Getting Away From The Two-Party System

Published On September 3, 2012 | By james |


I’m sure we’d all agree that the system is broken, that it was never meant to be a two-party system. The problem is the current environment will not support a third party on a national level. A vote for anyone but President Obama in November is a vote for Mitt Romney, and a Mitt Romney presidency is unfathomable for anyone who champions women’s right, gay rights, the environment, universal health care, or a whole host of issues and gains that would be rolled back or unequivocally eliminated under a Romney administration. Never mind the fact that Romney himself is a man of disingenuous and dubious character, who makes no attempt to correct the myriad falsehoods directed at his opponent by his campaign and instead themes his whole campaign around what ANYONE paying attention admits is an out-of-context smear. He is a shallow and out-of-touch puppet for the Koch brothers and similar uber-elite that support and drive his campaign.

To truly effect change and have a democratic process that provides and sustains broader choices, the smaller parties need to grow organically, at town councils, city governments, state legislatures and the like until their candidates are nationally viable. WE WOULD ALL SUPPORT THAT. But November’s elections present us a more sobering reality. We all need to be in tune with that. Please use your vote wisely, and then don’t turn your back on the process. Get involved at the local level. Support a candidate you can fully endorse, or if your passions allow, run for office yourself. But do not fall prey to the misconception that once the election is over, there’s nothing left to do until the mid-terms. There is ALWAYS work to be done in keeping our elected officials accountable and representative of the constituents they serve.  – James   |  |



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