Geroge Zimmerman,right,walks toward his vehicle eventually entering a house that he and his wife Shellie were renting.(Red Huber/Staff Photographer)

George Zimmerman’s Wife Calls 911 While He Beats Her Father And Threatens Her (Chilling 911 AUDIO)

Published On September 9, 2013 | By Guest Author |

George Zimmerman paid a visit to his soon-to-be ex-wife.  He arrived with his body-guard and proceeded to punch her father in the face knocking his glasses off.  Then pulled his wife’s iPad out of her hands and smashed it.  He also tried to close the garage door on her several times.  The worst part is that he keeps trying to get them to come closer to him so that, theoretically, he can claim “Stand Your Ground” once again.

Allegedly *cough cough*

George is pictured above, on the right, walking back to his truck after the 911 call.

Listen to the chilling 911 audio via You Tube Legal Insurrection:

Shellie Zimmerman declined to press charges.  George was not arrested although he was detained according to Florida news station WOFL.

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