DUI Screencap

The 4th Of July DUI Checkpoint Video YOU NEED TO SEE

Published On July 5, 2013 | By james |

UPDATE 7/6/13 10:50 PST: Location identified as Murfreesboro, in Rutherford County Tennessee - the driver has been identified as Chris Kalbaugh, and the deputy is identified as A.J. Ross: http://bit.ly/127V1zA

In a video posted to Dangerous Minds, a young man who clearly knows his Constitutional rights is stopped and detained over the 4th of July weekend by aggressive law enforcement officers. Although the state and location are not given, the video clearly seems to be an authentic example of the types of abuses of power that American citizens are subjected to every day;

The most disturbing part of the video, IMO, is where one cop cavalierly admits (while not knowing he’s being videotaped), “He’s perfectly innocent and he knows his rights. He knows what the Constitution says.”


Clearly he doesn’t give a shit… 


- james | page co-owner | The Everlasting GOP Stoppers

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  • RCutler

    Makes the NSA somehow understandable. Redneck cops – this is where those high school bullies go; now they’ve got a gun and a badge.

  • MFischer

    And now the founding fathers are screaming in their graves.

  • Demchicks

    Wow. You have some skinny arms.

    • manna

      And bigger balls and more reason to live aparantly than you, So do you even care that this could be you or anyone that you care about?

  • http://www.occupyhln.org Jason

    Thanks for putting this video out there; just another example of corrupt cops seeking overtime pay, an easy conviction, promotions in pay and rank, meeting their monthly quotas. I’m unsure if you’re aware, but many police departments tell their cops (confirmed through several cops) to profile white males who are driving alone.

    I graduated from Cornell University, and know the Constitution pretty well. I just didn’t have the equanimity you had in this video — wish I did. So here’s a story I’ll share … but brevity isn’t my specialty.

    1- We were partying at my house — 4 of us, and cops came by at around 12:30 am … which is strange. There are never cops around here.

    2- The cops asked us if we’d been drinking, and I said, “yes … of course” … as you could see the beer cans. I still didn’t know what they were here for.

    3- The cops asked if we’d been driving, and I said “yeah, but not since … probably 7 or 8:00 … why, is something wrong?” … They asked whose condo it was, and I said it was mine.

    4- They asked which car was mine in the parking lot, and I pointed to my car; I should have never answered any of these questions, as it turns out.

    5- Then they said they had information that I may have been driving earlier that night.

    6- They asked if we would take breathylizer tests. We all did. But they never arrested any of us. They just left. We asked if everything was okay … if there was some type of accident. They said there was no type of accident, but that had just wondered if we were driving earlier.

    7- Roughly 3 months later — the incident had long been forgotten, ,I got a friendly postcard in the mail, saying I was being charged with DUI and it showed my court date.

    8- I went to the court, and they told me I was being charged with DUI from 3 months ago. They asked me if i wanted a preliminary examination, and I said ‘yes’ and hired a lawyer for $10,000 — about as much as anyone can spend on a lawyer for DUI.

    9- During the preliminary examination 3 weeks later, they produced an 18 year old kid who said he saw us driving an hour before the cops came (a lie … we hadn’t been driving at all that night), but the kid didn’t know if it was a male or female, and couldn’t identify me among the 15 or so people in court.

    10- The judge ruled that there was enough evidence to proceed (which was NO evidence), and that the charge would not be thrown out.

    11- I left the courthouse, and the police chased me down in the parking lot, and brought me back into the courtroom.

    12- The judge ordered me to check into the Northville Township jail, as I had to be arrested …. (this was after two court dates).

    13- So I arrested myself, 4 months after the incident

    14- The case got bound over to circuit court. The judge there just ignored everything my attorney said and the prosecutor offered me a plea deal — 3 months of outpatient treatment (which I didn’t need, but i was willing to do anything to make this nightmare go away)

    15- I agreed to the plea deal. The next court date, the judge said she’s not accepting the plea, because she says I could have hurt someone that night, and if I do it again, someone could get hurt, and she’s not taking that chance. She ripped it up and sent me to prison.

    16- The 18 year old kid who said he saw my car driving earlier but didn’t know if it was male, female, or how many people were in the car was nominated as “citizen of the year” in the suburb of Detroit, Michigan that I live in.

    Corrupt cops, prosecutors, and judges aren’t relegated to a singular county or state. The entire judicial branch of our government is riddled with malfeasance and corruption in conjunction with a warped version of capitalism propelled by big business and special interest groups.

    And the prison and media lobbies are intimately attached, which is why I started Occupy HLN (linked to my name at the top), where I expose the prison and media lobbies, just like you did.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mike.castro.9237 Mike Castro

      Jason, thanks for the reminder. That is one weak-suck $10,000-lawyer that scammed you. Whenever I have an encounter with an Imperial Guard, I become Obi Wan and lead their minds. You don’t need to be here [stop me/search me]. “I don’t need to be here.” You can be on your way. “I’ll be on my way.” Keep it neutral. Non-confrontational, but, as well, none of this no sir, yes sir crap. Or questions, like, Why are you here. Questions are phrased in an upper register inflection so detrance them into puffing out like belligerent blow fish and then The Voice can’t be heard. It’s a lizard-brained thing.

      It breaks my heart that classrooms have become conditioning centers and you as well calculated others were/are ab/used in such despicable ways solely for object lessons for all us other No-accounts, in the Moloch-like eyes of the Empire of Lies where Truth is Treason.

      Keep your centers extended and don’ answer the door. If a bell rings, let Pavolov’s dog answer. For what it’s worth.

      • http://www.occupyhln.org Jason

        Thanks for the reply, Mike.

        Just an add-on to that story. After an immediate family member died, I got a little depressed. Somehow, I started having panic attacks. Granted, I’ve never hurt a person in my life (well, off the ice .. excluding hockey … lmao), and I’m completely harmless, the anxiety became more and more acute.

        Eventually, I didn’t feel comfortable even leaving my house — other than to go to work, where I also felt comfortable. I was 24, and if I wanted to venture out, say, on a date, or whatever, I’d always have 3 beers or so just to calm my mind and heartrate down enough to get there and stay relaxed.

        I don’t recommend going down this route for those with panic attacks, but I didn’t know any better at the time. And I don’t recommend drinking and driving, although I do believe it’s become an exaggerated hot button issue and political football.

        So this was my 2nd DUI; I had previously had a driving while impaired. My sentencing guidelines were 0-23 months in jail/prison. Michigan has their own version of the “3 strikes” law — it’s Michigan’s habitual law. 3 of anything, and you’re a habitual offender and your sentencing guidelines are extremely exaggerated, and can be life.

        The judge sentenced me to 46 months in prison — she doubled the maximum sentence I could get, all for a fake DUI. She did this knowing that appeals here are about 5-6 years backed up, so the sentence would be over by the time I got around to it. Michigan has a “truth in sentencing” statute, so if your behavior is excellent while incarcerated, you may get out after you’ve done your time — if you’re lucky.

        My first bunkie (cellmate) was a member of the Nation of Islam who was doing a double life sentence for a double homicide. He has since received a 3rd life sentence for committing a murder while in prison. The entire time, I’m thinking, “damn, 2 years of panic attacks and 2 dui’s + a driving while impaired, and this is what I get?” … I never had the “luxury” of being sentenced to a stint even in the county jail. Straight to prison for 46 months.

        The judge’s name was Helen Brown out of Detroit, Michigan, Franklin Murphy Hall of Justice, and she’s since been removed from circuit court due to malfeasance. But that didn’t really help me much. I completed my 18 months of parole without incident, and haven’t had any issues since (and don’t have anxiety issues anymore).

        Thanks for sharing your reply, though, and I completely agree with all you’ve said. And thank you for the time in reading my story. It was a painful experience, and it shaped my life, but I love who I am today. I’m quite open about it on the Occupy HLN site, linked to my name. Thanks again.

    • banchara

      This is really disgusting. I’ve never heard of such a thing! I’m not completely surprised. We’ve been watching law enforcement violate Constitutional and Civil Rights on the TV show “COPS” since the early 1980’s. It is ingrained in us to follow instructions and answer questions. It is CRITICAL that each of us knows our rights. It may not help you NOT get arrested or charged, but it will be invaluable when you get the ACLU involved to sue the pants off your harassers.

    • David R. Walker

      I don’t understand why you were sent to District Court for a Preliminary Exam and then bound over to Circuit Court. That only relates to a felony charge. If you were charged with a misdemeano,r first time DUI, which, based on your fact pattern, is what seems to be involved, you could not be prosecuted unless the cop actually saw you committing the alleged crime. There must be more to the story.

      • http://www.occupyhln.org Jason

        David, I kind of explained in a reply to Mike Castro, above, but I went through a stage after an immediate family member died where I had panic attacks for a couple years.

        In that period, I self-medicated (I get more into details in that reply) and although I never had an extraordinary blood-alcohol level, you’re a sitting duck here if you’re a white male driving alone anytime after 11:00 pm in the suburbs.

        This resulted in a driving while impaired, a DUI, and then this DUI I talked about. The judge used Michigan’s habitual laws to say this could now be used as a felony.

        So yes, that is why it was bound over to circuit court. There was no accident, I was never seen driving (and we weren’t that night), and this was my first (and only) felony I’ve ever had. I’ve never had another criminal charge in my life other than these 3 things — not even a speeding ticket … maybe a few parking tickets while in college.

        My sentencing guidelines were 0-23 months, and I had never been to even county jail. When I was arrested the first two times, my blood alcohol level was just barely enough, and they released me on my own recognizance once I called for a ride that night, so I never even spent the night in jail.

        The judge sentenced me to 46 months-10 years in state prison, and my first cellmate was a racist who hated white guys, doing double life for a double homicide. He’s since receive a 3rd life sentence for … well, I guess it’s attempted homicide and 27 years on top of his two life sentences: http://mdocweb.state.mi.us/OTIS2/otis2profile.aspx?mdocNumber=200165

        I promise you that there’s nothing more to the story. I was lucky enough to remain trouble-free in prison, so with Michigan’s truth-in-sentencing statute, I was one of the few who got out on their minimum. I completed the parole with no issues.

        I have no reason to lie or hide about anything, and I’m being completely sincere. I know of many guys who’ve had 7 or 8 DUIs and have only done a little county jail time. It’s part of what propelled me to start Occupy HLN.

  • mcellisd

    Rutherford County deputy A. J. Ross, Murfreesboro TN

  • Bubba J

    This country sure has “changed” all right. Thanks Obama for keeping Guantonimo, extending the Patriot Act and trampling on The US Constitution…

    • MelHauin Sr

      Guantanamo ( might want to check spelling ) is still open because the House Republicans blocked closing it. Patriot act I agree was an overstep by slimy, but I suspect, although disappointed Obama went along with the extension of slimy’s act, I doubt if he had much choice. As for the Constitution, I would like to see instances of the actual constitution he has “trampled” on. Why do misinformed people like you insist on putting you Fox propaganda machine lies into every discussion.

    • bubbakiller

      yeah, this all started when Obama took office, cops have been great up until that point in time.

    • fin

      lol.. your the epitome of low information voter.. gitmo is not open because Obama kept it open you ignoramous. Obama has tried several times to close it but CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS rule the government with an iron fist as they have majority in the house, Nothing gets passed without FULL republican support in this country.. Obama only had a democrat filibuster proof majority for less ten months of his FIRST term. a filibuster proof majority is the ONLY majority that counts, The only reason Obama is allowed to “trample” our rights is because of conservative republicans and bush who made it legal under the patriot act.. but it didn’t count when a white republican president did it huh? you only outraged now that a black democrat is in charge right? utter hypocricy and filthy double standards is the only thing I see from people like you. also I would like you to tell me specifically what Obama has done to trample on the constitution ( name something HE did without FULL congressional support ) presidential executive orders can be challenged by congress and Obama has used LESS then halk the amount of executive orders as bush did this far in his terms….. Please defend your wild claims here sir.

    • Nik DeWitt

      Why do ignorant people like you insist on posting shit you know is completely false? It just verifies to the rest of the world that some factor of the republiCON party is still trying to buy America by paying idiots to pollute the internet with faux talking points. I would be surprised if you knew very much about the contents of the Constitution other than to start ranting about it every time you think you see a chance to attack President Obama. You lost the election, get over it. And quit trying to blame the President for programs started by the corrupt group of traitors who ran the country for the eight years before the American public decided enough was enough. The republiCON party has been lying to the U.S. public for the past 33 years, since raygun, in order to deprive us of our constitutional rights and make huge profits for themselves with the lives of our American military personal. In short, Bubba, if you don’t know who is really screwing you or what you are talking about, try to keep it to yourself. It is better to be thought of as stupid, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  • Maule

    Officer Ross ought to get an old fashion Axx Whooping for pulling that crap. Unfortunately there are too many of those unprofessional and corrupt law enforcement people out there with no integrety. They don’t deserve to wear the uniform and give the rest of us a bad name. Protect and Serve Office Ross or have you forgotten your oath? You wouldn’t make it as a Security guard around here!

  • http://www.noneyabusiness.com Cletus Ray…

    You do understand that if you had been nice from the start that none of this would’ve happened, right? That you provoked the response you got by appearing to be someone that they should investigate further instead of just saying “have a good night”. I understand you are trying to make a point and be popular on your website, but if you cooperate and are friendly with law enforcement (like most normal citizens are), you will find that you won’t have any problems out of them (as long as you are not breaking the law). There are several segments on this video where you edited it or you just put your own commentary without the viewer actually being able to hear what is going on. Did you take any liberties with what you said actually happened? Because usually police are recording you too, so I almost bet that if we saw their video we would see you being belligerent or something to piss them off even more, which is why it all continued as long as it did.

    • anonymous

      even if someone is pissing off the police, it doesn’t give them the right to break laws. come on cletus, that’s not very hard to understand

    • bubbakiller

      yes, if he WOULD OF been nice & said things like “yes, sir” and kept his hands where the pig could see them… oh wait, he did do that! But maybe as u say he should have just blurted out “have a good night” u fkn idiot…. he did this to prove a point!!! that even if u do what the constitutional rights say we CAN do, that hillbilly cowboys like you & officer ross still feel u should have power over someone to ask/do illegal things, interrogate him, etc… the only person breaking the law is the cop!!

    • fin

      what you saying is the EXACT equivalent to saying a girl who dressed inappropriately too sexy is to blame for getting raped instead of blaming the rapist for not being able to control himself and his bizzar sense of entitlement and authority

    • StanH

      We can speculate until the end of time about what the police’s video MIGHT show. What we DID see was a law-abiding citizen politely basically asking the cops if they had the right to treat him as they were doing. In response to that, he was pulled out of his car, detained, and subjected to a highly suspect search of his vehicle, at a “DUI checkpoint “, with practically none (if any) investigation of a DUI at all. Are you saying that a citizen should have to kiss a cops a#$@S, to have his constitutional rights respected?

    • banchara

      I’m sorry, where was he NOT polite in the video? CLETUS RAY says, “You should just shut up and take it. Smile nice for Officer Friendly and he will just go away. Do whatever he says…even IF he is violating you (or your Constitutional Rights)…it will be okay if you don’t struggle.” Cletus…this kind of advice is why we have cops who are SURPRISED when people insist on being treated like the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS they are, instead of being illegally detained and questioned without suspicion. I mean, honestly, why the FARCE do you think the we have the Bill of Rights and the Constitution?!

    • Catherine

      Cletus Ray, what planet do you live on?

  • consecuences

    if he had started by cooperating with the officer how is only doing his job keeping the roads safe from drunk drivers, he would have gotten out of the checkpoint in no time.
    drunk driving kills innocent people every day.

    • cortana

      Corrupt cops kill people every day.

      • youngskeletor

        … don’t forget dogs. They kill dogs every day it seems.

        Pigs, and by pigs I mean pretty much any self-interested authority figure, jump at the chance to establish dominance through fear. Anyone who says “Just do what you’re told”, clearly doesn’t get it. There are laws in place for a reason. If you feel threatened you don’t have to roll your window down all the way. If a cop can assert the law, it doesn’t make him a troublemaker right? So why is this guy a troublemaker for asserting the law? Why does he have to play by the rules and not the officers? They’re civil servants, not fucking gustapo.

    • bubbakiller

      my friend is a dps officer, being an azzhole is not part of “doing his job”.
      I dont feel safe around cops, dont trust them, I wouldnt roll my window down either.
      and get your fkn dog off my cars paint!!!

  • Mike

    I am torn as to how I feel about this situation. Absolutely the driver did not break any laws, and was completely within his rights, and absolutely, the police officers worked around the law verbally and physically. To play devil’s advocate here, my issue with it is that it might not be that one officer’s decision, it could be an order passed down from his superiors to stop and attempt to search any vehicle which does not completely comply. I know that would be a breech of the law, but it could be outside his control. In addition, any type of traffic stop is a tense situation for a police officer, anyone they stop could be in possession of a weapon, and be planning on injuring the officer, or others. If I were a police officer, and was sincerely trying to protect the public, I would certainly be suspicious of any person who seemingly did not want to cooperate with an effort to protect the public.

    Again, I do think that the officers went about this the wrong way, but at the same time, I can understand their position. It’s an unfortunate situation, but I think it’s unfair to paint the officers completely as the “bad guys”.

    • emjey

      very well said Sir! I absolutely agree with you.
      If I was in that situation and I know that I didn’t break any law I would just follow what the officer is telling me. Now, if he charge me with a violation which I know for sure I didn’t commit that’s the time that I’m going to let him know that I know my rights very well.
      This scenario has a simple lesson… “less talk , less suspicion” ( from the cops. ;) )

    • pookie

      ” I know that would be a breech of the law, but it could be outside his control.”

      As a Peace Officer your duty is to the Constitution and the citizens, not your commanding officer. What you are saying is the same justification soldiers give for war crimes. And, if we don’t buy it then, why should be excuse it now?

    • Tim Mumford

      “Unfair” you say? Think it’s fair they carry weapons and this attitude while you cannot? Don’t get confused there, they chose the side they are on, if it does not convict their conscience that they are being jerks then I’ll be damned if I submit to their socialist control. Damn them! They don’t need to ever ask me for assistance in anything, they can die for all I care. I know the constitution and the law, I love this country and support it’s system, but I despise this takeover shit or the implications that I should submit to it. Hell no, it is my country that I understand, not some new form of police and govt. control.

  • http://www.masonpelt.com/ Mason Pelt
  • EvelynU

    If Americans were as concerned about their 4th amendment rights as they are about (misunderstood) 2nd amendment rights, we might act more like free people.

  • Jose

    “if he had been nicer” 1. there is no law requiring that citizens be”nice” to cops is there? 2. police are supposed to be calm and not easily angered because their ego got slapped. 3. Those officers were not the model citizens they are supposed to be, therefore they have no business being cops. Fire them!!

  • CAbbott

    I hope the driver sued the ass off this police department not only for an illegal search but for a new paint job on his car.

  • bubbakiller

    “hey jim bob he’s a lawyer or something… u know ANYTHING about rights?”

  • Mike Aguilar

    Been there, done that, wrote the book about it. If you are ever stopped at a DUI checkpoint and have an asswipe cop like this, repeat these words until you get your wish:
    “I will not open my open or door until I see your watch captain.”
    Don’t say patrol Lt or patrol Sgt. You want the watch captain. Also, make sure they are aware they are being filmed.

    Once the (smart) cops realize you know your rights, you will start hearing “Yes sir” and “no sir” out of their mouths.

  • shnoz

    Not all cops are bad. These cops were just dumb.

  • GrouchoBarx

    He’s just lucky that he wasn’t beat up or shot. Or the time honored police tactic of planting evidence…

    Love the video and glad you are ok.

  • Tim Mumford

    You see, that is where they get you, you either submit to patronization and blatant disrespect or you get this treatment. I tell you what COPS, a people against the police department is a police department in need of reform. You better re evaluate your behavior, because may come the day you need the citizens who will watch you die like the enemies of the state you have become. IT IS STILL, WE THE PEOPLE! And we gettin real close to asking, no, taking our country back. And scumbag useless bullies like yourselves will either be caught in the crossfire or tried and imprisoned after the fact. We still believe in the constitutional rights of each individual. Got that? What gives you the right to treat people that way? Personally I think your silly little checkpoints don’t do shit to deter crime, it only allows you to commit them and at the expense of decent citizens. I am completely disgusted at this form of social control. You are not in control, you are there to protect and serve. That gives you control, the same you mis understand. Any one seeking control, is usually out of control. Mr Ross, you are a disgrace to the people and the community. You need to resign and get some professional help. You are nothing but a bully behind the badge, I bet you are quite the ass kisser and wimp when not so.

  • Joel

    I’ve lost two family members to a drunk driver, both on a holiday weekend. Is this cop being a bit short with this guy? Yes, but he’s got a job to do and every day he puts his life on the line to protect others from many dangers, including drunk drivers. All this smart-ass kid had to do was cooperate. In short, show some respect for this man who has dedicated his life to protect people. Instead, he decided to show off his Constitutional knowledge. Bully for you, kid. In the meantime, try to remember he’s trying to do his job. All of you who are leaving disrespectful messages about cops, try to remember there might come a time when you need one for assistance. When that happens, they won’t care about your attitude about law enforcement. They’ll just do their job.

    • John Frazer

      All he had to do was obey and don’t question and thereby be a good citizen?
      Cops play this game all the time. They know that they can make it inconvenient for you, and threaten and intimidate you. Most people don’t know their rights and the limitations which might apply, and give in. This makes the cops feel like they’re in charge. They don’t like feeling like they’re not in charge, so when someone tells them they don’t have to fall down and obey every command they push harder and try harder to intimidate.
      They’re not honorable when they’re playing power games and trying to fool people into thinking they’ve no rights when we do. They’re not honorable when they use trickery and force and intimidation to get people to roll over and “respect my authority”.
      The cops may get red in the face and hop around being angry, but if you’re right, they can’t legally force you to waive your rights.

      And when you call them for help, don’t count on it. Don’t forget that it’s still a fundamental fact of law that the police have no legal requirement to come to your aid even if they can.

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  • rick

    The legal system sux they are here to protect you right? Protect you behind bars. Its all about bureaucracy and money, the state pays the county for every inmate and the fed pays the state so the more prisoners means more money I have had 6 D.U.I’s spent only 90 days in jail with all combined. Police have raided my house several times, once dressed like PGE gas and electric workers. They have came in my house forcibly no less claiming someone dialed 911 and hung up. I assured them it was not true by pressing redial and the time my last call was made was 4 hours prior. The most messed up is the fact i went to prison for a dirty bottle. Wheres the justice? I could tell you many stories about corruption and how they are here to protect and serve, serve you time and protect there asses, but then again not all are corrupt, or are they?

  • Jones

    The most disturbing part of the video isn’t that the cops says, “He’s perfectly innocent and he knows his rights…” it’s that the video is edited at that moment so we’re coming into the middle of a statement rather than hearing the entirety of what the cop said to qualify that portion of the statement.

    Now… That ain’t saying the cop is right in his behavior– but if you’re gonna manipulate the evidence to make your point, it makes all the evidence suspect. Show the whole damn statement.

    And what’s wrong with a little civic cooperation instead of trying to escalate these situations? Again… Not saying the cop is right, he needs to be a better “reactor” and more diligent about his own responsibilities as a peace officer for sure. But why manufacture conflict, when there are truly examples of abusive behavior that aren’t instigated 100% on purpose by the citizens, that we should be more concerned about.

  • Justin Cider

    I dont really get it. I’m not from the USA – never been there, but it seems this driver was intentionally being obnoxious in order to provoke a reaction from the cops. That he got his wish just shows that the cops are human.
    The driver right from the outset acted like he had something to hide. If I’m talking to someone through a window its usual to open it fully, that he didnt is out of the ordinary and cops are always going to check “out of the ordinary” further.
    Sure the cops acted poorly in this case, but basically – if you accept and acknowledge that the cops have a difficult job to do, and you decide to do what you can to make it easier for them rather than be an obnoxious prat and make their job harder, then everyone comes out a winner.

    In response to your comment:
    “The most disturbing part of the video, IMO, is where one cop cavalierly admits (while not knowing he’s being videotaped), “He’s perfectly innocent and he knows his rights. He knows what the Constitution says.””
    I would have to ask why the video was cut to delete what was said immediately prior to that statement. The usual reason for doing this, is so that a statement can be taken out of context in order to show the subject in the worst possible light.

  • Brian Phillips

    Being a retired LE officer, I have participated in these legal DUI check points. The problem I have is that if all the info and comments by the driver are correct, the K-9 officer said at end of the video, “It wasn’t a very good alert.” What does that mean? I assume that he meant the dog/K9 did not alert totally or only partially. Either the K9 alerts or it does not alert. I have never heard a K9 say it was not a very good alert. This could be an over zealous officer or officers not doing their job properly and falsly indicating the K9 alerted to drugs, thus giving them (what they think is) probable cause to search the vehicle. Looks like the good ole boy system is alive and well. I would take this video to the FBI to conduct an investigation of this police department and those officers involved.