Collapsed Philly Building Contractor Non-Union With Criminal Record (VIDEO)

Published On June 5, 2013 | By james |

UPDATED 6/6/13 5:45 PST

In fast-breaking developments following the devastating collapse of a vacant building in Pennsylvania, several sources are reporting that the contractor hired to demolish the building has a criminal record.

At approximately 10:40 Wednesday morning, a four-story building that was being demolished at 2140 Market Street collapsed on top of a neighboring Salvation Army Thrift Store, killing 6 and injuring dozens. reports that the contractor, identified as Griffin T. Campbell of Griffin Campbell Construction, who had recently filed for bankruptcy;

“pleaded guilty in April 2009 to having filed a false insurance  claim, claiming to be a passenger in a car involved in a 2005 auto collision  that was actually a hoax to defraud an insurance company.

After filing the false claim, Campbell was paid $17,500 by Cambridge  Insurance Co., plus $5,856 for medical bills. The scam unraveled when a  Philadelphia officer, Deshane Riggins, admitted preparing “numerous fictitious  accident reports” and identified Campbell’s as one of them.”

While the proper permits where issued for the demolition project by the Department of Licenses and Inspections, the site before the collapse was a cause of concern for many because it was clearly unsafe.

Raging Chicken Press learned a source;

 “…from local Sheet Metal Workers and Philadelphia AFL-CIO that the construction company performing the demolition… was a non-unionized building contractor.”

Now, in an exclusive update, The Everlasting GOP Stoppers has learned directly from the same source cited in the Raging Chicken Press story,

…”before the first responders even got there, Local 30 roofers were working on a building across the street and dropped everything to go in and start pulling people out.”

Steve Cramer, a member of  Carpenters Union Local 122; said he and his crew knew that trouble was likely when the non-union crew used a machine was used to take the 4 story building, which had a wall that abutted the single story thrift store, to take the building down;

“It’s a total disregard for safety. You’ve got to take it down small piece by small piece. Start at the top. Take the roof off.”

CNN reports that OSHA is investigating the accident.

Read the entire story HERE.

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  • Suzanne Longo

    There is a reason why Union contractors are used. They have been trained, must pass union tests and are regularly drug tested. You hire a Union contractor and you get people who know what they are doing. They are also local. States passing “right to work” laws are going to end up with contractors like this guy who then hire people who don’t know what they are doing.

  • alex

    That bldg should have been stabilized so i could fall only into its own footprint, esp. with next door not only lower but occupied. Thus failure has to be at least criminal negligence, probably manslaughter, and we can hope the reckless supervision will all go to jail for it. Sadly, if they are already bankrupt, there are no assets to be awarded to the innocent victims. Non-union workers can be made to work safely, but the price competition does make corner -cutting attractive to the contractor. A reviewed work plan must be made and enforced or slipshod methods are likely.

  • Dennis

    Why even mention that it was “Non-Union”? Its not like Union jobs are perfect and have never cut corners or had catastrophes… Yes I know I’m a Union employee!

  • Curious Green

    The question is: who hired the non-union contractor? Is this a lowest bid scenario? The trail is deeper.

  • Dennis Clancy

    There is a reason to bring up the Union/non union difference. All one has to do is look at the difference between Union and non union mines and the number of deaths and injuries. When you have the Union with you, you can point out the short corner, the unsafe practice, etc. Non union workers are usually afraid to speak up. Being Union is not a guarantee of alwalys doing the right thing, but it is much more likely to happen. What are the chances of Fox News covering the collapse of the building in Phily with an eye towards a non union contractor. You may have to hold your breath, ,,,,,till long after the dust clears. Denny C.