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Published On January 18, 2013 | By james |

Tracy Knauss, A-Hole Food$


WHOLE FOOL — Oh yes, I have been a practicing Whole Foods aficionado and paid 33% more for my groceries for the “cause” of supporting a true “health food” store. Like many others, I had assumed the founder of this “green” store chain had to be a liberal who wanted to save the planet as much as his own profits. Boy was I wrong.

Yesterday this whole wheat impostor called President Obama a fascist. {Actually he called Obamacare fascism. But you get the idea.} Then, when he saw his customers talking about boycotts, he made nice and said “I shouldn’t have used that word.” He was sorry. But he wasn’t sorry for what he said, but only that this “f” word has so much negative baggage.

Then he doubled down on his own blog last night, staying loyal to his original thought. The truth is that the Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey, can’t bear the thought of having to provide minimum standards for his employee’s health care insurance. He sees “Obamacare” like the Papa John’s Pizza CEO does, as a cost he’s unwilling to accept. He loves the profits but he’s unwilling to pay back in terms of the HEALTH of his own workers or “team members” as he calls them.

The truth is, his own workers can’t afford to shop at Whole Foods, or risk having no money left for rent. Mackey should know that shopping for health care is like shopping at Whole Foods: it’s expensive and for most, quite unaffordable, unless the government provides some assistance to level the playing field.

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