Republicans Own The Sequester — By TRACY KNAUSS

Published On March 3, 2013 | By james |


The Tea Party has a death grip on Stupidity. Their unsound stance on the sequester will soon start to impact the economic livelihood and national security of the average American. We must understand that leading economists say the sequester will put the breaks on the tenuous economic recovery and will lead to a greater national debt than if the sequester were dropped. A healthy economy, instead of one driven by “austerity” like those in Europe, generate new tax revenues driving down the deficit. Unfortunately, the corporate owned media have failed to discuss how cuts by our president are already driving down deficits. We were on the right track to recovery until the Republican leadership, beholden to the wealthiest Americans who don’t want their sacred tax loopholes closed, failed to do the will of the vast majority of Americans by creating new revenues by axing these loopholes like President Obama wants to do. All we can conclude is that the Republican Party is doing the bidding of America’s plutocracy, and destroying our economy and quality of life, just to help the wealthiest Americans. This is treason.

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TRACY KNAUSS | activist | satirist | Artist | GOP Stopper

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