Ted Cruz RIPPED By Conservatives As “Totally Ignorant” And “The Taliban.” (VIDEO)

Published On July 31, 2013 | By james |

There were explosive fireworks on Wednesday morning’s MSNBC’s “The Morning Joe,” with host Joe Scarborough calling Sen. Ted Cruz a “total train wreck,” for comments Cruz made Tuesday about Republican Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn;

“Have you seen what Ted Cruz is doing? Ted Cruz is attacking anybody who’s not willing to shut down the government over Obamacare. He’s lambasting fellow conservatives like Tom Coburn — Tom Coburn! — and saying that he serves in the ‘surrender caucus. I need to be very careful about what I’m going to say here, Ted Cruz comes in obviously so completely ignorant about the war that Tom Coburn has been fighting for twenty years, and to say something like this about Tom Coburn — Ted Cruz, he is a total train wreck.”

Cruz (TX), a Tea Party Republican and 2016 Presidential hopeful, has ratcheted up his rhetoric in his fight to repeal the Affordable Care Act, splitting with his own party on the issue. Tuesday morning he used an appearance at the Koch-funded Heritage Foundation  to lay out his strategy to bring the federal government to a halt by voting against a continuing resolution to fund it unless the ACA was completely dismantled first. Yesterday, The Everlasting GOP Stoppers told you how he’s urging fellow Republicans to allow the government to shut down, and then blame it on President Obama.

Also on Tuesday, Sen. Cruz called Tom Coburn a member of the “surrender caucus,” saying that he and other fellow Republicans are “scared,’ to join his fight to kill Obamacare. Sen. Coburn is on record saying that defunding The Affordable Care Act is a bad idea.

Back on the set of The Morning Joe, the hosts and their guests took turns mocking Cruz, with one guest calling him “little Teddy Cruz,” and Tina Brown, editor of The Daily Beast, getting in this epic dig;

“Jon Favreau’s written a great piece in the Daily Beast about this whole trend now about not the small government conservative, but the no government conservative – that is what Cruz is a member of. This is the Taliban.”

Watch: via The Morning Joe:

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