Sarah Slamen Eviscerates Texas Over Women’s Reproductive Rights Legislation (VIDEO)

Published On July 27, 2013 | By james |

Activist Sarah Slamen became an instant hero for women’s rights when she was kicked out of a Texas state senate hearing on the controversial abortion legislation, early in July. The video went viral in a matter of hours and helped focus the nation’s attention on what was happening in Texas.

The bill, also known as House Bill 2, passed the Republican led Senate and House in a special session, and despite a national outcry Republican Governor Rick Perry signed the bill into law on July 18th, giving Texas the dubious honor of having the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation.

Recently, Slamen sat down with Bill Maher and spoke more about the hypocrisy of the Texas lawmakers;

“What inspired me (to speak at the hearings) was I had spent the entire last regular session lobbying for free for the abolition of the death penalty – a very pro life stance if you ask me – and I couldn’t get one of those Republican legislators to sign on to the bill…”

Host Bill Maher agreed, adding;

 “(Republican lawmakers) seem to care a lot when life is in the womb; then when it’s not… you’re kinda on your own.”

Siding with Maher, Slamen observed that;

“Roe V. Wade started in Texas, they want it to end in Texas.”

Slamen then asks the chilling question;

“…are we going to have to return to a Texas – a pre Roe V. Wade situation  – are we gonna watch women come in to emergency rooms with perforated uteruses?”

Watch, via Bill Maher

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