KARL ROVE: Crossroads GPS Is Same As NAACP (VIDEO)

Published On May 19, 2013 | By james |

On Sunday morning, GOP strategist and canned ham look-alike Karl Rove took to friendly turf to defend his secretive dark money organization Crossroad GPS, which is an off-shoot of his neo-conservative American Crossroads super-PAC.

During a round-table discussion on the non-scandal revelation that the IRS had flagged organizations with the key words “tea party,” and “patriots,” in their titles – due in large part to a massive spike in those applications ahead of the 2012 elections – on  the Tin Foil Hat friendly Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace hit Rove with the following question;

“Didn’t the IRS have a problem in the wake of the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling in getting a handle on the question of what groups did and didn’t qualify under the tax code for 501(c)4 status?

After admitting that it was a “great question,” Rove did his best to legitimize the tax-exempt status of his Crossroads GPS. The problem? Without pointing out that the NAACP was audited in 2004 over alleged accusations of improper political activity that was critical of the Bush Administration, he did so buy comparing his blatantly political organization to that of many groups that actually ARE better known for providing critical public services in the national interests;

“Look, 501(c)4s have been around for a long time, and the Democrats and the left have used these for years, these social welfare groups to do some politics and a lot of social welfare. NAACP voter fund, for example, ran a $10 million advertising blitz in 2000 against George W. Bush. The League of Conservation Voters, the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, National Abortion Rights Action League and so forth. All of them are 501(c)4s, and there are pretty clear rules about what you can and cannot do. You have to spend a majority of you money on social welfare and a minority of your money on political activity.”

Of course, he conveniently forgot to mention that the biggest advantage of the 501(c)4 filing is that you are not required to disclose your donors regardless of how much they donate.

OH! Here would be a good time to mention that Crossroads GPS’s $17 million expenditures  made it one of the biggest outside spenders in the 2010 midterm elections, according to The Center For Responsive Politics.

What are YOUR thoughts?

Video via Raw Story


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