Why vote Obama/Biden? IRYOU get us into the 12-step program.

Published On September 23, 2012 | By james |


You asked for it. This is my 12 step. I have many more, but i will limit myself.
1. Many members of my family have been born with heart problems, and now we don’t have to worry about not getting insurance because of it.
2. I believe that it will be very stupid to vote for those who pushed us off the cliff.
3. Those who block bills to put our citizens to work obviously do not stand for the American people.
4. I grew up poor and know what it’s like to get by only because the gov (Clinton at the time) is behind you keeping you going.
5. I do not believe in telling people who they can marry.
6. I don’t believe in telling hard working women that they have to keep the baby that is going to cost more than the family can afford.
7. I do not believe that you should be forced to go full term with the child of your drunken father.
8. I believe that gaining 100,000 jobs a month is better than losing 700,000+ a month.
9. I do not think that we should get rid of the unions that allow workers to get paid a decent wage, and negotiate to get you better health coverage.
10. I do not think it would be wise to go against the best will of my fellow Americans by siding with those who throw them aside like they do not matter.
11. I believe that those who can afford to pay more taxes should, while those who can’t shouldn’t
12. As a business owner, I understand that the more money my clients have, the more they can buy.

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