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Hey, Second Amendment Lunatics! Think About This:

Published On April 21, 2013 | By Guest Author |
by Steve Marmel
The entire city of Boston was under martial law the last few days.  You get that, right?  MARTIAL LAW.In a cameras-everywhere society, we went from tragedy to identification to capture in less than five days.  And to make that happen, the full-force of the government came in, shut down a major metropolitan area, instituted a no-fly zone, flooded the place with troops and technology and locked it down until it completed it’s mission.Think about that, screaming gun lunatic with more weapons than friends, the next time you think your 100 clip magazine and fourteen guns can protect you from a determined military.  Your “Red Dawn” fantasy is laughable.  Think about that the next time there’s a school shooting that could have been prevented by a ban or minimized by regulating clip-size but wasn’t because of you or the fearful twit in the Senate that represents you.  Think about that when some mentally unstable person gets his weaponry from a gun show without the simplest of background checks, and tears apart dozens or hundreds of lives.My views on the issue haven’t changed in the last week.  I want sensible gun reform and will continue to fight for it.  I stand with 90% of Americans and against the senators who are in the pocket of the NRA. You, on the other hand, got a big lesson on just how sad and defenseless you would be if Obama – or ANY President – truly was the dictator you fear.You wouldn’t last two days.

Steve Marmel | Staff Writer | The Everlasting GOP Stoppers

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