Message to Wayne LaPierre From GOP Stopper Tracy Knauss

Published On December 27, 2012 | By james |


The NRA’s “meaningful contribution” to ending school violence is a self-serving proposal to put armed guards in every school. Yeah, we knew their proposal would be fashioned from their myopic gun-centered universe. All solutions begin and end with more guns. It’s good for General Bullmoose and good for the nation. Just as FOX is a propaganda arm of the Republican Party, the NRA has become just one more special interest group the plutocrats use to leverage their control over the public.

We do NOT need armed guards in every school. Take the example from Australia where their assault weapons ban has ended all mass killings in their nation. We need an assault weapons ban on assault rifles, high capacity magazines and drums and an end to gun “show” loopholes where 40% of illegal gun sales take place. We can also address how our nation has turned its back on mental illness while giving front and center to the Gun Culture Vulture. The solution starts with gun control and ends with a broad based, interdisciplinary approach to this national crisis.

TRACY KNAUSS  | Graphic Artist | Activist | GOP Stopper |

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