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Published On August 7, 2013 | By Tom Joad |

Someone passed along a copy of this meme and my initial reaction was, “what, again?!” Believing that promotion to military command includes a litmus test for a willingness to order troops to attack U.S. citizens isn’t just wrong – it’s downright delusional. Who, exactly, do these people believe would be willing to carry out such an order?

Okay – I’ll play along: imagine if you will a squad of weekend warriors from the National Guard RETURNING fire to quell a drunken “takeover” of some small town city hall by armed “patriots” (on account’a Bob’s cousin Jim bin’ in foreclosure ’cause he gotten behind on his taxes so ipso facto: Obama is Hitler). It all makes perfect sense now.

Remind yourself: the people promulgating this nonsense are also those who “know” that FEMA’s disaster preparedness plans are, ‘in actual fact,’ Obama’s hidden agenda for mass extermination of his political enemies (which explains why the U.S. is “stockpiling guillotines” – because nothing says government inefficiency quite like using a 17th century decapitation machine to ‘cull the herd’).

The top hit on a quick Google search shows this story is only “news” at The Examiner (“a content destination powered by over 100,000+ ‘independent contributors'”), Before It’s News (“are elites using Nazi harmonics for mind control?”) and Alex Jones’ InfoWars (’nuff said).

The author of The Examiner story is Dave Gibson of Virginia Beach, VA, who describes himself this way: “Dave has worked on several state and local campaigns, and as a legislative aide for a Virginia state senator. Dave’s politics have been described as “just to the right of Pat Buchanan.” With a curriculum vitae like Dave’s – who can doubt his bona fides?

Dave’s idea of “news” includes covering stories which run the gamut – from a “Saudi national” accused of rape (because that never happens among white folk); “illegal aliens” accused of human trafficking, a fatal DUI crash, and rape – and other atrocities (because that never happens among white folk); and “Black mobs” accused of school violence, street violence and “shouting honky” (because that never happens among white folk – except, perhaps, the last entry).

NONE of the accused – in ANY of Dave’s stories – are caucasian. Because, you know, white folk are “pure as the driven snow,” while ‘those people’ have “hearts as black as coal.” Good guys wear a white hat – the villain is always dressed in black. Yes, I know I’ll wind up on a “blacklist” for writing this, or have someone try and “blackmail” me (again), but that’s only because I understand language can be a strange and terrible device when used incorrectly. If these stories are indicative of Dave the “reporter’s” reasoning – what about his “source” – “Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Jim Garrow?”

Jim “earned” the honorific “Dr.” from the North Carolina College of Theology (a non-accredited institution) for his work in China (facilitating illegal adoptions through an organization he calls Pink Pagoda [“We save Chinese baby girls from infanticide!”). Chinese adoption law forbids the buying or selling of a child, even “under the cloak of adoption.” His nomination for the Nobel Prize is secret, because (as Jim himself admits) ‘human trafficking is illegal;’ also, revealing the identity of the man who nominated Garrow to the Nobel committee ‘could put the man in danger.’ It’s totally legit – trust him.

So let’s review: a racist and a charlatan conspire to create a campaign of tension, but let’s call it what it really is: domestic terrorism for the gullible; propaganda to reinforce our ‘fear of the other’ and keep Jim’s name ‘in the news’ (and donations for his “philanthropic work” rolling into PayPal). Sadly, Jim has run into a bit of a dispute – telling his Facebook supporters “We have told them [PayPal] time and again that we are a BUSINESS not a CHARITY that does philanthropic things. Duh!” You stay classy, “Dr. Jim.”

The life of a huckster is never easy – and Jim’s scheme to create an “International Internet Alliance” went belly-up, leaving those who had signed on to manage local franchises holding the short end of the stick. “Not one person paid for the franchise,” according to Garrow, “They paid a down payment (up to $10,000 apiece). That’s all we ever took.” ChristianWeek of Winnipeg did an exposé exposing Garrow’s scam and was promptly sued for $1.1 million – a lawsuit which nearly drove the bi-weekly paper into bankruptcy.

But wait – there’s more. We know the “reporter,” Dave, got his information from Jim – but where did Jim learn about this dastardly plot to weed out those in the U.S. military who are unwilling to give the order to kill American citizens? Jim tells us, via Facebook: “Get ready to explode folks. […] The man who told me this is one of America’s foremost military heroes.” Yes, and? [crickets]

Jim’s defenders want you to know that this really IS a credible threat, because the warning doesn’t come “from anyone the left often dismisses with great ease […] Garrow is a well-respected activist.” To bolster “renowned author and humanitarian Dr. Jim Garrow’s” credentials, those on the right have offered up his Amazon dot com biography (written by Garrow himself).

If you dig deep enough into this story, you’ll find historical comparisons to the Chinese military’s confrontation with political dissidents – and that government’s decision to enlist “Mongolians” after regular troops refused to fire on citizens. Why invoke Genghis Khan’s cavalry and images of a “Mongolian horde?”

[Following China’s ‘Tiananmen Square Massacre’] “The U.S. military surveyed our own troops to determine if they would obey orders to shoot American citizens.  Almost all said they would most likely
refuse – with the statistically quantifiable exception of those from Hispanic or Latino backgrounds and ethnicities.”

“Subsequently, MANY PEOPLE BEGAN TO CLAIM [emphasis mine] they saw a shift in recruiting ads for the Marines and Army away from english language programing – and an increase in the same ads on Spanish Language networks and print media.”

These days whether you stumble across the right’s irrational fears and persecution complex (think Gilberton’s police chief, Mark Kessler, and his well-armed “Constitution Security Force”), or unreasonable claims about an impending genocidal ‘cleansing’ (including Internet scam artist Jim Garrow’s suggestion that military leaders are being sidelined if they refuse orders to fire on American citizens) the goals of these fringe-dwelling, ideological zealots are the same: to reinforce a conservative campaign of tension and division.

What’s really disturbing to me (based on what I learned from looking into the right wing reaction to both Kessler and Garrow) is that each camp quotes Captain Parker’s order at Lexington Green: “Stand your ground. Do not fire until fired upon. But, IF THEY WANT A WAR, let it start here.” You’ve been warned, Libturds.

You’re welcome.
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