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The following was messaged to us from GOP Stoppers GREG JONES. He informed us that this was the letter he had sent to his elected representavives. We thought this was a great start to any of you that may be looking to make your voices heard. We have also included links that will help you find our who represents your state and districts. Feel free to add anything else you may deem relevent – the important this is that you DO NOT REMAIN SILENT.


Dear ______,

I respect the 2nd Amendment but recent events in Newtown have shown me enough is enough. The number of shootings is spiraling out of control and I strongly feel gun-control legislation must happen to protect this country’s citizens. I am not advocating a complete ban of guns nor taking anyone’s guns away, this is what I am asking you for:

1) Renewal of the Assault Weapons Ban. These are weapons of war and have no place in any private citizen’s hands.

2) Requirement of background checks for EVERY gun sale. As I understand, sales at gun shows in 33 states don’t require background checks (‘Gun Show Loophole’). Internet gun sales don’t require background checks. Private ‘Straw’ sales don’t require background checks. None of these sales are required to be reported either.

3) Restriction of the number of guns and ammunition a private citizen can obtain in the future.

4) Mental health screening for gun permits and anyone who may have access to those guns. Or a requirement for gun owners to keep their weapons locked up. Steps should be taken to better prevent the mentally unstable from acquiring guns.

5) A public awareness campaign about mental disorders and legislation to assist individuals suffering from them. The stigma of mental disorders causes too many in need to avoid proper care. This includes a reform of our mental healthcare system so that anyone seeking it is never denied for any reason. Better training and support of our school and civil professionals to identify report and assist individuals suffering from mental disorders before they are ‘lost’ completely.

6) Complete transparency of the lobbying or “education” gun manufacturers and pro-gun organizations have with our legislators. For example, I demand to know the full impact organizations like ‘ALEC’ have on our lawmaking process.

Thank you very much. I will continue to write you until I have received a response.

Best Regards,



GREG JONES  | GOP Stopper |

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