Geroge Zimmerman,right,walks toward his vehicle eventually entering a house that he and his wife Shellie were renting.(Red Huber/Staff Photographer)

George Zimmerman’s Wife Calls 911 While He Beats Her Father And Threatens Her (Chilling 911 AUDIO)

Published On September 9, 2013 | By admin |

George Zimmerman paid a visit to his soon-to-be ex-wife.  He arrived with his body-guard and proceeded to punch her father in the face knocking his glasses off.  Then pulled his wife’s iPad out of her hands and smashed it.  He also tried to close the garage door on her several times.  The worst part is that he keeps trying to get them to come closer to him so that, theoretically, he can claim “Stand Your Ground” once again.

Allegedly *cough cough*

George is pictured above, on the right, walking back to his truck after the 911 call.

Listen to the chilling 911 audio via You Tube Legal Insurrection:

Shellie Zimmerman declined to press charges.  George was not arrested although he was detained according to Florida news station WOFL.

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  • Rebecca

    He needs counseling. Definitely has issues with self-control.

    • AnnaB

      He needs a bit more than just counseling, I think.

    • Howard Bonds

      He needs jail. not counseling. he needs prison time.

  • Michelle Higgins

    Why didn’t she press charges? Her father should press charges for assault. What a bunch of morons.

    • snortgurgle

      Press charges and he might be on trial for murder again. This guy will be the solution to his problem, it unfortunately may cost another life before his number is up.

    • Jim Olson

      All you people screaming about press charges don’t know much about life or people, do you.

      • AnnaB

        That wasn’t constructive, Jim.

        Michelle, you might be surprised to know that many victims of violence, particularly when the violence is inflicted by a spouse or family member, don’t file charges. There are many reasons, one of them being the fear of further harm (because in many of these cases, the one inflicting violence is not detained long enough to keep the victim safe), another is the victim’s tendency to give the aggressor “another chance” because they are, after all, usually family. Many victims are guilted by their aggressors. Many victims feel indebted to aggressors. It is easy for many of us to say that we will file charges against the people who hurt us, but when the people who hurt you are supposed to be the people who are protecting you (spouse, father, an elder son), how easy would that decision be, then?

        • Jennie

          This is indeed true. I have been a victim of assaults, threats, intimidation by my ex and less than a year ago he took our chid and kept her. How long has this been going on? The first assault was in 1999. I did not file charges in 99 because I was scared. That changed when after almost 4 years of no violent acts, he resorted again to violence. I have tries since 2004 to stop this, and the LAKE COUNTY SHERIFF refuses to do anything. In fact, the LAKE COUNTY SHERIFF has lied in official reports. Oh and dear ol’ gary, don’t think you will get that report changed. Right after it happened I got a cope of the report. Shows the blatant lies.

          So women are scared because when the perp is arrested they are not held long, and they are also scared because you have corrupt officers like those with the LAKE COUNTY SHERIFF who do nothing.

          • AnnaB

            I am sorry, Jennie, that the system has failed you. I hope so dearly, for your sake, that you can get the help that you need. Have you thought about consulting a lawyer outside of your county? It may cost you some, but there are lawyers out there that will help you out and will be sensitive to your financial burden.

          • Jennie

            i tried that. Best thing I did for myself was to move from lake county. I just hope that Seminole county will give both zimmermans a fair shake. If he is innocent, then say so, if he did commit DV, then arrest him. Its too late for my case, but I post on articles about DV especially when it is in Florida to make people aware. So maybe someone can learn. Thanks you for your kind words Anna. Who knows? Maybe some lawyer will see one of my comments and be brave enough to contact me. I have tried nejame, Baez and some other lesser known lawyers and they all think it is a family case. It stems from a DV and family case, but this is very much law enforcement failing to protect and serve.

          • nkiflemar

            Get in touch with an advocacy group for domestic violence. Often they can provide legal help. Few women have the financial resources to get attorneys outside of the county and also have jobs, children to care for, etc. This is a serious flaw in our justice system. It would also be smart to contact a representative of state or federal political office who has a record. I suggest asking the domestic violence advocacy groups who to contact about the matter because some politicians are perps themselves or do not support laws that protect women, while others champion it. Do some homework, but get some good folks behind you on the matter Jennie.

    • Jackie Axt

      dv assault charges let the perp walk free until trial, giving them motive and opportunity to kill. if they cant or won’t keep him locked up the family isn’t safe from him.

    • REBA


    • Teresa Floyd

      The reason is almost certainly fear. Pressing charges in a domestic situation like this should not be a burden that is always placed on the victim.

      • nkiflemar

        Normally it is state law that the victim has no choice, rather the state files charges because assaulting someone is against the law! Why would she not be afraid? The guy has gotten off for murdering a kid he was stalking while the kid was walking down his sidewalk with candy en route to his home. He also got off several times before for domestic abuse…why in the hell would she press charges…once he gets off again, what will he do next. This woman needs to pack her bags and move far far away from Florida! Florida! Wake up! Get this man off the streets! How many more folks have to be killed by this jackass? It seems he is in the news every other week for some altercation. I want to stand our ground as law abiding citizens by demanding that he be prevented from having a fire arm and held accountable for the damage he causes! This is a man that so many wingnuts actually support, finance and admire. What a lousy role model for the little skin heads out there! Bleck!

    • anthro_apologist

      It is too bad her father didn’t shoot him in self defense.

  • Linda Hbic Wimer

    And nobody presses charges – unfriggin’ believable !

  • Grego Banga

    Why wasn’t this on the news?

  • Chris Beasley

    lol thats crazy something fishy she wouldnt press charges sounds like he may know something on them , recon?

    • Sam

      Battered and abused women often don’t press charges for fear of revenge against them.

      • Jennie

        They are also scared because as in my case some of the police agencies are corrupt. Just look up LAKE COUNTY. Lake Mary is not far from good ol boy Borders and his crew.

      • Ace Steele

        SHe wants to continue to get $$$ out of him.

        • Sam

          Is that why Zimmerman punched her dad in the face?

    • Frank Hodges

      I didn’t know that he is a DEMOCRAT? :-D

    • anthro_apologist

      Not saying I know what is going on, but look up Stockholm Syndrome. A possibility, no?

  • Santorini Boo

    But NOOOOOOO–surely he didn’t hunt down and murder Trayvon….
    This is horrifyingly disgusting and one F#&%ED UP state of affairs!!!!!
    And when he finally kills his scumbag family, blame the sorry state of Florida and the brain dead jury that let him walk…
    Shameful, USA.

    • Ace Steele

      No.. he didn’t. Dumbass gangbanger assaulted him & got what’s coming to him

      • Howard Bonds

        Here we go…WTF makes you think we was in a gang? and exactly what crime did he commit? People like you covering for this asshole is why he always gets off…Zimmerman is ALWAYS beating his wife and ALWAYS having run ins with the Police and they ALWAYS let him off…whats it going to take for you to realize that guy belongs in Prison?

        • Ace Steele

          What crime did Trayvon commit? ASSAULT {on Zimmerman} , and he was also recently questioned by Dade County Police as a suspect in a BURGLARY in that very same housing development (Coincidence? I think NOT.) And, he was also found to be in POSSESSION OF STOLEN ITEMS (a woman’s jewelry) from that very same Burglary, yet had no explanation how he came to be in possession of them. He also was found to be in POSSESSION OF BURGLARY TOOLS at the time of his demise. And, toxicology shows he was under the influence of SIZZURP. It’s all in the Dade County Police Report & Court Records. You’re seriously going to deny any of this?

          I think I answered your question. There’s 5 felonious offenses right there.

          • nkiflemar

            Ace Steele, that is all a bunch of crap. The kid did not have anything on him, but a telephone, a bag of skittles and an ice tea. He had traces of marijuana in his blood, which can stay for 30 days, but pot is not a drug that causes violent behavior (quite the contrary). He was NOT a suspect of burglary. There had been a burglary recently, but he was NOT a suspect. He was not in possession of any tools as you say and this info was NOT in the Report or Court Records. He did not assault Zimmerman, and at best was defending himself from being stalked and pursued by Zimmerman who had a gun! Yes, we can deny this because your comments are LIES! Police records are public record, so get out your proof of official info that says this. It has all been put out there and there are no such documents that depict what you say in this false statement. You are a racist pig and accusing a dead kid without a weapon of being responsible for his own death forin assaulting the guy with a gun who was pursuing him! Wake up dude! Do you realize how stupid you sound even?

      • Santorini Boo


      • Michael Destefanis

        Hey way to go hero! How’s that prejudice working out for ya? *eats popcorn*

      • anthro_apologist

        Yet another example of our failed education system. Clearly you see the world through prejudiced glasses Ace. Agree or disagree with the verdict, but for those that hold Zimmerman up as some sort of hero, you are disgusting. This is not the first time he has assaulted someone, Zimmerman is clearly a violent psychopath who lacks self control.

  • Jennifer JC

    What are they saying at the end about a “woman in there”?

    • Anthony Villani

      I think in his car maybe?

  • sanehorse


    • andydickmust die

      Hey, fruitcup – no one ever doubted he shot Trayvon.

  • sanehorse


  • billthebrown

    He Has A BODY Guard?, The man will Murder Again.

    • nkiflemar

      Yeah, who does he think he is, Serpico? Where is he getting all this money for body guards, who are obviously doing a piss poor job in advising him, and what is his real job? Picked up for speeding last week, now this. I think it is now, playing a Vigilante wannabe cop who has a cult following that sends him money. He is going to continue his circus act until someone else gets killed who matters more to society than a young black kid or an overweight woman. It would have to be someone of much more value to the racist, sexist culture in FL that will obviously have to die before anyone there does anything about it. FL is becoming a laughing stock of the nation and a true embarrassment in the name of civil rights and a nation of laws and justice for all.

  • Bonnie Lee

    he has already gotten away with murder. he has already been shown he can do whatever he wants. its just a matter of time before he hurts/ kills someone else.

    • anthro_apologist

      He is a psychopath.

  • Howard Bonds

    What pisses me off about some of the comments is that this is not the first time he has beaten his wife…this is not even the second or third time he has run in with the law. He always gets off and their are always people that will cover for him. including all the people that covered for him when he killed Travon Martin…….whats it gonna take?

    • nkiflemar

      Yeah what does this guy have on someone high up in FL? WTH is he always getting off on everything and the stories that they seem to tell to cover up for him. Remember the heroic act of saving a life of someone in an accident right after he was acquitted. Turns out it was a manufactured story that never happened. He has been picked up for traffic violations and now this. The man needs to get a job and stop strutting through town with his bodyguard!

  • Michael Destefanis

    And yet he’s not guilty at all for provoking a situation with Trayvon? Mmmmmhmmmm

    • baker5811

      That’s right, Zimmerman NOT GUILTY at all. Zimmerman always wins. Trayvon violently attacks someone who looked at/for him. Here is a tip for nolimmies: don’t violently beat people that merely look at you, and you greatly reduce your chances of being killed. Retards!

  • baker5811

    Oh please you retarded monkeys are still pushing your racehoax bullshit. Losers. Just like Trayvon.

    • nkiflemar

      “retarded monkeys”? And you say people are pushing “racehoax” bullshit? And you wonder why people accuse folks of racism…because of people like YOU who call people names like this simply for being of a different race. You call Trayvon a loser, but never knew him. He was a young kid and was walking home. I guess if your white kid was doing the same, and a black neighborhood watch guy was stalking him as he was walking back to YOUR home with candy; it would be okay for that watch guy to get out of his vehicle with a gun and stalk him too? Then to have your son be convicted of assaulting a guy who happened to have a gun that ended up killing him with. Who is the retarded loser? What did monkeys have to do with this case btw? Oh yeah, that is an animal name used by RACISTS to refer to black people. You didn’t know Trayvon and I didn’t either, but by your post, I would not go around calling anyone else a loser. Look in the mirror!

      • baker5811

        People who push the racehoaxes are mostly white. Piers Morgan for example. Morgan makes a retarded ape seem intelligent. It has nothing to do with skin color. You are a white racehoaxer and I call you a retarded monkey(as a joke) but so why do YOU associate monkeys with black people? Because I never did. That’s just YOUR race lust. I called people who try, as they have repeatedly, to jail innocent people over their wet dream imaginary race grievance case, are what they are: sick sick sick liars. Did you even watch the trial? The evidence PROVES beyond ANY DOUBT your “sweet teenager” narrative is complete and utter bullshit. I did not know Trayvon. Why would I? I don’t associate with racist imbecile drug users kicked out of high school and who use racist epithets for everyone. you heard the testimony of Trayvon’s pal Rachel Jeantell? She sais Trayvon profiled Zimmerman as a homosexual and called Zimmerman a racist epithet. Trayvon called HIMSELF a racist epithet online. Can you accept reality? and you are right about one thing: retarded monkeys are actually much more preferable than a racehoax pusher, like yourself. So I agree and apologize to retarded monkeys. racehoaxers are much much worse. You know who Tawana Brawley is? That racehoax? The Duke Lacrosse racehoax? This latest sickness the Trayvon racehoax. Get to a psychiatrist doctor for a cure.

      • baker5811

        Oh please stuff your politically correct word ban in a sock and suck on it. You are a donkey brain. Not a monkey brain. Feel better?

  • Holly S

    This is the thanks she gets for standing by him during his trial — what a jagoff! I hope they do press charges so all of you Zimmerman supporters can finally see him for what he really is! He will screw up eventually and it doesn’t look like it will be much longer before he does!

  • RozayDj Lee

    God has a way with revealing the truth ask O.J. Simpson just wait on it it’ll reveal right before the same eyes and ears that listened to the Trayvon case. I’m far from prejudice and just call it like I see it. The bad thing is ya’ll know that he did it and say we pull the race card but in reality you are racists that support what he did because thats what ya’ll wanted to happen. God Bless you all goo day!!!

  • Thomas Mc

    Only a Florida jury would be surprised.

  • Roy Blankenship

    I think she didn’t press charges because she wants out of his life and away from him. Pressing charges would have meant more contact with him, I think she is trying to get away before he thinks up a way to do permanent damage. He is showing his true colors now. What a loser.