A Letter from the NRA to the Parents of the Next Children to Die

Published On March 21, 2013 | By Marc Belisle |

Wayne LaPierre

By Marc Belisle (SATIRE)

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am so sorry that you lost your (son/daughter), among many other children, in a school shooting today.  I understand that he or she was the apple of your eye, the love of your life, your everything, your reason for existence, yada, yada, etc.  I regret that a young man who couldn’t get health care before he slipped into violent schizophrenia loaded an AR-15, a Glock 9 mm and a 12-gauge shotgun with 150 rounds of ammunition.  I feel really bad that he then drove to (Insert Name) (Elementary/Middle/High/College) School in (Insert Name of Typical American Town) where your child was a student.  It’s regrettable that he then stalked the halls of your child’s school with a semiautomatic assault rifle spitting dozens of rounds a minute.  I feel bad and dismayed and whatnot that your child’s liver was pulverized, his/her jaw was found in the hallway, and pieces of his/her intestines were sprayed onto the walls.  I feel totally awful that your child slowly bled to death in excruciating pain surrounded by dying classmates.  That must be tough.

I realize that you may have thought that you live in a democracy, or even a republic governed by laws. But today, we have proven that to be questionable.  The gun industry made $31.8 billion last year.  This number climbs steadily every year.  And we will stop at nothing to make sure that number continues to climb.  I am aware that 56% of Americans support an assault weapons ban.  I understand that Americans were horrified by what their culture has become when bright young students can be mowed down senselessly in a California college town.

Yes, I know that there was finally some political will to curb the epidemic of 30,000 gun deaths a year in America.  But the millions that the NRA spends in lobbying ensures that your “democratically elected Congress” can do nothing without the gun industry’s permission.  We at the NRA opened our wallet and made damn sure the entire GOP and most Democrats in red states subjugated the will of the people to the interests of corporate profit.   Because of us, the assault weapons ban bill failed in the Senate.  We made sure that corporations continue to be able to ignore the Second Amendment with impunity.  We made sure that guns will never be “well-regulated” in this country as long as they are well-profitable.

Through your grieving and whatever, I want you to understand one thing.  I realize that the child who you kissed goodbye just this morning as you dropped him/her off at school now resembles ground beef, but that is not relevant.  In the end, only one thing matters in life: profit.  No one should care that your little Billy, Janie or Joey or whatever you called it died after spraying three gallons of blood all over a 2-foot high desk this morning.

The market value of your child’s life pales in comparison to the value of millions of firearms.  This is especially true when mentally unhinged people are buying entire arsenals of weapons.  The GOP has gutted mental health services across the country to balance state budgets.  And we at the NRA have advertised aggressively to stoke the paranoia typical of mental illness.  For us, it doesn’t matter who buys the guns, as long as they are bought.  It doesn’t matter who dies as long as $31.8 billion grows to, say, $34.6 billion this year.  Your child, for whose funeral I’m sure you are busy preparing, was a tiny, insignificant cost compared to the billions in profit that the gun industry will make this year.

Don’t even think about trying to use this “tragedy” of the death of your son/daughter or whoever else to change laws.  Don’t even think about becoming civically engaged or trying to work with the system to improve society, curb the ongoing slaughter or regulate machines that are only designed to kill dozens of people in seconds.

You do not own this country, because you did not buy it.  We bought it.  We own your government.  You will get nothing.

I’m sure you’re sitting there, emotional because you lost your child.  But imagine how much the gun corporations would cry if they had lost some profit?  Imagine how emotional I would be if I didn’t get paid around $1 million a year to lobby for the gun manufacturers?  Look at you, sitting there, thinking only about your “child” and not about MY MONEY!  You people make me sick.


Wayne LaPierre

NRA Vice President

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Marc Belisle

Marc Belisle is the editor of The Deckle Edge.
He writes a political blog.
He taught university English in South Korea from 2005-2009.
He has a Masters in International Conflict Analysis from the University of Kent’s Brussels School of International Studies.

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  • AussieMike

    And ALL of this is because someone (probably a GOP wing-nut) totally mis-interpreted th 2nd Amenment, forgetting the part which says “… In defense of one’s COUNTRY… “!

    • Molon Labe

      The 2nd amendment says ” In defense of one’s COUNTRY”???

      You’re an idiot.

      • Shane

        She is wrong, but you are a way bigger idiot.

  • Grant

    This was hitting below the belt. Bad Marc Belisle – Bad, bad.

    • Dr Lou

      What belt? Do you not notice that these gun-toting, dystopia-fantasy, bigoted, corn-fed, hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup filled frednecks who watch Fox all day and suck on the taint of the NRA have no waistlines in addition to no brains? Hit harder. MUCH harder.

      • Nita Marie

        Dr. Lou, I think I love you. EXCELLENT response!

      • Sansa Stark

        HEAR, HEAR. This country is fucked and we need to fight back.

      • Robert G

        And you are speaking from which point of experience or expertise? Being a former LEO, Texas CHL Instructor, Psych major, and having dealt with this topic for many years, this constructed letter is WAY off the mark. As are your comments that gun owners are uneducated and inarticulate red-neck fatsos.
        It amazes me that there are no facts in the comments, but tons of emotion.
        When ever I present facts to the issues, I typically get to the point where I get called a name because the facts support gun rights and NOT gun control legislation and those that are driven to act on emotion do not know how to handle it.
        You have insulted a huge population of the American people of which you know nothing about. This would fall into the category of prejudiced. Congratulations.

        • Dan

          Yawn another resident of a state that claims it’s self reliance yet ranks third in welfare dollars received. Save your bs for the hillibillies that buy into it.

          • billson corigor


            Are you sure you shouldn’t be on a Fox News website? You sound like you would fit right in if your view point was turned on its head…

            Your failure to use reasoning and your ad hominem attacks would indicate you would fit right in.

        • billson corigor

          Good assessment!

          I would ask the author to re-visit the polling data on assault weapons bans.

          What I don’t understand about the gun control lobby is that most gun control proposals aren’t based in fact or research and are entirely reactionary. I live in the Chicago area…we have a gun ban. We also have some of the worst gun violence in the nation.

          How about determining what gun control measures will actually affect gun violence?

          A friend of mine posted this on his facebook:

          Banning assault weapons to reduce gun violence is like banning cigars to reduce lung cancer or French Champagne to reduce sirosis.

          What he is saying is that assault weapons are such an incredibly small part of the gun market and generally are not used in perpetrating gun violence. A total ban on assault weapons will reduce overall gun violence a negligible amount while restricting their use (use that is Constitutionally protected as determined by the Supreme Court) by what amounts mostly to gun connoisseurs. In Chicago it is not the “Assault Weapon” with a 30 round magazine that is involved in gun violence. It is the hand gun.

          None of the proposals I have seen have effectively addressed handgun violence…they have only been reactionary and focused on “assault weapons”.

      • Bill D

        Dr Lou I think I love you too (In a manly way) Awesome reply..

  • Bill Kapaldo

    Bull shit, Grant. It is spot on. It’s as cold and callous as the gun fanatics foaming at the mouth at getting their next purchase home and proudly displayed in their collection, ready to show it off to friends and family, while justifying the reasons there are dead babies in Sandy Hook, Chicago and most every other corner of this country. Without even a miniscule expression of remorse and understanding of the abject loss and collapse of a parents future, the pain and suffering and nightmares of your child’s face as he/ she saw Death bear down on them. Convincing yourselves that the weapon didn’t kill them is the ultimate self-centered excuse. As much as anyone would like to ask the question,”what if it was YOUR loved one”, it is a mute point when the person is covering their ears and saying No,No, No, No ,No! I believe it’s called denial. Me? I call it Bullshit!

  • http://AngelicAnarchist Leslie Larson

    The NRA sucks. Wayne laPierre sucks. The numerous ‘elected’ officials who take their money and allow themselves to be intimidated by this gun lobby, who are nothing but thugs and psychos, suck. The NRA uses the Constitution to do nothing but protect and perpetuate the profits of gun makers. These people are not only greedy, callous and irresponsible, they’re evil. They’re sociopaths. The people in our society who are fanatical about owning numerous guns, especially weapons of war, are mentally unstable. They are a threat to the peace and safety of American citizens, especially children. The NRA is a terrorist organization and needs to be officially designated as such. THEY ARE A GUN LOBBY! That’s all they are. Well-financed, well-organized, and obsessed with protecting gun makers.
    When LaPierre drew the children of our President into their public rant, he crossed a line. Anyone who doesn’t think that was a subtle intent to motivate the lunatic fringe to go after those young girls is just not paying attention. This despicable person and his dangerous organization need to be eliminated, by any and all means available and necessary. The time to destroy the NRA is now. It’s possible and necessary. All it takes is for the millions of us who have said, “ENOUGH!”, after Newtown to take action. We must rid our society of these monsters who place profits above the lives of children. Starting with the spineless, greedy, irresponsible politicians whom the NRA controls is where we need to start. We must not allow ourselves to lose interest or commitment. We can win, and by doing so, we will create a much more respectable society.

  • janice

    Idiots…..what will happen is like when Hitler was in EFFECT…that is…..ban weapons….noone cn defend themselves against the “government” and what happens…many die….can’t even protect their families….at least our forefathers new that this could happen…smart men….be smart….men and women…..the ones killing are our kids…the ones that have not been taught the fundamentals of GOD and COUNTRY…and PRESERVING LIFE>…..wake up folks…

    • Cathy

      Janice your rant would be better served if you could spell and write a compete sentence. NO ONE is coming for you precious guns.

    • Daniel

      Janice, Hitler didn’t ban guns, he was very liberal with Germans owning weapons – unless they were Jewish. He was also a good Christian and a vegetarian. He supported the corporations, just like the GOP is doing now.

      • Robert G

        Did you seriously just defend Hitler? “…he was very liberal with Germans owning weapons – unless they were Jewish.” Were you aware that the NRA fought to keep the gov’t from banning blacks from owning firearms? It’s also the oldest Civil Liberty group in the US.
        “He was also a good Christian…” except for the genocide thing, but never mind that.
        WOW! Really…

        • Brian Brownell

          As a former competitive smallbore shooter of some note, and a lifetime member of the NRA since 1958, I have had, for many years, a great deal of respect for the NRA as an organization which promoted the safe pursuit of the vast and varied activities related to shooting. Over time, sadly, the NRA has gradually corroded from that proud organization to one whose primary focus, arguably its only focus, is to shill for the various gun manufacturers in the name of profit. Fear and misinformation are its tools, money is its motive. As a person who has spent a better part of a lifetime enjoying the many aspects of shooting, the NRA has broken my heart.

          • jerome

            Along with the Republican Parrty

      • Melody

        Hitler was neither a vegatarian nor a vegan. (And for the record, he was NOT an animal rights supporter either.)

    • kathy abbott

      Janice, were you born under a cabbage leaf, or are you just stupid? Are you really saying that your guns will trump the government’s air missiles, tanks, battleships, jets, helicopters, drones, machine guns, grenades, and all their nuclear weapons ? Really ? Or are you just a puppet who repeats the NRA garbage. I, for one, am sick of this ridiculousness. WE ARE NOT preserving life here in this country. We are killing our own, because we have 300 million guns in civilian hands. We need very strict laws where guns are concerned. We need them now. It’s a no-brainer that we need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition. We need to make guns much harder to get and to keep. We should have to provide insurance on guns, as we have on cars and homes. They are, after all, killing machines. I can not comprehend our ever allowing things to ‘just stay like they are’. We will never forget, and now we will act. And succeed.

    • Sansa Stark

      You are a stupid cunt. Seriously. People as DUMB as you are the worst part of this country. “Hurr durr, allow people to buy as many high-powered weapons as possible and tell myself it’s about protecting myself against OTHER people with tons of weapons, HURR FUCKING DURR.”

  • http://www.yourallNiave.com chase

    Stupidest shit ive seen.. wait till all your weapons are gone you lose all your rights your locked up in camps againwe will see what that 56 percent thanks after have them are gone by the way street does repeat itself get a history book figure it out

    • R. Slater

      Chase, I don’t have any weapons to be gone. And I don’t think I need your armed paranoia to protect me. Let’s look at it like this: Worst case scenario is that my unarmed…what…delusion kills no one. A possible logical extension of your armed, illogical, ungrammatical paranoia goes to the shooting of how many, one, twenty-three…pick a number. We’ve already seen too much of that. Truth be told, you can’t shoot the thing you need fear most.

    • Grabarkowitz

      Right, Chase. Every attempt at laws to curb the slaughter was intended to turn us into an unarmed pacifist nation at the mercy of the dog-raping-taliban-commie-burglars. Your asinine comment about getting a history book is classic. Have you ever read one? How low is your IQ? Did you eat paint chips as a child? Were you dropped on your head?? Do you drink too much or just on crack? Really, your grasp of reality has slipped it’s leash and run off down the street.

    • Daniel

      What???? Dude, stay off the stimulants, it’s hurting your brain.

    • Bob

      chase that wasn’t a camp you were locked up in it was an asylum and you were there because you were spewing a stream of profanity-laced nonsense to anyone you came in contact with which is what you are doing here so you might want to cut it out before they give you your old room back

    • Sansa Stark

      Spoken like a true paranoid basement-dwelling white dude with persecution fantasies. If you think you’re “free” because you can own guns, then congrats, they’ve gotten to you hook, line, and sinker. Doesn’t matter that you’re a slave to corporations–you’ve got GUNS, and so you’re FREE.

      Go fuck yourself, you lunatic.

  • Greennovator

    I sincerely doubt I’m the only one who has noticed that those frothing against this in the comments are functionally illiterate. What we should be asking ourselves is “how do we get control of their puppet strings?” They are obviously manipulable and potentially dangerous. So how can we render them harmless but functional pawns, for the betterment of themselves and our society as a whole? How do we at least cut the strings of the puppet masters? Is it the flouride? (kidding :)

  • Kathleen Kitchen

    Dear Senator Reid, ‎4/‎3/‎2013
    Lucky you, tomorrow will be my last email to you! I will be moving on to our Congress, who are bought and paid for by the NRA. Sixteenth Day, email #16. I am extremely disappointed in our federal government for totally dismissing what the majority of the American people DEMAND. This is no longer a negotiation! We elect you and we pay your wages to make sure that you stay loyal to us. This is no longer the case, you have sold us all out to the NRA. America will wake up when they begin to see the psychological warfare of the NRA being exposed. Then somebody is going to have allot of explaining to do. There will be accountability and there will be unrepairable damage because of the abuse of electing anti-government officials into the Senate and Congress. We are already beginning to see this play out. Communism is not an option! You are all liars, that is a fact! Bye……..
    Kathleen kitchen

  • Jim Lewis

    Janice, you’d also be better served if you could read a little history. The Nazis did not institute a weapons ban. In fact, they relaxed the already strict laws introduced after the Treaty of Versailles. However, I for one am no longer prepared to accept that people like you are simply misguided. The sound byte about Hitler has been around so long, and I’m sure you’ve used it before, that you couldn’t possibly have failed to have been given the actual facts by someone. With this in mind, that makes you disingenuous. That means you care far more about your guns than your children. I wait with bated breath for your next staggering lie.

  • Jim Lewis

    Chase, how’s your plan working so far in preventing school kids being slaughtered?

    • Ken Searls

      It is FUNNY that our elected officials have ARMED security and “We the PEOPLE” are not to be trusted with weapons or a percentage (big or small it doesn’t matter) feels / think we should not be trusted with weapons ( by the way a Constitutional Republic is different than a Democratic based government , rule by the “Crowd” is not always a good thing ; look at History ) but I digress ; if the threat and also use of lethal force ( I.E. Gunzs ) was not a GOOD deterrent for a modicum of safety and well being then why does the president NEED the Secret Service with FULLY AUTOMATIC weapons and why do a number of “celebrities” need or have ARMED security , why , why , why ; please someone tell me WHY in a common sense , practical , logical explanation.

  • Keith Chadwick

    I find it entertaining how all the 2nd Amendment people are yelling at the top of there lungs that guns protect their freedom. The fact is, attempt to define freedom? Freedom is a moving target, if you will excuse the term. It is defined by the laws of a state that’s job within a democracy is to reflect the will of the society and it’s people. In this context the elected officials completely failed at there sworn obligation to represent the will of the people and there electorate. From this point of view they have broken their oath of office and therefore should be removed and an election held to replace them. That is freedom in the context of society and the state. From an individual’s perspective freedom is actually a complete illusion and can not be quantified but by the individual who reflects on it. However, as George Carlin stated you do not have any freedom accept cheese or no cheese at the fast food restaurant. This is in essence true because freedom does not exist. We, as people of a democracy, rely on our elected officials to reflect on our communal beliefs which in turn give us a ‘sense’ of freedom, a sense that we have participated in the choices of our society thereby giving us an individual sense of power and pride within the state. To assign the caveat that my freedom requires me to own a weapon so that I may stand against the government is a non sequitur. For this very belief is contrary to the very purpose that a democracy is founded upon. While one can certainly agree that owning a weapon for self protection is protected by the 2nd amendment its purpose was not to provide protection from ones’ own government. The slippery slope argument of socialism or communism, which I find entertaining has been proven to be invalid under all circumstances. A democracy is arranged with counter balances and checks to ensure that sliding either left or right can not occur. While the armed forces may be led by the president they swear an oath to defend the constitution not the elected officials.

    The reality and truth of people who believe they must own weapons in order to protect themselves from the government is a self fulfilling prophecy. I need more guns because I fear the government. Government attempts to reflect the will of the people and put stricter guns laws in place. Therefore I should get more guns and then some more guns and more guns and around and around we go. I will listen to people like Alex Jones who yell about conspiracies to further provide evidence of my need for guns. I will read conspiracy blogs and watch conspiracy Youtube videos further reinforcing my belief that the government is out to get me. Again I need more guns and bigger and more powerful ones now because my sense of paranoia has increased 10 fold by my own habits to reinforce my sense of fear.

    Fear is the greatest driver of the political right there is. Prior to Nixon politicians in general spoke of hope and of change and of making a better country. As of Nixon it became about fear. Fear is now the single most significant driving force within western culture. It has now reached the point that instead of fearing foreign government and terrorists we must fear our own government.

    So my question is this. How are you ‘free’ when you live in fear of your own government? The answer is you are not free you have simply become anti democratic and self serving. You in essence are destroying the very thing that you believe you are protecting.

    • Evelyn Carter

      WOW!! Thank you! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • scharlee hackett

    Wow, You all need to wake up & stop the name calling & fighting. This country needs help & this isn’t doing it. Don’t know much about the NRA, but that creep is sick. This whole thing is messed up. Creeps like him need to be in the same shoes as the parents that lost children, then he would see how important money is not.

  • Anonymous

    ” I regret that a young man who couldn’t get health care before he slipped into violent schizophrenia…”

    Looks like health care is the issue.

  • Lori Alayne Weber Miller

    Adam Lanza was receiving the best psychiatric care. His yuppy parents could afford and was on psychotropic meds. An A.R.-15 Is pretty much a pimped out 22 caliber .227 to be precise. The guns Adam Lanza used were registered , to his mother. and the Connecticut community that he shot up has some of the strictest gun laws in this country. The makers of the violent video games that Adam Lanza honed his shooting skills on made somewhere around 45 billion last year 18.7 billion just from x-box and they sold the consoles at a loss so they can market the live play and software. Yet i do not see anybody tearing into microsofts mercenary disregard for human life. not doubt they are paying the senators that voted for the gun ban to keep the scape goat on the run.

  • Perky Green

    7 More died today in Santa Monica Ca due to Gun Violence. Where will this all end?The Gun lobby in our country could care less. Their interest is the money, nothing more, nothing less. it’s the money. They have no moral responsibilities, no sense of honor,truly subhuman by all standards. I am just idily standing by waiting and wondering just how long it will be before one of their own receives their standardized letter? Informing them in a very cold blooded standardized piece of paper informing you , your child was murdered in his classroom at his desk. I would bet the look on your face would be priceless. In all fairness I have to give credit to CONGRESS as well.Their priorities of 37 attempts of trying to do away with Obamacare, instead of trying to hammer out COMMON SENSE Gun Control. is their statement to the world just where their heads are at.. They have really done themselves proud, Don’t ya think? I have never, ever been ashamed of my country or my Government until G.W.Bush, and I have never been so proud of my President as I’am today.. With all of the obstoicales he has had to overcome all of the obstructionism he has had thrown at him, I have seen nothing like this in all of my 70 years. I pray it get easier for our President despite the efforts of the GOP & TEA PARTY.

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  • http://www.TheEverlastingGOPStoppers.com TheEverlastingGOPStoppers

    start the discussion! – j

  • vmartin65

    My God, this hurts to read; I realize it was written after Sandy Hook but it could have been written after how many other tragic shootings? The macabre dance of death between the NRA and the gun/ammo makers must come to an end, also ending NRA bribes to democratically elected politicians. We MUST take our country back from the profiteers and death merchants.