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FOX’s Ingraham Interrupts Clip Of Rep. Lewis’s March On Washington Speech With Gunshot Sound(AUDIO)

Published On August 26, 2013 | By james |

Right-wing hate-monger, Tea Party shill, and Fox “News” contributor Laura Ingraham spend Monday on her radio show bashing the past weekend’s celebrations of the upcoming 5oth anniversary of the March On Washington For Jobs and Freedom on the National Mall, where tens of thousands had gathered to commemorate the event.

It was August 28, 1963 that Dr. Martin Luther King lead the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, and delivered what is now called the “I Have a Dream” speech on the Mall.

The past weekend’s events featured speeches from prominent civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King III, the Reverend Al Sharpton and also featured Attorney General Eric Holder, and Newark Mayor Cory Booker, among others.

Particularly reprehensible in her hate-cast Monday was when she played a clip from a speech given by civil rights pioneer Georgia Rep. John Lewis (D) – AND THEN INTERRUPTED THE CLIP WITH THE SOUND OF A GUNSHOT AND EXTENDED SILENCE.

And this is the party that pretends to be doing “outreach” to those of color.


Listen, via Media Matters:

Photo Credit: Salon

- james | page co-owner | The Everlasting GOP Stoppers

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  • yeaghead

    what an ass. just shows how low class she and fox news are.

  • Kathryn Mccauley

    how much of an ass can she be i dislike fox news

  • Voter4America

    I wish someone would shoot Laura Ingraham in the face.

    • Edward Zingraff about just a punch in the mouth for starters…

      • Frances_in_California

        No, make her watch an endless loop of herself at her worst (there must be a lower limit, yes?). Or . . would that be considered “torture”?

  • Mary Beyer Wiseman

    As far as I know, this woman has no redeeming qualities.

  • GOPhater

    I hate these Faux News people…this woman is a total nasty evil c**t…

  • sanehorse


  • rick dalton

    What that a guy talking or women she or he is living in a bubble wonderland.

  • Daniel Lovejoy

    Laura converted to Catholicism. I guess she needs to be able to have a get out of hell free confession when she does stuff like this. Another pseudo Christian.

  • Richard Cox


  • Kim Janney Hardacre

    She is a perfect example of stupid!

  • Robin

    I have no idea how to address you this twat so I’ll simply tell her what I think of her. Mindless, moronic, racist, idiotic, hate-mongering dumb-ass bitch. The C word is wasted on her, they are useful.

  • Soulhope

    Talk about dog whistles -

  • edwinna

    Media Matters– you can’t fill out the FCC complaint form online unless you have date, time, network, local station & other info. for the broadcast.

  • cromagnan
  • Rose

    Another racist prick! Whats new?

    • Weirdharold

      Did you mean pussy?

  • Brian Katcher


  • Morbitek

    A suitable case for treatment.

  • Lawrence Mintz

    She would have fit in nicely with the Nazi propaganda machine in Germany. Wouldn’t be surprised if she took goose stepping classes in her spare time.

  • Bernard Terway

    I just read in the comments that she converted to Catholicism. Was she baptized by Cardinal Dolan? They both seem to fall into the same category.

  • John Hastings

    This is the kind of stuff the southern poverty law center is all over. Maybe they can sue fox for hate speech .

    • Frances_in_California

      What? No, charge her with Inciting to Riot.

  • KDee

    What the hell is wrong with her?

    • RationalMAN66

      Her listeners, that’s what’s wrong with her–she panders to a certain demographic–people filled with hate, fear and rage…And this kind of crap INSPIRES them…..

  • Anna Kurtz

    Where’s the freaking Secret Service????

    • Frances_in_California

      Blackwater replaced them . . . I thought everyone knew!

  • Frank Elliott

    Is it spelled Cunt or Kunt, either way it fits her to a tee.

  • DoubleDogDiogenes

    What a piece of racist crap!

  • RationalMAN66

    Nooooo-They’re not trying to CREATE a divide, they’re not trying to stir hatred! All these Conservative talking heads are really riling up the extremist people in their movement, and someday, and I’m afraid its going to be someday soon–that bubble full of hatred and division they’ve created is going to blow–and then they will blame Liberals for whatever happens! Seriously, I HATE to say this because I LOVE my country, but if I had the money, I’d move to somewhere more civil and peaceful! Conservatives are really creating another race war and I have the feeling it’s going to get ugly….

    • Frances_in_California

      Take me with you?

  • Jeremy Weaver

    She want’s hate speech? I can top that. We can laugh at her if the day should ever arrive that she’s raped with a cactus, and then passed around like a joint to a gang of AIDS patients.

  • Nicky Blue

    Says the lady benefitting from the crimes of rape, theft, and genocide against my people

  • Michael Bolton

    All I can say is pos.

  • Terry Alway A Marine

    She is a Cunt

  • cheryl


  • Papa Mincho

    Not that I agree with this vapid woman’s pointless opinion, but could this be just an audio error?

    Given the context of Lewis’s speech, the inclusion of a ‘gunshot’ sound effect makes no sense. After the extended pause, Ingraham restates what Lewis said, just as she would have if there had been some technical difficulties.

    Of course, she then goes on to call black people whores and drug dealers in one stroke by placing them on ‘the street corner’, so fuck this racist and her inability to operate a functioning radio program.

  • JerryBallew

    Great Shaking Kaduchas (shivering shitballs) and Jumpin’ Jehosephats. This female is shore skanky.

  • layla501

    Nice, Laura. Hope you were completely disgusted that no violence erupted. It doesn’t matter, your network managed to bring hate and racial divide anyway.

  • Judi O’Neil

    Faux News has no heart so how could you expect anything else

  • rblevy

    Contrary to feminist claims that the world would be better place if only women ran the show, they can be just as evil as men.

  • Tiger Taj Sonchai


  • hezee

    What a sicko!

  • Jeff

    What a douchebag. The GOPs always play that stuff off like it was an
    accident and never done with the intent to do damage… but we know
    better, because we have a brain.

  • gordonsoderberg

    How long before she is going hear a gun shot followed by silence?

  • Stephen Randolph

    Poor Laura what a way to make a living. Some people will say anything for a nickel.
    Conservative talk is marketed entertainment for haters and their sheep. there used to be a law…we are at the end of a economic cycle of free market capitalism like a monopoly end game they are collecting rents. buying folk out, closing down the factories, everybody go to bed? …not us .not poor Laura! so she is making money that’s entertainment folks…. . We used to have a law…. laura and fox used to have obligations… not any more. it’s showbiz now no news at all showbiz.

  • Barbara Mullin

    Evil lady.

  • Andrew C. Martin

    She always has been a sad ignorant dumb bitch. Never liked her simple minded racists ass and I’ll be glad when her time is up.

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  • Paul Wilks

    Scaggy, douchy, cunty, ugly to the core. Can I say cunty?

  • Paul Wilks

    You can see the effects of drinking hate juice & spewing feces out of your mouth.

  • Stan H

    What a reprehensible, attention-whore!

  • Jay

    Amazing that she can get the accumulated cum out of her stomach from servicing asshole O’Rielly to even talk.

  • Patty

    What is wrong with this woman?