70 Year Old Vietnam Vet Injured By Scott Walker Stormtroopers While Arrested For Singing In WI (VIDEO)

Published On August 2, 2013 | By james |

As reported by Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative, longtime Madison peace activist Will Williams, 70, was arrested for singing over the noon hour at the Wisconsin State Capitol on Thursday.  He fell on his back on a marble staircase en route to the basement police processing center while escorted by four Capitol police officers.  In a move that defied the most basic first-aid principle of not moving someone who has a potential back injury, officers spent several minutes helping the Vietnam vet to his feet on the slippery staircase, while Williams was still in handcuffs.

As Williams was being led to the elevator in obvious pain, he looked Capitol Police Lieutenant Bob Sloey in the eye and told him,

“If you had left your damn blood in Vietnam you’d be  standing up for rights too instead of this bullshit.”

Will Williams was featured in the award-winning documentary “The Good Soldier” which explores the personal dimensions of war as experienced by the soldiers themselves.will williams

This is what democracy looks like for those living under Republican Wisconsin Governor “Scumbag” Scott Walker’s reign of terror.

Union busting, nepotism in the state legislature, and boiler-plate ALEC-penned abortion legislation are all Standard Operating Procedure for the Koch-supported Governor.

Union-busting in particular enraged Wisconsinites, as Wisconsin is the very birthplace of the labor movement and organized labor. In splitting the unions, Walker promised this would create a plethora of jobs around the state; in actuality Wisconsin ranks 44th in job growth in the United States from September 2011 to September 2012, and unemployment has jumped to 7.2 percent.

These “unlawful protests,” are known around the state as the Solidarity Sing-Alongs, which started at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison on March 11, 2011, during the ultimately unsuccessful Scott Walker recall efforts and have been held at noon every weekday since then. With song titles like “The Koch Song,” (sung to the tune of “I’d Like To teach The World To Sing),” they contain lyrics like;

“I’d like to buy the Kochs a world,

So they’d leave ours alone,

Then go back to Park Avenue,

And crawl beneath their stone…”

Obviously, it’s too much to allow peaceful protests as passionate Wisconsinites from all over the state gather in unsuccessful efforts to make their voices heard.

State Senator Bob Jauch (D) has voiced his displeasure to the media;

“Well, I’ve been to Moscow and I’ve felt safer in Moscow than I do in our own State Capitol.  I’m terribly offended that some people think that singing is some kind of terrible offense.”

Is THIS democracy?

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h/t to Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative

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