only one that feeds it…

Listen, via Media Matters;

Photo Credit: Death and Taxes mag

– james | page co-owner | The Everlasting GOP Stoppers

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