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Rush Limbaugh: Obama Won’t Be Impeached Because He’s Black

Published On May 21, 2013 | By james |

Rush Limbaugh took to his radio show – what’s left of it, that is, as his advertisers are leaving in droves – to pitch his new unapologetically racist theory that President Obama is not “in any trouble” for any of the latest fabricated right-wing scandals because he is black.

Speaking of the myriad and potentially criminal attempts by conservatives to create scandals that could impeach him -including the “Benghazi E-mails” which CBS news reported was a Republican fabrication, Limbaugh offered;

“…in my humble thinking, the people of this country, if it came to this, are simply not going to tolerate the first black president being removed from office.”

Last week it was reported that an impressive 48 of Cumulus Media’s top 50 advertisers want nothing further to do Limbaugh’s hate-fest of a radio program. Politicus reports that conservative groups like the Koch brother’s connected anti-tax FreedomWorks and the Coors beer magnate Heritage Foundation are now footing the bill to keep Limbaugh’s hot mess afloat – which is basically akin to his accepting corporate welfare.

Hey Rush – take handouts much?

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  • Sam

    See, Rush Limbaugh’s issue is that he assumes everyone else is as bigoted and racist as he is. For most Americans… well maybe not most, but for MANY of the people who actually voted for President Obama, the color of his skin is meaningless. Yes, he’s the first President with African heritage, and that’s a huge stride forward in our society, but if he commits an act worthy of impeachment (impeachment which actually is not the removal from office, but I doubt Mr. Limbaugh knows the difference) then I would be as happy as anyone else to see him impeached. His race has nothing to do with it whatsoever, however what is infinitely more important is the fact that he hasn’t done jack shit that is worthy of impeaching him over. He hasn’t, for example, handed out DOD contracts to his friends like they were candy and then engineered the war needed to make them right. He didn’t, for example, get elected to the Presidency by 9 Justices and his brother, he didn’t ignore National Security Briefings merely because they were coming from an appointee of his predecessor from the other party. He didn’t steal information about his competitors campaigns in an attempt to smear them.

    What has President Obama done that is even remotely worthy of being removed from his office. Has he shut down the entire government, and declared it is not going to do anything to help anybody until he gets what he wants? Has he used his own inside knowledge of government to play the stock market unfairly? Has he taken bribes from corporations to add their protective riders into other necessary legislation? Those all seem like impeachment-worthy offenses, and I’ll leave it to the reader to decide who is committing what.

  • Lawrence F Hartman

    This is the epitome of why the Neo-Conservative movement just doesn’t get it. They open their mouth and diarrhea comes flowing out. They are so oblivious to their bigotry and lack of tolerance for others. A bunch of self righteous arrogant hate mongering Fascist Pigs. Like Benito Mussoline stated, “Corporatism is Fascism” and there has never been a truer statement uttered. Notice I called the Neo-Conservatives a movement because they hijacked my party back in 1980 and my party, The Moderate Republicans in the likes of the first great Republican president, Abraham Lincoln and his two contemporaries, Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower have been wandering in the desert for the past 33 years. Hopefully, we won’t be wandering as long as Moses had to. We as moderate Republicans need to rise up against the Fascist element of our party and rid it of the bigotry, hatred, intolerance, arrogance of the Neo-Conservatives. We need to finally wake up from this Hellish nightmare that even started back in 1976 with Barry Goldwater. I plead to my fellow moderate Republicans, lets rise again like the mythical bird, The Phoenix. God bless this great nation and lets all say a prayer today to throw off the yoke of Fascism here in the great United States of America.

    • snark

      My god, there are still moderate Republicans that don’t hate liberals? If I could hug you through the computer screen, I would.

  • snark

    The GOP have been intolerant of Democrats for a very long time now, and I certainly wouldn’t put it past them to fabricate something that would end up in an impeachment trial. Benghazi is their straw-man for now. Let’s totally overlook the fact that under GW Bush embassies were attacked and/or bombed about 25 times. Let’s also overlook the fact that the Benghazi mission was a covert CIA operation and the GOP may have blown all their cover (gee, I think this has happened before, Valerie Plame anyone?). Oh yes, and let’s completely ignore the fact that the CIA was directing talking points, not the White House… so yeah, Obama must be the guy right? GOP logic 101. Pull together some conspiracy story over the deaths of 4 people, and tie them to Obama. Oh yeah, and the IRS thing too, because we all know that Obama’s daily task is to micromanage every last agency in the USA, because he’s all-powerful and omnipresent. GOP are rabidly locked on to the idea that they need the black man out of the White House, and it’s painfully obvious to any objective observer. What happened to all those jobs bills they promised to vote on? If anyone is still voting GOP, they are out of their minds with anti-Obama rage. GOP want to cut their noses to spite their face.

  • jack


  • Cloudy

    Fascinating that as one who stomps his feet about letting the free market dictate that he’s now funded by something other than the free market.
    There are two constants with right wing extremists. Fear sits at the core of their messaging and “Do as I say, not as I do” still rules that day.

  • Darrell

    I did not know that the President was black I always thought that he always stay in the sun so much to make him look that way

  • Tom

    Saying Obama won’t be impeached because he’s black is like saying George W Bush wasn’t impeached because he’s white.

    I don’t think there’s a single thing that’s being portrayed as scandalous in the Obama administration – including being asleep at the wheel when it comes to security issues in some cases, investigating reporters, generic poor judgement at times – that is unique to this administration, warrants impeachment, or has warranted impeachment in past administrations. Outrage, investigation, and a beating in the press, yes, impeachment, no.

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