Those Who Voted NO On Background Checks Should Be Required To Attend “The Open Carry March On Washington”

Published On May 7, 2013 | By Guest Author |

by Steve Marmel

You know, I’ve been thinking about this “Armed march on Washington” thing. Obviously, it’s a sad attempt at publicity by an Alex Jones wanna-be which is, by the way, working.

And I thought, wow: What a dangerous place Washington D.C. will be that day.

And then I thought, wow: Do I not want to be in the middle of that.

And then I thought, wow: Where will the Senators who voted against background checks be on July 4th?

My guess? Waving a flag some place far away from Washington, eating hot dogs and kissing babies… nowhere near the potential shooting gallery that will be our nation’s capitol.

It sounds like a pretty scary place to be. Which is why every one of the “no” voting Senators should be forced to stand in the middle of it. Right between the police or military or anyone else who will OF COURSE have to protect people… and the gun-loving Americans who are there for their “Armed Non-Violent Protest.”

All those guns. All that emotion.

Mingle with your buddies and their various awesome forms of weaponry! Pat a few shoulders. Shake a few hands. Jostle a few arms! Hell, just sneak up behind somebody and scream “I’M WITH THE GOVERNMENT!!” at the top of your lungs. Get in there, guys.

Guns everywhere! Hell, if you have one, bring your own. It’s what you voted for and it’s what you’re fighting for. Go in safe. Leave safe. But be there and feel every terrifying minute:

From the second the march starts, through their walks around the capitol, to the moments when they sling their guns around because they’re uncomfortable, to lunch when some of them might choose to throw a few back, to the later hours when they’re tired, hot, cranky and armed.

And there should be no additional protection, no secret service, no kevlar vests. I mean, why would they need that? Be the same helpless sacks of meat the rest of us are when we’re around weapons like that.

Test the theory you don’t need to know anything about a gun owner to know it’s safe to be around that person with a gun.

I wonder if those senators would bring their families? Their kids? Their parents? Hey, It’s Democracy in action, after all – why wouldn’t they be proud of their role in it?

I mean, if this is nothing but a bunch of good guys with guns walking around with their guns, what’s to fear? They’ll be fine. They won’t even flinch when they hear a fire-cracker go off, or somebody pops opens a Coors Light.

On July 4th, a hoard of gun-toting Americans might be storming washington to make a point. I won’t be there. I doubt you will either. In fact, chances are the thousands of people who say they’re coming won’t be there either… they’ll be there “in spirit.”

And by “spirit,” I mean… the relative safety of their own homes.

I truly hope the day passes without incident and not a single person is harmed. If that happens, I will happily post on July 5th that my fears were unfounded.

But the 46 senators who voted “No” on background checks – including NRA bro-mancer Harry Reid who killed filibuster reform – should be there.

Right in the middle of all those people and all those guns.

Standing their horrible ground on their horrible, horrible vote.

My guess? They will not.

P.S. Feel free to post this on the wall of every senator who voted ‘No” and every person who confirmed for the event.  Like-minded people should connect!

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