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Published On February 19, 2013 | By james |


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To anyone paying even scant attention, it should be no surprise that the 2012 elections were the most expensive in the nation’s history – approximately 600 million dollars was spent. That is a staggering $700 million more than was spent in the second-most expensive election this country had ever seen, the lion’s share spent on often misleading or out-right false political advertisements and television commercials.

Consider also that these totals don’t include the “dark money” that is spent on unreported so-called “non-political” activities by secretive Super PACS and nymag“issue advocacy” spending that is not required to be reported. GOP strategist Karl Rove’s American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS spent an estimated $158 million in a (thankfully) losing effort. Progressives and liberals will forever gleefully recall Rove’s embarrasing election-night melt-down on FOX NEWS. The American people may have dodged Rove’s expensive but stray bullets that night, but the fact remains that the average voter has no way to know who is supporting which candidate and if the confusing and misleading campaign materials are credible at all. Clearly, the uber-elite and special interests have hijacked the political process and currently undermine our very democracy, formed of, by, and for “We the People.”

All this was made possible by the devastating 2010 Supreme Court decision in Citizen’s United vs. The Federal Elections Commission, which granted corporations the same rights as individuals.

On February 12th , Move To Amend introduced a bill sponsored by Rep. Rick Nolan, D-Minn., which proposes the 28th amendment to the Constitution, known as the We The People Amendment, which states that 1) Rights recognized under the Constitution belong to human beings only, and not to government-created A rally against Citizens United outside the Supreme Courtartificial legal entities such as corporations and limited liability companies; and 2) Political campaign spending is not a form of speech protected under the First Amendment.

Corporations are not people. Money is not speech. Call, email, tweet, or write your representatives and demand they support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. Tell them you are an activist, and you vote. And that you are watching.


Learn more and get involved at MoveToAmend.org

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– james | page co-owner | The Everlasting GOP Stoppers

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